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Thursday, September 03, 2009


Today was such a stressful day.

Let me shout here, one by one to make me feel relief. Remember this is not a complaint even though you might claim so. It’s just a shout.

It’s hard to describe when you work 9 hours without even rest for lunch break. I know its fasting month, but that doesn’t mean we, human doesn’t need rest. Sometimes I simply think that workload has not been divided equally when you can see some colleagues can have a good conversation while laughing out loud and some even can read magazines during the working hour. It sounds ridiculous but it happen. I know it’s not good to feel envy to your colleagues but in your great stress the feeling can be existed by your unstable mind. Won’t you feel the same way?

Not enough with the workload, to make the matter worse, the toilet is damn dirty. You won’t believe that these men exist in this era where human acts like an ape. Not just they do not know how to flush after using the toilet but they even cannot remember how to clean the basin right after they use it. What will you do when you see phlegm stick everywhere at the basin? You won’t even touch wall in the toilet. How can you defecate when not just the scent spoil your mood but also you the view as the bonus?

Money always seems not enough. No matter how hard you save, if you cannot be creative to create more money, it won’t be enough. Last year I have put myself in great depress and stress when I tried my best to save a lot of money and also at the same time to find some good side income. I have been trapped into a contract farming that not really worth it. So it was a good lesson for me to learn and help others if needed in the future based on my own experience. Back to the basic, in order to build a business, you must have knowledge regarding it. Let say you want to open a restaurant; you must be a good cook before you can hire someone who can cook as your worker. If you want to open an internet café, make sure you have good knowledge about information technology and also know about software and hardware. This year it has been a bit slow to me. No progress in searching the best business for me that doesn’t need much capital to start with. I do not want to be in hurry like last year, but I must work hard to achieve what I have targeted since few years ago. Why I feel stress about money all in sudden? Part of my saving that should be invested in local share will be used for house payment and car loan settlement. I also need new furniture for my room, air conditioner and also hot shower. Not to forget, repaint my room! I need to recover slowly from the pain.

My friend told me that you will get a lot of pimples when you are stress. Maybe he was right because now I have so many pimples on my face. Some peoples call it acne. Whatever they call it, it really makes me unhappy. By looking at them in the mirror everyday, I don’t think it will vanish soon. The more stress when I look in the mirror, the more pimples will come out? Geesh.

Quizzes and assignments are getting thick. I know struggling is a must. But I have think about this properly before I decided to continue my study again after quit in 2005. I don’t care if I would take 12 years, but this is one of my life goals. So, I must complete no matter what. Flying colors is a bonus though.

I always want to be the best and the smartest if not in the entire world at least among my friends. Isn’t this a good goal too?


Note: I feel relief.


  1. Well...well...faisal! That's what happened in a lot of working places. I sees a lot of these people everyday. But I take it in my stride. Sometimes the best thing is do our best. =)

  2. tekkaus - i know tekkaus. it makes you feel like you want to shout out loud... sometimes.

  3. u r rite...we must be always fact Rasullah also said that Muslim must b a gud umat in d per in quran Ali Imran' 110.

  4. dalia - wa! you are a smart and religious girl, indeed! :D


  5. What the important thing is we know our responsible to others..
    Hablunminallah and Habluminannas..
    Everything that we've done will be ask soon..So do it in the right way..Way of life..According to what we can do and what we cant..
    Jerawat?..cuci muka sebersih2nya...gosok habis habisan muka tu bila mencuci..then after that pakai toner..kalo takde toner ganti dengan ais..liang roma akan kembali tertutup..hehe..

