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Saturday, September 05, 2009

revolving restaurant



I planned to eat ice cream buffet at Revolving Restaurant which is located in the Bayview Hotel, Penang with Keith.

Then, just now I called the hotel and she answered me crudely. Why I say crudely? The conversation went like this:

She: Good afternoon Bayview Hotel, may I help you?

Me: Good afternoon, can I ask something regarding Revolving Restaurant?

She pressed the button without even say hold on or any word related to me and passed the call to the Revolving Restaurant staff.

He: Good afternoon, Revolving Restaurant.

Me: Good afternoon, can I ask something regarding the ice cream buffet?

He: There’s no ice cream buffet.

Me: Oh, ok. But you got it last time right?

He: Yes, now no more.

Me: I got a flyer about RM13 for Haagen Dazs. So, that is not the buffet?

He: No, that is only for 3 scoops and you can get ice cream too when you eat the dinner buffet.

Me: Oh ok. Thanks. I just want to ask about the ice cream buffet.

He hung up the phone.

Is this how a hotel staff should answer phone? There is no “sir” in the conversation too. I wonder how they train the staff there. They answered in a very unfriendly way. Friendly here doesn’t mean that you have to laugh or make joke. When you talk on the phone and you smile, people can feel the warmth in the conversation.

I am upset that there is no more ice cream buffet like last time but I am more upset with the staff.


Note: I called at 4pm Saturday (5th September 2009).


  1. I'm so sorry for what happened. But you are calm enuf to handled it in the first place, perhaps, becoz you are fasting :) Sabaron...

  2. Sangat 'jahat' staf itu. Bidang hospitaliti sepatutnya mempunyai kemahiran interpersonal dan intrapersonal yang bermutu tinggi. Sebab mereka bukan bekerja ke atas benda bukan hidup, tapi bekerja untuk manusia.

    He and she dalam kes kamu ni dalam kelompok umur berapa ya?

  3. Bayview hotel? will take note about this. last week I went to Equatorial Hotel for berbuka. not bad at all. maybe you should try there instead :)

  4. hahaha... be patients k...

    That's why I'd said that our community became more more more rude!!!

    Why they can't said like this?,"Tut... services, hello sir, good evening, may I help you??

    the conversation goes politely hehe... and

    We: Thank you for your help...
    Them:It's my pleasure to assist you sir, please call again if you have any inquiry... Thank you...
    We: You're welcome... (smile)

  5. before I forget... I want to berbuka at Bayview Hotel Melaka... Are they quite similar with your place??

  6. babypose - yeah i was calm but at the same time very disappointed with them. i really hope that the management read this and take some effort to make it better. it can ruin the hotel image if this case drag longer. actually my friend called them before, if not mistaken last month and told me the same story. now i understand his feeling.

    kcy - betul tu kcy. sepatutnya mereka berkelakuan dan bertindak dengan lebih profesional memandangkan mereka bekerja untuk sebua hotel yang agak terkenal walaupun status bintangnya tidaklah sehebat hotel-hotel yang lain.

    kelompok umur? saya rasa agak muda jika berdasarkan suara. kadang-kadang susah untuk diagak kerana suara manusia sukar ditafsir untuk umur.

  7. bcd - usually i try to avoid berbuka at hotel as it's not as comfy as berbuka at home :) i know foods there are fabulous, no doubt.

    why i called this restaurant was because i wanted to eat the ice cream buffet. haagan dazs is my all time favorite :) it's heaven! plus the free topping they provided last time like chocolate chips and marshmallow... really hard to resist.

    but... sigh.

    did you eat near the pool bcd? :)

    - yes, i agree. that is the correct way to start and end a conversation. very polite. actually it wasn't like this before. i have no idea why all in sudden it changed. i stayed there before for my company course and you can find the post related in my blog.

    bayview, malacca? i have no idea. maybe you can call them to find out? :)

  8. Faisal Admar,
    It is surely the new experince eating dinner in the revolving restaurant.
    The attitudes towards customers are the key factors that attract repeated customer.
    Yes, the conversation between you and the operator shows that they should go for refresher course like " How to treat customer well " or telephone manner.
    Thanks for sharing, have the nice day, eat more after fasting time.

  9. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Errr, sy mmg pantang dgn org macam ni!

  10. another reason why PPSMI should be considered. again? haha *xde kaitan*

  11. True... they could have been much politer than that...

  12. So rude! I won't even bother to go there!

    Aiya, thought got nice foodie pictures to see! : (

  13. iskk..baru bercadang mau blanja kamoo mkn ctu...hadoyai nmpknya x jdi la cenggini hik3..

