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Friday, September 04, 2009

stop smoking


  1. adlie6:59 PM

    stop right now!!!!

  2. You showed this too. Great one Faisal! Thanks for spreading the word! :)

  3. what a great campaign..good one!! perhaps people will stop when something bad happened..

  4. huhu... I'm trying harder... last time, I just celebrate it with throwing the 'thing' inside the big-big green dustbin...

    But, when problems increase, I'm started back... Damn!!

  5. credit to the editor~~


    nnti la.. :P

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    yeaaaa!!! lebih pun 100 words ;) erkkk...hehehe..baru perasan ler..

    "Let See Who Can Write 100 Words :)"

    lala...samat sahur!

    p/s:sori, komen xde kena mengena ngan n3..stop dlu..stop smoking!

  7. erkkk..sgt sedey nengok ini iklan cam nak nangeh je..huhu...sgt mendalam dorg nye msg..

  8. say tak nak gud la smoking2 ne...stop rite now..:)

  9. OMG.. !!!

    Im thinking to quit smoke right now.. Scary oo i see the lady's lips.. swollen and.. *unimagineable*

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. 1st time tgk kat tv..achik rasa sedih terus...tgk yg chinese boy tu..hope all smoker henti kan smoking..thx for sharing over here...satu pengajaran utk semua...

  12. tekkaus - yes. got it from you. thanks for sharing :)

    - human tends to miss something that they had before rather than appreciate it when they have.

    not only for thing, but also for love and health :)

  13. zam - mindset is very important. every time when you feel like smoking, then remember this video. would you be happy when your love one doesn't matter your family or lover become so upset and you will leave them in sorrowfulness?

    you only have 1 life and it's so short. why make it shorter? :)

    dyla - nanti? do you smoke?

  14. ixora - ya allah. panjangnya. ingatkan puisi ke, pantun ke. rupanya kira sampai panjang berjela. haha.

    terlepas sahur lagi pagi ni. maklum la, sejuk sangat. best :)

    imheppie - i cried. memang sangat sedih. message yang bagus dan pendekatan yang sangat berkesan, at least for me. sedih dan sayu sangat bile anak sendiri takut nak tengok kita dan tak faham apa yang kita nak sampaikan even a simple "i love you".

    the last message from the mom (nurse) is the best. "don't break my heart". simple and clear.

  15. wahidah - i have a friend who is a doctor. he smokes. i was so shock to see that as to me doctor is the best example but then after all, a doctor is also a human.

    ann - scary right? you should stop smoking and lead a healthy life start from today :)

  16. noorjan - yep same like me. i like that one the most. sad... indeed.

  17. I was quitting smoke 2 years ago but I was seduced by Fedslim to smoke again when I was 100% clean from smoke (that was 2 years ago, we haven't together yet haha). But when I saw this video in ur blog.. tiba2 terbit rasa hendak berhenti semula.. I can't resist looking at the lady's lip.. It kept on running in my mind.. Argh! I have and should quit smoke.. Scary! Thanks for your video, coz i didn't watch tv almost 2-3 months coz i hv no astro in my KK house.. When I heard my frens was talking about is AD, and I watch it by myself in your blog.. Terus rasa takut :( :(

  18. I saw it on TV. And of course at Tekkaus' blog. Haha!

    Hope smokers will see it and quit, but I doubt it because the addiction to smoking is way too strong!

    That's why cigarette companies target young people because once a young person start smoking, he/she will most likely continue to smoke for life! And that's huge $$$ for the companies!

  19. me?? smoke??
    ish... kn halau rumah kang.. xde maknenya.. :P

  20. CORRECTION... this is a campaign in singapore, not in malaysia.

    Malaysians are invincible, they won't die of anything.

  21. ann - tell fedslim to quit too! haha.

    foong - tobacco should be banned in the whole world. then only we can have a healthy world. don't you think so?

  22. lady - haha. komen you confuse tau :P

    zewt - er. elaborate please? :P

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  24. Anonymous1:41 AM

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