  6. ad - i agree. everything is about halal right?

    that is what i'm practicing now :(

  7. You are a smart guy, i suppose :)Don't worry about the financial, pimples and work problem. Fighting these issues alone is very tiring but if 2 persons sharing the load and working together to resolve the problem, it will be more effective and less worry. Relax yourself ya...jom, play badminton and ping pong :)

  8. rileks... mknlah kit kat

    huhuhuhu :p

  9. -_- same goes to here. urgh.. *struggling*

  10. keith - thanks for the soothing words that at least can make me smile :)

    i agree sharing with someone and solve it together will really help. you won't feel alone and lonely and at the same time you can share or get some ideas on how to solve. like one of the ads "sharing is caring" :)

    badminton and ping pong? i love sports that related to racket as i'm pretty good in hand job. LOL.

    thanks for the comfort ya :)

    meo - haha pulak!

    someone gave me kit kat yang agak mahal :) rm24 untuk 6 batang stick yang besar! harga airport pula tu! :D

  11. balqissy - struggling can make us haggard right? :( but that is life. if it's too easy than it'd be so boring!

  12. I know how it feels to be left broke every end of the month to pay housing loan n car loan. :) What I can say when some friend complaint they're broke just because they just bought a house is, "Welcome to the club". :p

    Oh, I hate acne.. haha.

  13. witch - lol. loan settlement is great heartache. you have to be unconscious to settle the loan haha.

    u hate acne too!

  14. salam jumaat..

    Biasalah tu,memang senario yang sangat banyak di mana mana opis pun..kadang gaji sama jer tapi sebab workload berbeza maka ada orang kerjanya banyak dan ada yang kerjanya sikit,tak dilupakan yang takder kerja lansung..tapi as for me,pandai pandai lah kan..rezeki masing masing Allah dah tentu macam tu..yang penting,kita ikhlaskan hati dan siapkan kerja kita..Cukup..Orang lain takdak kerja duk baca paper duk mengumoat atau duk bergosip sana sini tu biaq pi kat depa,janji kita dah siapkan bahagian kita..jangan tensen tensen k..:)

    yang pasal toilet tuh,Alhamdulillah kat tempat kerja aku toilet memang bersih dan di jaga rapi..tu point yang besar jugak tuh untuk mempastikan kita selesa berada di tempat kerja..aku kaau bab bab tandas ni memang particular sikit..kalau kotor aku rela tahan dari membuang,rela pi cari tempat selesa..yang ni aku setuju-tandas kotor memang mendatangkan stress apatah lagi kalau di tempat kerja..mmm yang ni tak dapek nak nolong eh..

    yang pasal duit..hmmmm aku rasa yang ni kebanyakan orang yang bekerja makan gaji macam kita konpem punyai masalah yang sama..memang kalau gaji 10k pun belum tentu cukup kan..besar periuk besar lah keraknya..bab bab saving memang aku fail..just ada la buat simpanan sikit sikit tapi memang tak memadai..i'm still work hard for this..stress jugak woooo..(mana duit nak simpan kalau duk asyik berjalan LOL..)


    masalah jerawat??pakai OXY,biar depa uruskan..heheh

    Good Luck in your kuiz dan assignment yang banyak..i know it;s hard to have a job and study at the same time..but you have to.You have to since you have choose that path..Be strong,and just work samart ok..dont force yourself too much,or else you will get tired of everything..

    SELAMAT MAJU JAYA..stress boleh membawa kepada masalah lain,my advise is:stay away from stress..share all of this matter with your loved might work at some reason..:)

    *ekkk nak main pingpong jugak boleh??aku suka main pingpong walaupun tak handal macam kau:P

  15. Relax... exercising is a good destressing method. Sufficient rest and fluids would clear those pimples.

  16. dik, why not amik masa lunch tuk rehat² kan minda sikit

    tak semesti nya kiter puasa kiter tak leh kuar time lunch kan. duk layan dvd ke..duk kat surau ke.

    anyway..take care!

  17. axim - hehe. betul dan saya setuju sangat dengan komen encik azim :) kadang-kadang rasa tension sebab dah la tak banyak kerja kan, lepas tu ketawa besar dan selalu tanya soalan berkaitan artis Malaysia kawin lain lah, bercerai lah. tu yang bertambah geram :(

    tentang toilet yang peliknya tu, pengarah masuk toilet tak pula complaint. hairan bin ajaib gak. adakah benda-benda macam ni dianggap biasa?

    hehe yep, aku tengok ko kerap gak travel. tapi kalau flight murah-murah why not kan? untung gak tu. tapi saving memang wajib. kita tak tahu bila waktu emergency akan menjelma :)

    hot shower? haha! macam mana boleh masuk bab hot shower pula ni?

