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Thursday, December 03, 2009

new moon, awesome in cinema!


ah… uh… ah… yep i make it sounds like i’m having ejaculation. climax to be exact after watching new moon. you should know by now how crazy i am over this. who can believe now, i’m one of the big fan? i never watch twilight, until i read the book. i always have this problem whenever i know there is a book before a movie. i will end up i won’t watch it even i know people are talking about it while it is showing. another movie that i haven’t watched when it was in cinema – inkheart. i knew it has series. maybe i will find a time to squeeze, so that i can read the books, then watch. perhaps, just dvd. i don’t know :)

i’d lie to you if i say i never watch any movie before i read the book before. take example, potter, lotr and eragon. i never read them. potter is way too many sequence, which i decide only to watch rather than read it from the beginning. lotr, i’ve watched all of ‘em. what’s the good reason to  read about it when you already know the ending? hmm, i still to buy 3 books of eragon sequence as i saw brisingr still in the hot list in borders and mph. double hmm.

ah, too much of an introduction this time :) ok, let’s cut the crap and talk about the title of this post.

i went to watch new moon with nadia and keith. me and nadia, read the book, nadia has done all 4 books, which only 3rd book i’m currently reading. don’t blame me for read it slow, blame the time :P

i wonder why meyer book is getting thicker? twilight is easy to finish. but these 2 last books, damn thick.

i think for those who didn’t read the book, you guys must have difficulty to understand why this or why that. maybe its easier a bit to those who had watched the twilight. still many of my friends complaint that new moon has too many dialogues. too many eh?

for me, they cut it a lot. what’s wrong with french kiss? damn. not only that part, to those who read the book must wonder where did they got some parts which was not in the book such as:

  1. bella rode bike with stranger? which suppose she was crossing the road and stop in the middle coz of the voice.
  2. suppose she could see the image of edward? or just hearing the voice?
  3. jake suppose to be bulkier?
  4. did jake explode in front of his house when he fought paul?
  5. alice couldn’t tell edward was going to kill himself until bella and jake told her that edward was on the phone. but why she could tell in the movie?
  6. er, they were suppose to watch horror movie right? i mean, bella, jake and mike?

… and the list goes on :)

overall, i like it. ah, don’t blame me for posting this. it’s not a spoiler at all :)

what do you think about storm warrior? i know it’s ridiculous for those comic haters :P


  1. I haven't watch it yet! But I'm sure it will be entertaining. :p

  2. it won't be hilarious if you skip the reading part :P

  3. Not my cup of tea. :-P

  4. i just watching new moon last nite..and 4 ur information i juz watch twillight 2 weeks be4..hahaha..sanggup tu semata2 nak phm sequel die...

    ramai yg kata new moon borink byk citer..but to me..i luv it..hahaha..

    pasti sinambungan die lg menarik..

    bella sggup buat keje giler semata2 nak tgk bayangan edward..huh..cinta sanggup buat aper saja

  5. wai, ada baca buku tak? try baca eclipse nanti. lepas baca, lagi best tau tengok movie :)

  6. giler ke? btol2 best? aritu try tgk christmas so-so je...kalo ni u ckp best, buleh try

  7. i need to watch it before i read ur review. hehe. i just click at the comment box and comment. la la la.

  8. Ha this I read! and I regret! Now I know what about there is to happened... DANGIT!

    But I will forgot by tomorrow :P.

  9. hana - you should try. but i can't say it's good if you don't read. i realize some of my friends who didn't read and just watched, claimed it's a boring movie and too much conversations. well, for me, they cut a lot. especially the kissing part. what's wrong with it? i don't understand sometimes. if you have watched twilight and think it's cool, then new moon is cooler. why? coz jake transform into a wild gigantic beast! lol. suppose you know what? :P

    cahaya - read first. i guess you're a speed reader? get it done in 3 days max and go figure the movie! :)

    lady - haha! i didn't write spoiler le. just what weren't in the book :P

  10. Aro is not like what i imagined while i reading it,compared to the movie!damn!

    in fact,so many things deviated from what i have imagined..haha..

    let's finish the ECLIPSE..totally agree with you..Meyer's sequel getting thicker..

    *at the beginning when bella woke up,suppose charlie didnt wake her up right?

  11. What weren't in the book already some of the things I would be expecting mar hahaha :P

  12. axim - which part? charlie awake her up? how is Aro suppose to look like jim? hehe. as cute as Carisle? now struggling with exam, then i can finish it in a blink haha!

    lady - usually people expect what were not in the movie, how come you are different? lol.

  13. Anonymous3:51 PM

    mundane plots, slow narrative, bad bad acting performances.

    and the books keep describing how 'sparkling' edward was. and how the hell could a vampire sparkle under sunlight? meyer should do some research.

    most malaysians are easy to please. *sigh*

  14. anonymous - vampire is a character which we never know how true or whether it really exist.

    most of the books write about the same look and character for vampire but meyer has bring something out of that. out of the box.

    we always read or watch werewolf. what about shape shifter as mentioned in meyer's book and movie?

    you tell me :)


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