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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Malacca Day 1

After visited granny, we drove to Malacca around 7pm and reached there around 9pm. As soon as we reached there, we showered and got ready.
1) We were stink.
2) We were starving.
Oh yeah, we ate buns and peanuts that daddy bought at the hospital before we drove out. Luckily…!
Around 10pm, we drove out. I texted Fai and Jie about good Asam Pedas in Malacca. Also, asked about it in FB. Some said around Mahkota Parade and some said Pasar Borong.
When we were at the lobby, we asked the receptionist about it again and he suggested Pasar Borong too. But the direction he gave us was very confusing and at last we decided to eat anywhere as soon as we saw a stall or restaurant that sell foods!
Not far from the apartment we stayed, we found few stalls that sell variety of foods. Yay!
These were what we ordered.
IMG_2074 Watermelon juice
IMG_2075 Mom… tired.
IMG_2081 Sis, texting… bf I guess.
IMG_2082 Daddy, sis and mom.
IMG_2085 The plain rice… came together with cucumber and salted egg
IMG_2087 Satay! Babat/Perut.
IMG_2089 IMG_2092 The stalls… we ordered from different stalls for foods and drinks
IMG_2096 Sting ray Asam Pedas
IMG_2097Salted fish Kailan
Overall, the foods were so so. The satay was great! :)


  1. You are in Malacca? :) Your sis looks strikingly similar to you.

  2. if u ask me la kan faisal..kt bukit katil tu yg besh n dht jln laksamana..terbaek la asam pedas die

  3. Sting ray asam pedas sounds so good!

  4. urghhh!!! NAK MAKAN JUGAK!!!! :(

  5. what is satay babat/perut? I like chicken satay.

  6. tekkaus - haha. my colleague even thought it was me with wig!

  7. wahidah - hehe kalau ada gps senang lah. ni main redah je :)

  8. terra - yes! oh btw, you should try terubok too!

  9. adila - haha... bila balik malaysia?

  10. mei teng - it's the stomach! :)

  11. next time..tnya org dl faisal..:)

  12. wahidah - hehe baik cik puan


Thank you for the comment.

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