    yep. mindset kena selalu positif. sebelum ni memang tension. tension dengan workload dan bos yang tak supportive. end up aku quit in 2005. sekarang ni kebal sikit kot :)

    share dengan love one ek? :P hehe ok.

    haha nak main pingpong juga? kena ada pass :P

    aku suka komen ko kali ni. penuh bergaya ;)

  18. ladyviral - i drink a lot of plain water and eat a lot of fruits and veggie. but at the moment it seems impossible :(

    mummy - lama tak nampak akak melawat :) harap akak sihat-sihat hendaknya.

    boleh rehat kak, cuma workload terlalu banyak sampaikan tak sempat nak rehat. due date pendek sangat, asyik kena rush je :(

  19. No worry mate. I am sure all those experience/hardship will make you even a better person. It is part of everybody's learning curves. Take one step at a time, prioritize and be cool!

    pimples mean your youth hormone is raging high...good sign :)

  20. drsam - yes doc, thanks for the advise :)

    i don't want pimples :( it makes me look so ugly.

  21. faisal jgn la stress2..stress leh sbb kan byk penyakit tau...chills kay..lagipun nk cuti pjg kan..hehehe

  22. salam bro, hidup kalu x susah x kan senang....
    1. pasal keje, tmpt keje n rakan sekerja mmg selagi keje mkn gaji, x kan lari dr menda2 cam ni... kne fikir camne nak buat keje kite buat kite gembira.... bkn kite happy time buat keje.... think..

    2. pasal duit.... sendiri kne tlg... mmg x da jln mudah... kne simpan...

    3. pasal bisnes... ooo projek ko last year x menjadi ke? x pe bro permulaan..... aku pun mmg byk gagal mula2 buat bisnes dulu... kne tipu pun byk.... smpi skrg pun kne tipu gak... tp yg aku perasan yg kite baca dlm buku, x same mcm yg aku lalui... setiap org mempunyai kerekter yg berbeza.... aku sedia tlg kalu ko nak nasihat n pandangan pasal bisnes.... tp sblm ko buat la.... kalu dah buat kne trus kan gak...

    4. pasal study... aku n wife aku ader pengalaman cam ni... mmg susah sebab kne pandai bagi2 masa... tp kite org berjaya lalui sume ni.... tp bkn senang...

    5. jerawat... aku jenis yg x peduli pasal jerawat... yg penting aku sihat.... hehehe

    hapy bloging..

  23. hari tu kat pen mutiara curry house your pimple is obvious..hehe..but dun will disappear soon..

    just jangan stress sangat maybe will do..:)

  24. that busy eh?

    like u said, could be becos the other guy was reading magazine... while you... blogging :P

  25. wah luahan perasaan nampak...

    psl keja..x apa lah masing² dlm dunia ni ada keja nya sendiri...ikut pada kita camna cara kita nk settlekan semua..jgnlah stress or tension² ni..nanti cepat tua lah...just follow the ryhtm insyaallah semua nya akan ok..persetan kan org kat sekeliling..janji kita tahu we are doing the rite thing..yang penting jujur n ikhlas..semua yg terjadi ni ada hikmah tersendiri...

    psl saving..tu masalah yg semua org hadapi..even myself..gaji besar mana pun x akan cukup sampai bila² me x mau comment psl ni banyak²..

    psl pimples...jgn ambil mknan yg too oily..pastu selalu lah basuh muka ngan air suam..n selawat..n selalu amalkan ambil wuduk x kira brapa kali u basuh muka...

    psl study...eemm semuanya akan berbaloi apabila kita kejar n usaha..gajaran yg x ternilai pasti menunggu kejar lah ia selagi boleh..

    ok..ingat jgn terlalu stress or ia leh mdtgkan pelbagai penyakit..apabila stress or tension..pejam matamu 5sec..ingat org t'syg n selalu ALLAH selalu bersama org² yg sabar ngan renung² kan n selamat beramal.....

