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Friday, June 04, 2010


We booked apartment in Malacca since last year. But something bad happened.
Early May, I got a bad news when I was at work. Granny. She collapsed in her house while making beverage to drink with some breads. No one was at home (in Muar) and luckily my aunt (she has one leg only) asked some kids who always be in her internet cafe to look for granny. Usual routine, ask her what she wants for lunch. Then, the kids ran back to aunt and told her this bad news.
When I knew about this, I couldn’t just go like that. My leave was limited and I need to plan it carefully. Furthermore, boss won’t allow me to take leave immediately. We must apply 3 days before, and needed to be approved by the boss.
I told mom, that we should just stick to the plan to Malacca since we have booked, and visited granny at the same time. As we planned, we drove from home 2.30am on Friday and reached there around 10am. As soon as we reached, aunt ordered breakfast and we just went to the hospital straight from her internet cafe. Yeah, no shower!
When reached there, and saw granny -- I really couldn’t help but cry. I still remember the last time I met her, she cried and said “Please come and visit me soon, I’m afraid there is not much time left…”. I guess she knew what is going to happen.
Imej000 Granny when she was healthy
This is the picture taken from my aunt’s cell phone days before we reached Muar
280520104895 Sis snapped this
Look at her :(
280520104893She looked at me like she knew me, but couldn’t remember…
Please folks, pray for her. I hope she will get well soon… Amin.


  1. It is really a heartbreaking sight to see the one we loved so helplessly unwell. and not knowing when the situation will improve is another burden. I just pray your granny is strong and has a speedy recovery. You must stay strong too!

  2. drsam - yes, what i can do now is pray for her. she is 80 year old and very weak :(

  3. Oh dear! I hope she gets well soon.

    I haven't seen my granny in awhile as well.

  4. dear faisal,

    i faham perasaan u,
    masa u sms i tue pun,
    i dpt rasakan kesedihan u itew,
    apapun kita sama2 doakan agar your nanny cepat sembuh ok....

    u kena kuat dlm apa juga keadaan sekalipun...

    u pun take care ok

  5. terra - let's pray for her...

  6. wanie - yep. harap dia cepat sembuh. sama-sama kita doakan ok?

  7. ok,
    kita sama2 doakan agar your granny cepat sembuh dan akn shat seperti sediakala ok....

    u pun kena take care gak tau...


  8. Why did she collapse? I hope she gets well soon.

  9. semoga everythings will be fine

  10. Harap2 dia akan sembuh nanti.. Berdoalah supaya dia sembuh ..Semuanya datang dariNYA..Kita hanya mampu berusaha dan bertawakkal..

  11. Bro, bila kita dah tua dan uzur nanti, tiada apa yang lebih bermakna dan berharga daripada senyuman dan kujungan dari ahli ahli keluarga.... biaknay kita memupuk kasih sayang darpada sekarang juga..

    bro, i can understand that

  12. oh my faisal... honestly.. i am crying now and it's not a joke..
    i am a granny's boy.. i grew up spending most of my time with her...
    what makes me cry now is because we both have the same condition..( not exactly the same because mine is quite worst)
    my granny is suffering from lung cancer... she also lost her sight...
    and she almost forgot everything..
    i am lucky enough that she still recognize me...
    i visit her everyday..
    just like what you said.. we can't do nothing but pray..
    it's the only powerful tool we could have...
    hope your granny will get well soon..
    will include her in my prayers

  13. Salam Faisal, kita doa sama2 ya. Insyallah..

  14. sad..(bergenang air mata sbb teringat kat arwah atuk)
    hope your granny will be much better..

  15. sama sama kita doakan ok..
    insya aLLAH..
    hAVE fAITH..

  16. doakan nenek awak baik n sihat seperti sedia kala ek..insyaAllah...

  17. insyaAllah sumernya that age mmg prognosis utk smebuh kdg2 rumit kena yakin kay..ape yg berlaku sumernya takdirNYA...

    sama2 ktia berdoa kay..teringt atuk wai kt kg..:(

    tk care faisal..

  18. insyaAllah sumernya that age mmg prognosis utk smebuh kdg2 rumit kena yakin kay..ape yg berlaku sumernya takdirNYA...

    sama2 ktia berdoa kay..teringt atuk wai kt kg..:(

    tk care faisal..

  19. hope nenek sembuh..putaran hidup..insyaallah, andai umor kita pn pjg mcm dia, kita pn seperti itu...and hope andai kita begitu, ada org d sisi, membantu..


  20. I am so sorry to hear about this bro. Truly I am. :(

  21. wanie - yep, you pun take care. how's your knee?

  22. mei teng - doc suspected high blood pressure caused the stroke. but they haven't confirmed the result.

  23. ad - thanks ad. nenek sekarang dimasukkan ke tempat orang tua yang memerlukan penjagaan rapi.

  24. eugene - i'm shock. didn't know you can speak good malay :)

    correct bro.

    i always heard people say to me "if you're not married, who is going to take care of you when you're old?"

    i did survey by myself.

    i realize, nowadays, most people leave their parent who have long life in old folks home. it's a sad thing but most of them work far away and to quit the job and stay with parent without any income is really can't make sense (i know they get great blame from people around, badly).

    so, do you really thing marriage and raise kids can guarantee a future? i doubt. what we can do is only hope... and pray that our lives will be different.

  25. blue - now i'm worry and anxious. are you sick? what is it? :(

  26. kniedaz - sedihkan akak? :( macam-macam bermain di fikiran.

  27. noorjan - thanks norjan. semoga dia cepat sembuh...

  28. wahidah - betul tu wai. wai mesti selalu tengok keadaan macam ni kan? :(

  29. wahidah - internet ok wai?

  30. ixora - benda yang paling ditakuti aialah jatuh sakit macam ni. apa yang boleh kita ikhtiarkan, jaga diet dan buat senaman. tapi semua tu ketentuan tuhan... oh ya, lagi satu kena banyak membaca. kajian menunjukkan orang yang tidak membaca mendapat percentage yang paling tinggi untuk mendapat stroke!

  31. tekkaus - it's ok bro. things happen.

  32. my knee??
    mcm nielah dear,
    ptg nie mmg nak kena refer ke wad kecemasan,
    i paling x suka bila i buat keje2 nie,
    ada halangan,
    i rasa x puas bila bekerja,

    so i akn mintak injection kat doc,
    supaya tahan sakit:(

    2 hari nie,
    i g make up pengantin,
    tgn berbalut,
    jalan pun terhencut-hencut:((

  33. wanie - i hope you get well soon ok? i'm gonna pray for you :)

  34. tq so much u,
    smlm pun u dah byk bg kekuatan pada i,
    sgt2 menghargainya...
    tq again...

    -ari nie i nak kena pegi lagik-
    hopefully x der apa lah kan..

  35. wanie - keep praying ok?

  36. tq again n again tq...
    u alwaz make my day happy,
    u jugak sudi jadi pendengar setia i,
    really appriacate it....

  37. wanie - that's what friend are for kan

  38. faisal,

    kwn mmg senang utk dicari,
    ramai kat luar sana,
    tapi yg btul2 blh jadi "SAHABAT" kita,
    blh dikira ngn jari,
    x semua yg blh faham kita...

  39. wanie - i setuju part tu :)

  40. sbb tue sekarang i mmg TERlalu memilih utk berkawan,
    sbb i takut kejadian dulu berulang kembali,
    i x sanggup wooo

  41. wanie - sama la kita

  42. harap2 persahabatan antara kita akn kekal buat selama-lamanya,

  43. wanie - amin................


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