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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Seth Clearwater



If you read Eclipse, you surely know who is Seth Clearwater. Remember the grey wolf fighting together with Edward against Victoria and Riley?

Yoohoo, ring a bell?


  1. Urgh, belom tgk eclipse lg. :(

  2. so, is this guy going to play as Seth? He's hot dude!!!...
    I wonder why he looks like more to the pale faces..
    can't wait to watch ECLIPSE!!..

  3. iesha - eh, eclipse mana tayang lagi. buku je ada :)

    alia - yep, i'm reading breaking dawn now. i can feel, breaking dawn can be the best part :)

  4. ehhh tsalah. new moon laa. haha. tp kan, eclipse nx year eh (2010)?

  5. yeah., Ive done reading it and already read it for 3 times.. xoxo lol.. haha..
    breaking dawn is more impressive.. its the immortality for bella.. she get married with edward and blablabla.. haha..

  6. iesha - yep, suppose it should be showing next year and from what i heard the movie already ready to be showed. now they are shooting for breaking dawn, and i heard breaking dawn will be divided into 2 part :)

    alia - 3 times? all books? omg. you such a speed reader. it takes me ages to finish each book. somehow i wonder, why did you read so many times when you can remember every scenes and even some conversations in the book? haha. now, i'm at their honeymoon at isle of esme. i didn't know that it took so fast and easy to turn bella into one. sigh.


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