  26. wahidah - hehe ok. taknak stress-stress :) tapi kadang tu dah cuba sedaya upaya, still stress :P

  27. adlie - salam adlie.

    betul tu, hidup kalau tak susah tak akan senang. setuju! :)

    yep. faham sangat pembayang tu :) nak kepuasan dan kegembiraan kena kerja sendiri. buat apa yang kita suka, yang kita boleh rasa happy. sekarang ni agak struggle dengan saving dan loan settlement. pening juga kadang-kadang dibuatnya. tapi bak kata pepatah orang putih "if there is a will there is a way".

    bro, memang. selama ni pun jimat. kalau boleh nak makan bihun goreng RM1 je hari-hari. cuma waktu muda ni kalau boleh nak langsaikan hutang yang berkaitan macam kereta dan rumah. memang aku respect dengan ko yang dah berjaya sekarang ni. bila nak jemput ke stadium futsal tu? :)

    bro, pasal bisnes cacing ingat lagi? company lari. sekarang ni aku tengah deal dengan Flexi Segar untuk kembalikan wang walau pun tak sepenuhnya, at least dapat la juga. mak aku dah dapat, cuma aku punya dari Januari sampai sekarang belum dapat. haiz... pening memikirkannya.

    oh ko ambil master gak ke? course apa tu bro? tak cerita pun :P

    jerawat tu sangat menggugat ke-macho-an aku wor! hehe. aku ni kalau tak tengok cermin sehari, pengsan kot haha.

  28. axim - tu pasal. malu aku. mula ingat nak pakai cap :(

  29. zewt - i blog at home :) so, don't you think it's different? :P

  30. noorjan - haha.

    tak sangka pula post ni mendapat sambutan yang menggalakkan. komen pun semua panjang-panjang. hilang stress bila baca komen :)

    luahan perasaan? haha. lebih kurang lah. blog kan merupakan salah satu antaramuka untuk kita melepaskan geram tanpa menyakiti hati dan perasaan orang lain :)

    haha achik tak apa la. free time berlambak :P hehe kidding je ok. jangan marah nanti cepat tua tau. yep, setuju dengan point achik, persetankan mereka semua :)

    achik saving sure berlambak. ye la, jenis jimat kan. tapi saving, saving juga, VS jangan lupa ye :)

    hmm. tapi faisal sedar muka achik memang dari dulu licin kan? muka faisal je selalu ada jerawat! haha. yang pelik, masa remaja tak ada jerawat pula, dah tua baru nak ada! geram betul! thanks for the tips ya :) nanti boleh ikut.

    memang tengah kejar. tapi kadang-kadang tak terkejar pula! penat juga rupanya. stress berlaku apabila kita nak jadi the best, tapi kita lupa ramai lagi the best di luar sana!

    baca komen achik terus rasa insaf. nak stay calm sekejap dan bayangkan VS. haha!

  31. Greeting... Our mind like a balloon, and the matter or problems like a water... When we fill the balloon with water, until a certain level, the balloon is fulfill with water... And, we tried to add another water, the balloon is burst!!

    How to add the new water?? simple step... Just pour the water inside the balloon into another space... Then, you can add more water...

    The stress can make the balloon burst.. so, share it with tusted friend or go for vacation... Release your tension with worship HIM more... you can fill calm..

  32. dh cuba eik..cuba lg..dare to fail..hahaha..bole tk mcm tu..hahaha

  33. hehe..bagus u suka comment tu..achik just share apa yg achik selalu pratic kan..VS mmg x lupa..pas raya k..hehe saving achik leh lah takat nak lepas mkn2 utk sorang diri...jerawat tu x apa sure dia akan hilang nanti..bayangkan VS x apa...jgn dok bayang makanan cukup kang kurang pula pahala puasa tu...

  34. zam - i understand what you mean even though the approach is kinda confusing :P

    thanks for the advise pal.

    - cuba sekali lagi? ok akan cuba berkali-kali. macam lagu cuba pula! :)

  35. noorjan - haha. thanks for sharing ya. yep tak boleh fikir sangat tentang makanan. tapi bulan puasa lah bulan paling mudah fikir pasal makanan :P


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