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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Grandpa held in raid at gay joint

GEORGE TOWN: Police have busted two gay joints at a massage parlour and a fitness centre here with the arrest of 19 men, including a 65-year-old grandfather.

They also seized posters, towels and tubes of lubricant during the raid at the premises at a shopping complex here at 10pm.

It is said that their customers included doctors and lecturers.

Among the 19, two were caretakers aged 30 and 38 while seven were local customers. The remaining 10 were said to be sex workers from Thailand, Vietnam, China, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

The “company” is said to be hiring foreign employees, who entered the country with visit permits, in batches.

It is learnt the two shops, which have been closed down for two to three months, started its operations again recently.

Using massage parlour and fitness centre as a front for their operation, regular customers are given a password to enter the place. There are two closed circuit television cameras installed in front of the door for tight security.

Police earlier laid an ambush nearby and arrested a customer before forcing him to reveal the password. Some were said to be caught with their pants down when police stormed into the premises.

George Town acting OCPD Supt Gan Kong Meng, who confirmed the case, said police would be investigating the case under Section 377(B) of the Penal Code for committing carnal intercourse against the order of nature, Section 6(3)(c) and Section 39 (b) of the Immigration Act.

In another case, the police nabbed seven women from China in a raid at an unlicensed entertainment outlet in Gurney Tower.

Supt Gan said equipment like television sets, a microphone, DVD players and sound systems were also confiscated.

“The women will be investigated under Section 39 (b) and Section 51(3) of the Im­­migration Act,” he said.

(Source: TheStar)


  1. hahahaha :PD Grandpa why are you there?

  2. aduhai dunia dunia memacam kan..huhuhu

  3. Haha i didnt know there was such a 'Penal' code. What an irony :P

  4. faisal.. kamu bukan gay right?

  5. Dunia dah HANCUSSS...Tabii hidup dilanggar dengan terang dan jelas tanpa takut2 lagi..Nauzubillah..

  6. ehe...ape la atok tu wat situ...

  7. tokwan selera songsang..bahaya giler utk cucu2...

  8. selera songsang la dunia bahagia ;)

  9. tekkaus - lol. wrong time...

  10. chris - the 'code' was famous during anwar's case :)

  11. jard - gay happy ke gay homosexual? baru je refer kamus.

  12. ad - hari tu ada terbaca tentang chromosome. agak keliru :)

  13. hanamichi - tersilap bilik kot?

  14. kniedaz - ada cucu ke? kalau gay, tak kahwin kot. tapi ada juga yang dah berkahwin, tapi masih cari lelaki.

  15. Wrong place, wrong time, kut?

  16. terra - haha! agree :)

  17. Anonymous5:56 AM

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  18. Faisal,
    We can see more and more this type of news.
    All these people just simply can not control their desires.
    All these people are the pitiful one because they will get the " awards " later.
    To prevent misery, we should not do something against the nature.

  19. cooling - not only homosexuality i'd say cooling, but also others such as prostitution and other crimes. i wonder why big and famous hotels never get raid? unlike those cheap ones.

  20. hi, cooling, what do you mean by nature? even animal kingdom practise homosexuality. Some organisms are asexuality. So this nature definition is made by humans only. So stop judging others.

  21. Anonymous3:19 PM

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