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Friday, September 18, 2009

turn signal light


While driving to work this morning, I thought about Munir. I kept praying that he will survive and strong going through this. I just want him to keep trying and never give up. At the same time, something happen that caught my attention.

I was at a junction near my house. A car came and it was quite fast. I was very late and thought that he would just go straight but no, he turned to the junction that I was waiting, giving him way.

I was so mad.


He didn’t use his turn signal light at all. If you don’t use it, why bother put it on your car or wasting your money buying it?

Is this only Malaysian’s behavior?


  1. I hate drivers who don't use the signal light. As if we can read their minds!

    I am also irritated by drivers who put the right signal when they want to turn left. How can this possibly happen?

  2. i meet that kind of people a lot! :(

    worse, they bagi signal yg salah!
    super bengang!!
    kasi signal nak pegi kiri but they pegi kanan
    that's so dangerous!!
    what if i overtake them by the time they want to turn?
    isn't that like... super cari pasal?


  3. sumpah je org cmtu...bior dia sampai sumpah tak buat lg...huh!

  4. Anonymous10:59 PM

    kat KL ni dah selalu sgat org tak bg signal..memamg bahaya...tak tau la apa dorg pikir

  5. oh tell me about it! people who dont use their signal are morons!!! honestly,i cursed a lot when facing this kind of ppl.

  6. Yeah! Some people is just freaking lazy to turn the signal light! Crap! :(

    My prayers for Munir too. :)

  7. suituapui8:18 AM

    Sabar! Hari Raya coming. Maaf zahir dan batin! Hope this will cheer you up...
    Mercun begitu bising sekali
    Memeriahkan suasana hari mulia ini
    Bilakah Faisal akan memberi?
    Duit raya saya belum menerima lagi.

    P.S. Who's Munir? So sorry to hear this. Hope he'll get well soon...

  8. I feel the only way to solve the Malaysian way of driving is to be courteous and follow the rules. Hopefully, it'll catch on.

  9. my thoughts a prayers are with you and your friend. as for not using a turn signal? sadly, that bad behavior is quite prevalent here too...


  10. foong - yes me too foong. hate them so much! sometime i even honk them to release my anger. at least i remind them about the turn signal light that they should use or maybe forgot to use. it can be very dangerous!

    those who give right and turn left should be a new driver or seldom drive. most of them usually are drunk drivers :)

    adila - agree dila. what make the matter worse is when you hit them, automatically you will be compounded RM300 doesn't matter whose fault because you hit them from the behind. so unfair :(

  11. xora - hari tu ada juga cakap, "isk orang ni bawa gila-gila, sure sekejap lagi accident ni". tiba-tiba "boom!" langgar kereta depan. so, tak mahu sumpah-sumpah. kesian pula sebab life is too short :)

    ary - satu sahaja word untuk mereka: SELFISH

  12. fionabee - yes, i did curse too sometimes which make mom nags me for being rude using vulgar :P

    tekkaus - yes, lazy is another word for them. why don't they be a cow? :)

    thanks tekkaus for the praying.

  13. stp - duit raya? i'm not married stp :P selamat hari raya to you too.

    munir is my cousin. please pray for him too ya.

    ocean girl - make the law very strict and everyone will be safe for sure.

  14. mike - thanks for the prayer mike. i really hope he is strong to stay alive :(

    i hate them so much especially some of them can even happily talking to the passenger, busy smoking or worse talking on phone!

  15. It's a Malaysian thing la. Maybe they should just remove all the turn signals when they produce cars for this country ...

  16. nick - haha! i'd agree with you. then they will complaint about safety LOL

  17. break light is also very important, have a regular check on your break light, it can save a life.

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  20. agree on the signal. we should use it. not sure if its just malaysian, but malaysians love to honk, and dig nose hehe

  21. winson - agree winson :) a car with so many light with so many good reasons :)

    quachee - haha! dig nose! i agree with this one!

  22. ppl say malaysians are skillful driver... that's bullshit...

    having been on the roads in UK, Aust and recent HK, i think malaysian drivers are skillful in breakin the law... that's all.

  23. weird but true. why eh?

  24. I got so many "sin" while driving just because I kept on swearing to those stupid drivers who never turn on their signal while entering into a junction. LoL. :D

  25. ann - same like me! :D


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