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Saturday, December 05, 2009

500 miles


Peace of mind.


  1. Holy smoke! This is one great song. I listened to the whole sweet and soothing.

  2. yep. its a bit mellow don't you think so? but i like it so much since i was lil as dad always play this song even for karaoke :P

    even my lil sis born in 1990 loves this song so much.

  3. I agree... it's really lovely. I used to hear it as a kid on my dad's old cassettes...

  4. i agree with tekkaus, this is a great song.. i think i have to download this song from the web and put it my mp3.. (haha even though it's illegal to download it for free)

  5. by the way faisal, i have something for you in blog, it's a friendship award, hope you like it and thank for being one of them.
    here's the link
    happy blogging

  6. Thanks for sahring this music video.. i enjoyed watching aand listening to it!
    happy Sunday!

  7. hi, i saw you in one of bluedreamer's blog. We both got an award ...Congrats!
    It's nice to be here in your blog i hope we could be friends too!

    A greetings from a blogger mom,

  8. terra - there you go. same like me :) our dad is so english ed. lol.

    blue - illegal? oh damn. how unlucky :)

    freeyourmind - thanks pal.

    blue tech - glad that you like it :)

    marites - hey Marites :) nice to know you, even though from blogosphere :) i always envy to know that housewife could spend more time in blogging than me! :) anyway, sure, we can be friend and hope the bond will be tighter :)

  9. Hey Faisal, you changed your blog name?

  10. Oh, I like this song too! : )

  11. So reading is sexy too? And I thought the sound of rain is sexy : )

  12. foong - yea. since i think to be extraordinary i need time, will change back to the old title once i achieve the goal :)

    yep, to me reading is sexy. so, if you want to look and feel sexy, please read more.

    this song is cool right? give me a peace of mind.

  13. thanks for dropping by faisal in my BLUE TECH,i really appreciate your presence in my blog..thanks!
    yup me too. i really have a hard time dealing with my dsl modem!
    have a great day and happy Monday!

  14. happy monday blue tech ;)

  15. hi faisal, thanks for dropping by in my blog, i really appreciate it


  16. This is a good song, Faisal :). Thank you for sharing ^_^.

  17. mom's corner - no problem. your blog is interesting.

    lady - ear soothing......... ah....!

  18. salam bro...too slow for me ehehe

  19. hampir tersengguk-sengguk mengantuk dengar lagu ni bro :)

  20. arsaili & doc sam - haha, slow and mellow, suitable for kid in exam week :P

  21. true to the last word.


    sorry been a while since i last came.

    now i'm back. hehe.

  22. wan hidayat - yeps! :)

    nina - no worry. i'm still in hiatus mode :P

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