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Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Today (Tuesday) I didn’t go to work. I got stomach cramp since last night maybe because of the drink (Coke) that I drank last night. I have no idea why, but Coke seems like can’t get along with me.

People like me with AB positive should have problem with beef and chicken instead of soft drink. But maybe there is something in the ingredient that just doesn’t suit my tummy.

So I texted my boss telling him that I was not going to work.

I didn’t fast. Just ate rice and fried chicken left from sahur and took my medicine. As usual it was my favorite pills -- carbon/charcoal.

I took nap for a while as I was a bit drowsy maybe because lack of sleep last night. I had planned to do some room cleaning in the afternoon.

After napping, went to mom’s room watching TV with her for a while. I chatted with her and kept teasing her with her facebook as she was busy with my laptop. I was a bit upset as there was no news at all from the accounting lecturer regarding the quiz. The quiz needed you to answer with the time given, online. But USM’s portal had been closed for some reasons. The due date was 31st August. Darn, I was so frustrated. I texted some of the students regarding it and most of them were upset, same like me. Updated my Travian and then went to my room.

I started with sweeping my floor and then vacuum the whole room (including my wall! LOL). The final part was mopping. My room is not big but it can make me sweating like playing badminton for 5 sets. Gees!

There is a reason why I clean my room, minimize the things in it and throw junks out of my room.

I better keep it as secret until it’s time to reveal =)


  1. AB+ have problem with beef and chicken? how about O+ then? haha...

    Hmmm... Cleaning huh? Is there new member to join the room that's y you must minimize your space to be be shared with someone? hahahahaha... :p

  2. Coke too gassy? Well, guess it says "stop drinking coke" :P listen to your stomach.

  3. Wow bro! I hope you are feeling better right now. I didn't know coke could be so dangerous. LOL :D

  4. Anyway you have more rest ok. Don't tire yourself. =)

  5. I have issues throwing away stuff... I still keep a lot of old stuff I don't need because of the memories...

    Hope you're feeling better today (Wednesday)

  6. I suspected there are something in your room, that got into your coke and caused you to have stomach cramp. That was the reason you were cleaning the room...:)

    Get well soon bro!

  7. Auwh, get well soon okay. Will post the picture anytime soon. Sorry for the delay. ;)

  8. huhu... Hope you better now!!! So, you should quit coker!!! Its doesn't suit you...

  9. witch - you comment scare me :P for O blood type, avoid milk :)

    you can refer to ladyviral's blog for more info :) i think she suppose to be a doctor :P

    ladyviral - haha. yeah. i should know. but sometimes it feels good to tease your tummy :P

  10. tekkaus - haha. i bet you heard about coke as the toilet bowl detergent before? :P

    - thanks bro :) buy me steak... i'd be better!

  11. terra - haha. if you want to keep your room neat and clean, you need to throw junks away! :D

    haha, i like the way you put this:

    Hope you're feeling better today (Wednesday)

    drsam - haha nope! maybe you should guess something like witch guessed earlier on :P

    thanks doc!

  12. cahaya - haha. what's keeping you? :P

    - coke is better than coke. LOL

  13. for order to make sure my room clean...throw all d unnecessary things....easy huh?? tak yah kemas...ahahhaha....

  14. yeye.... x pose... kne ganti ... hehehe...

  15. It's good to stop COKE. It's a very unhealthy drink and I don't touch it except once in a while.

    I also want to clean my room! Actually not really cleaning as in throwing things out! I want it to be more tidy and organised. But cannot find time to do it! Damn!

    What secret? Please reveal lah. I love secrets....that can be revealed lah : )

  16. .... i feel like having coke right now lol xD

    take good care of your health

    .. i too need to kemas my room =/
    been dusty i guess since i keep on sneezing hehe

  17. Oh no!!! I love milk esp full cream milk.. hahaha... Your previous post scare me and making me think of stopping sugar cane juice... now it's milk??? hahaha..

    My comment so scary? lols.. :p

  18. I suggest quitting the soda and drinking green tea. Add some ginger or licorice to sooth the stomach. Good luck!


  19. dalia - haha agree. less thing in the room is always the best :D

    adlie - haha! tolong gantikan boleh tak?

  20. foong - yes i know Coke is not good. i don't drink it often too. very seldom.

    throwing things out is easier way foong :)

    har? reveal the secret? you must be patient, ok? :P

    adila - you feel good when your room is clean :D

    want to drink Coke? take light Coke hehe.

  21. witch - haha. do you get stomach ache every time when you drink milk? i guess those with O blood type have problem with lactose.

    yes, your comment scared me :P too revealing :P

    - thanks for the advise :) what is licorice?

  22. so how are you today??feel much better dont you??

    secret??i love secret!!it makes you hotter when you say dat..haha

  23. axim - i'm fine now :) you? but a bit headache with the works :(

    LOL. *blush*

  24. ada rasa nak demam rindu kan acu yanie tak?


  25. yanie - haha takmo. acu yanie kejam! :D

  26. Hope you better always and always okke,
    jaga kesihatan selalu.

    oh ya, bgus nya kemas blik..lalala:)

  27. arnamee - yep. harap-harap lepas ni sihat-sihat selalu :)

  28. Btw, thanks for voting for Mariah Carey in Mix FM. She just jumped another 2 spots to No.6!

    Belanja you lunch when you come KL lah! : )


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