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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blogspot/Blogger comment notification via email


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I have figured out about this. Now, Blogger/Blogspot won’t allow any other email like before. You have to put Gmail if you want an email notification for your comment. So, it will be easier for you.

How to do it?

  1. You need to get a Gmail email account.
  2. Go to Blogger/Blogspot dashboard.
  3. Choose Setting.
  4. Choose Comment.
  5. At the bottom, there is a box to fill in your email. Use Gmail email.
  6. Hit Save Setting button.


All the best guys.


  1. my email notifications went into my yahoo inbox ok je mr faisal. takde problem pun.

    have you checked your SPAM box? kot2 your notifications masuk situ ke?

    btw, replied to your comment. =)

  2. max - damn it. you are right! they're in my spam box :( how could that happen?

  3. so, r u with blogger? again? ;)

  4. Ouh...we all have to use gmail? Thank goodness I'm using gmail all this while.

  5. Not using a gmail for blog notification but still working fine.

    p/s: Happy New Year Faisal!

  6. happy new year! remember me? :P

  7. balqissy - yep, i'm back! :)

    tekkaus - what i like about yahoo is i'm using its' messenger. so, whenever there is an email coming in, there is notification in messenger. so, it's handy :)

    dr sam - yeah doc. it was because all mails went to spam box :( happy new year to you too.

    art - happy new year bro. i have to go and figure heh.

  8. eh art, you blog is not available? aren't you a blogger?

  9. i am :P

    i privated my profile for personal reasons lol

  10. because when i comment on blogs im stalking people cant stalk me back LOL! hahaha

  11. argh. that's bad :P btw, why i can't comment in your blog?

  12. omfg, i tried messing up my settings, now boleh comment, LOL

  13. So now back to blogspot? No more wordpress? Haha!

  14. Anonymous4:47 PM

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  15. anonymous - you mean you love yahoo and gmail? :)

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  27. johnson - glad that you like it. you can email to me at

  28. johnson - glad that you like it. you can email to me at

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  30. eco - yeah. many peoples do not know about this :)

    glad that you like it.


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