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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sayonara intensive, sayonara PB

At last, I’m done with my intensive course and Peperiksaan Berterusan (PB) which had caused massive headache and morning sickness. Kidding with the morning sickness part *grin*.

Good thing about this course and exam is I can take 3 weeks off from work. You can imagine how sucks my work is when I prefer 8 subjects (microeconomics, macroeconomics, accounting, computer literature & distance education, business communication, english, commercial law and civilization) to accompany me instead of boring job task in the office. The work is a piece of cake, as easy as ABC or whatever you want to call it, but the environment is very stressful. Working with snails.

So, today is my last paper for PB. Business Communication which most of us thought it is the second easy subject to score, but we were so wrong. It was the hardest among them. I can’t be sure I can pass this subject! Imagine that. So, folks, please pray hard ya. I need good results for my PB, so that I can get good grades overall; it’s including final which is in April 2010.


051220094315 This picture was taken when we were doing discussion regarding our English presentation.


Thank you to my super hardworking and helpful group. They are my savior, my spirit and my wings. To keep me focus and discipline. I don’t think I can do good in exam or assignments without them *wink*



In the class, Microeconomics; the same night I met my form 3 secondary schoolmate.


Thank you to the lecturers that had been helping us day and night. Open door rule really help during this intensive, in fact some other time too. Just that we work and study at the same time. Big burden even though some claim it’s our choice to bear the burden. I hope that the lecturer won’t be too strict marking our paper. Keep my finger crossed.

Thank you to my family members who with patience, treat me good during these three weeks, served me good foods, bought me foods, even left me in peace for studying in my oven-like room.

Last but not least, thank you to Nudge who had helped me a lot during my stressful weeks, gave me support, gave me transport, cooked for me and even stayed up late together with me. I won’t forget that, and it gives me great strength. You know what? If I can make it in 4 years time, not more, it’s because of your support.

I’m going to miss this moment for sure.

Right now, I’m editing two Business Law assignments that need to be submitted on 22nd. After that, I can finish Eclipse! Hooray!


  1. Sounds like you have done well aye. :p No more course. :)

  2. tekkaus - final in april :(


Thank you for the comment.

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