  14. Hi Faisal Admar,
    Yeah really upsetting when we were excited planning going there but felt unwelcomed. Thanks for visiting with compliments and glad that you like the post. Dad didn't get the chance or maybe CT purposedly skipped his hands :), not sure and brother is due to change status :O. By the way, you and your sister are good looking ones, plus charms with words :)


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    (AL QURAN – Ibrahim: 4)

    'Dan sekiranya mereka Kami binasakan dengan suatu azab sebelum Al Quran itu diturunkan, tentulah mereka berkata: "Ya Tuhan kami, mengapa tidak Engkau utus seorang Rasul kepada kami, lalu kami mengikuti ayat-ayat Engkau sebelum kami menjadi hina dan rendah”.' (AL QURAN - Ta Ha: 134)

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  16. ahaha...PR skill dia kureng tu...tadi teja ke thru..nmpaknya staff kfc x tu pun xreti nak senyum n mesra pelanggan...herm..mentang2 la kfc dah well establish kan..

  17. I don't understand why someone working in F&B line always act crudely (as you put it). I had the same experience myself. And I did lodge a report. Haha. Serve them right.

    I had few incidents with McD before this and they end up gave us lotsa vouchers and first class treatment whenever we wanna order delivery.

    If we talk with a smile on our face, people can hear we smile. ;)

  18. That is why people say that the hotel service in Malaysia is getting worse and worse. Perhaps they are busy? But then again, they should be more polite right? :)

  19. I wanna makan ice cream buffet too! :p

  20. Ice cream buffet? cool! but nothing can beat your coolness in entertaining the stupid and unprofessional staffs. If I were you, I will straight away ask them to call their manager, talk to them directly. It is the better way to find an exact answer rather than speaking with the unfriendly staffs.

  21. Malaysia's customer service tsk tsk... They are not suited to be called customer service...

  22. ok, that was horrid. no manners. i mean, if you're talking to someone you know pun you have to be polite kan? apa lagi dgn customer, someone you HAVE to please. sheesh, i don't get some people sometimes.

    anyway, ig and nina's new chapter's up. catch up soon, k?

  23. Hi Faisal,

    I would definitely love to drop by Penang as long as you promise to tour me around hehehe :) Have a great week ahead :) xoxox

  24. coolingstar - i have been to that restaurant for few times. what i can say is the food is so so but i adore the cozy environment, not to forget the spinning restaurant that give you great experience while viewing the whole city :)

    yes they should attend a lot of courses if they want to be better in hospitality.

    thanks coolingstar.

    iesha - saya pun!

  25. balqissy - haha. ya tak ada kaitan nih :P

    terra - it's not hard to be polite right? :)

  26. foong - yes foong. i won't go there anymore too! they should learn a lesson.

    haha soon i will upload some food pictures. patient ya :)

    imheppie - haha banyak lagi restoran lain :P

  27. babypose - yes, it was very frustrating. seriously. but it's ok. it's their loss.

    ah thanks for the compliment pal :)

    zul - whoa! ads yang berkesan :D

  28. teja - wah! ada drive-thru kfc di KL ek? di Penang belum ada :(

    betul. mc donalds di Penang pun sama. tak senyum pun.

    bosan betul kan?

    cahaya - i wanted to report to the manager as well maybe via email but sometimes i think procrastinate always possess me :P plus kinda tired because of fasting :P

  29. tekkaus - busy is not a reason right? if they keep their attitude like this, sooner or later they will lose all their customers :)

    tekkaus - haha you like ice cream too? i think haagen dazs can't be deffeated by baskin robin!

  30. ann - i know you surely do that :D you are so fierce ann haha.

    ladyviral - imagine the one who calls is foreigner. what do you think the person will think? :)

  31. max - yes nani. sometimes we just can't understand what they think. i know it's not their company or hotel but it's their responsibility to be friendly right?

    oh, great! ig and nina is up! will catch up soon :)

    empty street - sure thing. just let me know in advance ya :)

  32. yanie - haha! tapi tak best! geram!

  33. Hi Faisal, I am here in your blog again. How was your weekend? :)

  34. grace - hey grace :) my weekend was great! yours?

  35. budi bahasa kan budaya kita..


    dah dah pi cari restoran lain k..jom pi teluk tenpoyak jom..:)

  36. axim - jom axim. bila nak pi?

  37. yummy yummy hagendaaz... hehehe...

  38. witch - haha it's not yummy anymore :P

  39. Salam Faisal Admar.

    Agaknya dia puasa kot. ataupun staf baru hehehe.

  40. leenoh - salam. puasa? tak mungkin sebab dari percakapan saya dapat mengagak kedua-dua staf tersebut bukan berbangsa melayu. staf baru? mungkin juga, cuma agak hairan kerana sebelum ni kawan saya ada menelefon tetapi perkara yang sama berlaku ke atas beliau :)

  41. puasa boleh sikap kurang ajar?

  42. joseph - he and she are not Malay.

  43. ...what if you started by saying, "Hi, I'm Dato' Faisal. I'd like to ask about......"

    do you think they'll sound different?

    that pissed me off =/

  44. dila - haha you give me such a brilliant idea! :)

  45. perlu org atasan tahu. manusia skrg takut org dri tuhan, dan tgungjawab pun perlu dibritahu dgn terperinci.


  46. hehe insaf sekejap :D


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