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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Complaint about Paradise Village apartment in Malacca

Yeah, what a title. Long and crappy.
Ok, I showed you before some great pictures of this apartment but behind those pictures, there are lies beneath. Haha now, it sounds like a movie title.
Let the pictures speak:
300520104911 The elevator not working?
300520104912 This is the pathway to our apartment. No proper way that could make you feel welcomed.
300520104913See properly all the windows!
300520104914 At the lobby
300520104915300520104916300520104917300520104918300520104919 The car park :)
IMG_2336 Dusty table
IMG_2340No curtain?
IMG_2342 This is suppose to be a shower room, but there is no glasses cover it at all. Weird.
My dad got more pictures but I guess the pictures here already can prove that it’s not a good apartment to stay. So, if you’re going to stay in an apartment, avoid this one ya!


  1. They should maintain it well... quite sad to see the place looking like some abandoned place.

  2. terra, yeah... more sad when it looks like a haunted apartment! trust me, it looks scary in the middle of the night as i went out with some friends since they were also in malacca, but then when reached at the apartment at 3am, it was scary like hell! haha.

  3. mcm nie yg dikatakan "Paradise Village Apartment",
    sgt2 menggerunkan,
    dan mmg x sesuai utk buat tempat percutian,
    mmg nak kena buat complain lah u...
    n banned tempat itew....

    nama punyalah hebat,
    tapi nan adoooo

  4. wanie, fai and the gang datang pun dorang cakap ngeri!

  5. uish,

    lain kali x payahlah stay situ,
    i tgk pun ngeri,
    ngn kerusi meja kat car park,
    ngn kereta n van yg terbiar,
    sakit mata memandang...

  6. wanie, waktu malam cute tau!

  7. waktu malam yg cute???
    maksud u???
    u jgn takut kan i...

  8. How did you get stuck into this paradiso in the first place? to me it looks more like a paradise to mat gian je bro :)

  9. no one would wanna go there anymore. :p

  10. wanie, maksud i, sungguh menyeramkan :P

  11. drsam - haha, it was provided by the leisure holiday! can you believe that?

  12. tekkaus - hehe their loss right?

  13. owh ok,
    u nie ada2 saja,
    hope hotel yg i akn duduk di penang
    x der lah mcm nie kan,
    tatuttt jugak i:P:P:P

  14. ::: actually kat mana paradise village nih, in malacca? never heard b4. but not only this, most other places in malacca quite similar; lack of proper maintenance.. tak tahu kenapa.. maybe competition between hotels?

    ::: penah dok kat apartment in alor gajah tepi highway tuh, scary sbb lif bukak setiap floor [rosak ler tuh] but paling scary, keluar bilik 8.30pm, balik bilik 11.00pm semua barang; towels & shoes tersusun rapi.. hmm wondered was there a room service at night? after that we slept with opened eyes.. scary..

  15. ::: forgot to mention, the place me n my buddy stayed, there were several knocking around 3am [hahaha] scary!!! tak tipu..

    ::: [re]: pi penang bulan april, lama dah.. pi muka head, jungle trekking from the teluk bahang jetty / front gate of tmn negara; walked thru the jungle, along the cliff. very nice view. balik baru naik boat from monkey beach [teluk duyung] to the jetty.

  16. wanie - depend. kalau berjaya ada hantu kot. haha.

  17. reactivate - alamak! that's really scary :(

    this apartment located at ayer keroh next to de village. de village is much better than this one. this paradise even has no light at all at the entrance! can you believe?

  18. reactivate - omg...! knocking? if me, i'll move out on that night! haha.

    oh, jungle trekking is tiring :P with proper attire? and bring your dslr along?

  19. bagus entri least some people yang read ur blog will aware..thanks for sharing!

  20. faisal!!!
    berjaya x der "hantu" ok!!!!
    (jgn cuba takutkan i okeh)

  21. axim - biar semua orang ban :)

  22. wanie - tak caya, tunggu malam nanti.

  23. Looks haunted to me.. hahahaha.. going for a holiday and staying there definitely dampens the holiday spirits..

  24. reanaclaire - it's like commit suicide before the time comes!

  25. OMG!! this is really terrible, very very bad condition, they don't even bother to maintain that?? that "pond" of water on the stairway is just unacceptable!!

  26. sk - it's weird when vacation club provide you this apartment when you pay the fee annually! :)

  27. Anonymous1:49 PM

    Boycott that apartment. Don't stay there again.

  28. ::: saya guna compact [PnS] camera. bukan DSLR.. saya tak reti guna DSLR lagipon [huhu].. PnS camera senang nak bawa, masuk poket jer.. mmg tiring trekking, tapi naik bukit/tangga ke muka head lighthouse lagilaa penat [huhu]..

  29. Napa tak g Garden City? Ada pool besar dan facilities pun ok..eii..tengok pun rasa takmo duduk

  30. mei teng - yes, i will! :)

  31. reactivate - hehe i dah naik muka head light house tu :) memang penat. nak turun balik lagi penat. kami balik pun trekking. memang ngeri! :)

  32. kniedaz - sebab ni provide by leisure holiday :( tapi memang tak nak stay sana dah...

  33. Seriously... Dlu since 2005 tmpt tu memang nice.. Verry nice... And ade private aparment.. But now wat wrong????!!!! ape masalh penghuni aparment tu???

  34. Seriously... Dlu since 2005 tmpt tu memang nice.. Verry nice... And ade private aparment.. But now wat wrong????!!!! ape masalh penghuni aparment tu???

  35. hmm malam-malam nak cari pun susah. lampu apa pun tak ada. member datang nak fetch sampai berpusing-pusing sebab lampu di papan tanda hotel pun tak ada. lobi malam lewat sikit siapa pun tak ada. jalan ke apartment di belakang melalui kolam, lampu apa pun tak ada. di situ macam kami saja yang stay. yang pelik cakap penuh, tapi car park kosong. macam mana tu?

  36. Oh... I was looking for Paradise Village apartments in Phoenix... way much better than this.

  37. Oh yeah I bet Henry. This is one of the nightmares I've ever experienced :(

  38. this place has been abandoned many years ago. if im not mistaken this building was abandoned since 2008. i heard this building also been haunted and many scary story about it. i living just beside this building because im studying in Putra International College. ive been entered to paradise and it was very scary physically. ive read a lot about paradise and many people who ever stayed there told the same story. it has been haunted for long time.

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