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Thursday, September 10, 2009

dissatisfaction explosion

Not a good day today.

After one of the staff got his cheque yesterday, today my chief clerk realized that he is not entitle for the claim – blazer claim.

Usually, staff or officer that wants to claim for blazer will get the cloth from the store. Which mean those who are listed in the name list and get the cloth are those who are entitle to claim for the tailoring expenses.

To be frank, I did not know who got the cloth and who doesn’t. Never bother to ask too as giving out the cloth is not under my job task.

So, whoever comes to me and want to claim I will assume he got the cloth as everybody has been emailed about this matter together with the circular. Despite a lot of claims nowadays, I have some other things to get done in the short time period as well including computer loans and housing loans. Sigh.

He came to me and asked other staff’s letter to be copied because that is the easiest and fastest way for them to get their claim fast without even thinking how to write a proper letter to the director for the approval. I made a photocopy from the latest blazer claim and passed it to him.

“2 copies or letter and 2 copies of receipt, one the original and another one is the photocopy”.

He nodded.

Today, my chief clerk realized that there was a mistake. But seriously it was too late. I called him up and sadly he had paid to the tailor. I told chief clerk about it and he wanted to meet that guy tomorrow morning as going home early was the priority. He lives in Sungai Petani, understood.

I do hope this problem won’t be dragged to the director as I think it was a slight mistake from my part too. I do hope things will be solved in a good way.

As a bonus, the environment in my office remains the same. I had reported about the blinking light right on top of my head which gave me great headache since 2 days ago. I reported to the person in charge and he had informed person in charge in Dewan Perniagaan Melayu for instant action. As usual, nothing, they prefer to work slowly than fast.

Not enough with that, the elevators were not working. We have 3 elevators and 2 of them not working. Imagine that. Our person in charge logged a report to Dewan Perniagaan Melayu, the result? It was still the same until I used the one that still working at 5.30pm to go home.

If you want me to list them all from the cracks all over the building, uncivilised toilet and worst the rat attacks, I think it will take the whole blog interface.



Note: Just a pure dissatisfaction explosion.


  1. That's a blunder, I hope it will be resolved fast.

    Wah! Your working place so crappy? I can't stand uncivilised toilet, blinking lights and lifts that are out of order! (in that order)

  2. But what I really really cannot stand is no action taken even after you have reported about the problems.

    That's so typical of Malaysians. Went to Shah Alam Education Office the other day and almost everyone was not working! I was made to wait as if my time is of no importance, and the people there were so slow at their work, it really got on my nerves!

    I understand everyone is not feeling exactly energetic since it's puasa time, but should that be an excuse for slow, inefficient service?

  3. Hahaha :D Foong is first again!

    Sounds like a lot of things happening in your working life huh! :)

  4. foong - haha congrats but i don't have first commenter award anymore here :P sorry ya.

    foong - yea, can you imagine how stressful my working place is? sometimes the environment can make you more stressful than the workload :)

  5. foong - yes foong and i feel worse as most of them are from my own race. tun mahathir once said our race is lazy. i agree exactly though, no doubt.

    i agree with you that fasting is not an excuse for them to work slow. in fact, they must show how good and efficient they are in this holy month. sigh.

    - yes, and it is very stressful :(

  6. totally agree with you..

    Fasting month is not an excuse for not being productive and efficient like another 11 month..but,you know-we always fulll with an excuses..

    this is what TUN MAHATHIR pernah kata-Malaysia had first class facilities,tapi pemikiran kelas ketiga..

    i guess he was so right!!

    so what do we do now??

  7. axim - yeah he was absolutely right. what do we do now? release tension by eating good foods! what do you say?

  8. But other than that, how's work? Just kidding, sounds like a pain in the you-know-what. Hope it gets better before it gets worse. Hang in there...


  9. mike - haha yea mike, it's pain in the *** :) i do hope it gets better soon.

  10. Anonymous11:17 PM

    so pity... u should ask 1st.. sometimes they dont know d rules.. we 're on dat environment should ask n explain properly...

  11. anonymous - first, everybody has been informed from the storekeeper about this via email. second, those who meet me are those who already gotten the cloth. they should refer to the storekeeper or the chief clerk before come to me for the claim. don't you think so?

  12. Goodness gracious... Tell me abt it. There's a strong & valid reason why I became sucha difficult customer sometimes :p I know it's bad but let's face it, they wudn't do anything until you make a big fuss out of it... Grrr!

  13. insomniac - haha or you just simply request public attention? :P


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