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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sherlock Holmes


Ah! I bet you, peeps, know about Sherlock Holmes. Or at least, when people ask you “Who is Sherlock Holmes?”, you could answer straight away with confidence. Er, right?

If you don’t know who he is or not even know that if we mention his name; it means investigation, then you are so ignorant.

Here is the plot (source: WIkipedia):

In 1891 London, Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) Dr. John Watson (Jude Law) race to prevent a human sacrifice ritual conducted by Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). Holmes and Watson stop the sacrifice just in time and neutralize Lord Blackwood, after which the police, led by Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan), arrive and arrest him.

Blackwood's hanging occurs three months later, during which Holmes has become bored without a new case. Watson prepares to leave 221B Baker Street to establish his own business, and he intends to marry Mary Morstan (Kelly Reilly). Blackwood requests Holmes' presence on the day of his execution. Holmes finds that Blackwood has seemingly mystic powers, causing one guard to be struck with a seizure and scaring the other guards and prisoners, while having written numerous occult symbols on his prison cell. Blackwood promises to Holmes that there will be three more deaths after his execution that will change the very nature of their world and that there is nothing Holmes can do about it. Later, Blackwood is executed by hanging, declared dead by Watson himself.

Holmes is re-acquainted with Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams), the only person who has managed to outwit him. She offers him a sum of money to pursue a case of a missing red-haired midget by the name of Reardon. Holmes disguises himself as a vagrant and trails Adler to a coach, within which sits a man whose face is not seen but who has a wrist mounted pistol which he uses to threaten the disguised Holmes. Three days after Blackwood's execution, his tomb is found shattered, from the inside out. A witness reports Blackwood leaving the tomb. The police open Blackwood's coffin and find the corpse of the man Adler had asked Holmes to find inside. Holmes and Watson discover a pocketwatch on the body and trace it to the midget's home, where they discover a workshop containing various chemical experiments. They escape from two arsonists and a French giant who were sent to destroy the evidence but end up being imprisoned for the unintentional property damage. Watson is soon bailed out by Ms. Morstan. Holmes is later bailed out and brought before the Temple of the Four Orders, an occult-dabbling secret society, who reveal that Blackwood was once part of their order. They ask Holmes to stop Blackwood, Holmes declines the case. While Holmes and Watson investigate, Blackwood kills the two senior members of the Order and takes control of its remaining members, outlining plans to retake the United States of America, weakened after its civil war. Blackwell gives orders to the Home Secretary, a member of the Order, for Holmes' arrest.

From traces on the corpse of the attempted arsonist, Holmes and Watson find their way to a factory slaughterhouse, including a bigger workshop. Blackwood taunts them and escapes but Holmes and Waston make a daring rescue of Adler, who has been trapped and hung on the conveyor belt about to be roasted and sliced like a pig. Watson chases after Blackwood but is caught by a tripwire, setting off an explosion; Watson is able to warn Holmes and Alder to safety but is badly injured himself in the explosion. Holmes, escaping from the law, uses clues found from the murders of the Order members to discover that Blackwood's murders are tied to the constituent animal elements—man, lion, eagle, and ox—of the sphinx, and that his last target is the English Parliament, the "lion". Holmes allows himself to be captured and taken by Lestrade, who he has convinced to act the part of a villain, to the Home Secretary. The Home Secretary inadvertently gives Holmes the clues he needs to reveal Blackwood's plans for the attack on the British parliament. Holmes escapes, diving in to the river Thames, rescued by a waiting boat.
The film's climax takes place on the unfinished Tower Bridge.

Holmes, Watson, and Adler sneak into a tunnel below Parliament and find a machine, based on the experiments of the red-haired midget, set to release a cyanide derivative into the Parliament chambers triggered by a remote signal, killing all the Lords except those Blackwood had secretly given the antidote. Fighting off Blackwood's men, the three manage to dislodge cylinders containing the cyanide chemical; Adler takes the cylinders and races though the sewers to the top of the unfinished Tower Bridge[5] followed by Holmes and Blackwood, aware his mechanism has failed. Blackwood eventually knocks Adler off onto a lower platform, but Holmes tricks Blackwood into becoming entangled in the ropes and chains; Holmes explains all of Blackwood's seemingly mystic powers as simple application of science. Holmes intends for Blackwood to stand trial but, tangled in ropes, Blackwood falls and is hanged by the chains. Holmes handcuffs Ms. Adler and insists she explain her motives in becoming involved with the case. She explains that the mysterious caped man in the carriage is one Professor Moriarty. Adler warns Holmes that Moriarty "is just as brilliant as he is, and infinitely more devious". Holmes drops the key to the cuffs in Adler's bosom and leaves her, returning to Watson to explain how Blackwood managed to fake his death in the interest of his reputation. The police then enter informing Holmes of a murder of one of their own officers. Holmes learns that Moriarty is behind the murder and that he allowed Holmes to battle Blackwood as a distraction to steal an important remote control component of the machine. The film ends with Holmes accepting the case.

Plot end.

I’d rate this movie 5/5 even though my friend said it was boring, and even fell asleep.


  1. I have yet to watch it. you rate 5/5? That good? :p

  2. yep, at least for me :)

  3. I absolutely love Sherlock Holmes... (the one in the book) I'm looking forward to watching the movie as well...

  4. terra - you should! :) but i didn't expect homes was that violent! LOL.

  5. Tell you what, this movie is indeed boring but not till can go to sleep lah! Haha! I think I'll give it 3/5 : )

  6. foong - haha. my friend sends regards to you as you think alike.


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