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Thursday, February 04, 2010

At last…

Canon 500D

Do you remember, I was seeking for a camera and I couldn’t decide which type to buy? Then, I didn’t know which model suits me. Click here to read the earlier post.

Last week, Keith told me that there was a Camera Fair at Prangin Mall which end on 31st January 2010. Since my car still in the workshop for major repair, I thought it was a great idea. Also, I’ve to cancel attending my colleague son’s birthday party (Azali) in mainland.

So, we went there and it was crowded.

Many booth were there including Canon, Nikon, Sony and many more (I only list the well-known ones). Keith and I straight went to the Canon booth instead of other booth as I prefer Canon than any other brand :)

Since we weren’t seeking for compact, we took a look for DSLR. I looked at 1000D from far only as many people were holding it, cheapest though. Should be very affordable for everybody. Since I’ve asked around everywhere, Facebook, blog and peoples around me, the model that we compared were 450D and 500D (seriously, thanks to all of you!). The sales girl was very helpful. Congrats to Nam Loong, for manage to get great peoples handling their booth and get me hooked!

Then, after got some info from the girl and trying the camera of course, we went down and walked around Komtar and Prangin Mall to all the camera shops, that exist around that area. Many shops were closed maybe because it was Sunday but we managed to ask all shops that were open, and they couldn’t give me the great deal like I could get from the camera fair.

They gave me RM2,930.00 with tripod, basic lens 18-55mm, bag, free 8G memory and plus RM1.00 I got special package for 4 items. The 4 items are:

  1. Photo session with professionals. They gave us 2 vacation; one is international and another one is domestic. You can choose Bali or Phuket for international and Genting, Port Dickson and Pahang for domestic. There is a rule and condition that I don’t like it much, so this one is still under consideration.
  2. Free calendar with your best 12 photos taken by you, of course.
  3. Free 1 day workshop, which they will teach you basic.
  4. 2-year warranty which is 1-year from Canon and 1-year from Nam Loong.

It sounds good isn’t it? To those who are interested, sorry. Last date was 31st January 2010.

I don’t have much time at the moment, preparation for badminton tournament on 20th February 2010 inter LHDNM, Penang. Assignments and quiz. Cameron Highlands from 6th to 8th February.

So, I will update my blog with my own pictures start from today :) Unless, it’s impossible for some circumstances. Still playing and learning with my 500D, with it’s function like P, AV, flower etc. Also, try to figure out IS, Shuttle speed, Aperture and so on :) Love it!

Note: To those who have knowledge about DSLR, your advise and help will be much appreciated :)


  1. congratz! can't wait to have for myself, still wondering which brand and model to buy. looking forward for your great pics to come!

  2. addrick - may i ask which model in your mind now? :)

  3. wohooo cool!
    another person hooked to photography! :D yay!

  4. Wow bestnyer... lepas ni dah bley wat photoblog plak...;)

  5. adila - hehe, hopefully i can learn fast :)

  6. najiah - hehe, masih 'muda'.

  7. ahaaa..dah tukar template lepas ni boleh buh gambar besar besar..

    jom jom kita pi amik gambar sama sama nant k..

  8. wah DSLR tu..besh2..nantikan picture2 yg akan muncul slps ini..:)

  9. Finally.....good choice bro...

    Happy snappy :-D

  10. axim - jom kek lok si chinese new year ni :)

  11. wahidah - haha saya budak baru belajar. jangan letak harapan tinggi sangat :P

  12. wan - hehe... tengah try and error ni :) harap boleh bagi advise di masa hadapan.

  13. last u got it! Lepas nih buh gambar byk2 leh kita share2...
    nanti p cameron amik gmbar byk2..mesti besh..good luck to u n happy snapping!

  14. Anonymous12:30 PM

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  15. kniedaz - hehe pening-pening lalat lagi ni akak. nanti saya upload pic di cameron highlands :)

  16. anonymous - thanks for the compliment :) hope you will visit me again

  17. bought a DSLR! I'm so jealous. :p I want one too.

  18. oh you know what faisal i am also planning to buy a camera.. a blogger friend advised me to buy one so i can share dome photos and use it in my blogs too... but since i don't know what kind of camera to buy, i asked her to decide for me haha

  19. tekkaus - you should get one since i know you like taking pictures :D

  20. blue - first, you need to decide what type is the best suits you. either compact or dslr. then only you can decide which brand :)

  21. smpn sket space tuk amik pic xora...erkkk...tu la bolat sgt skrg..hehe..=)

  22. xora - hehe. boleh. bila nak jadi model ni?

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