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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Munir, unconscious [part 3]

10721_1049428055238_1811841643_100608_4742548_n My cousins!

Front from left: Amalina, Munir, Nabil, Farid, Hidayah, Fatin, Nini
Middle from left: Faisal, Ayu, Miza, Wahidah with Naim, Zawani, Nurul, Fauzan, Fazli
Last from left: Firdau, Zuwairi, Fahmi

While I was at the graveyard listening to those religious peoples praying for Munir, my mind was flying away.

10 years ago…

“Nice watch” a simple compliment from Munir.

“Er, yea” was my reply.

“Can you buy one for me? I never wear watch” his voice was persuasive.

“I will buy for you and give one to you next time ok?” my reply was convincing.

He smiled showing me his light yellowish teeth.

I never buy him any watch even cheap one that I could buy at night market. Even though I wasn’t serious but somehow I feel that it was a promise.

“Adik Long, let’s go” my elder cousin touched my shoulder which make me awake from my dreaming. “… God loves him and it’s the best for him” he persuaded.

“Hmmph…” I sighed. I looked at his tombstone before I walked heading to my car.

I still remember how happy he was when he came to my house during Eid last year. How he looks like when he was in coma too. “Memory remains and never ends”. I agree and it’s very true.

He got involve in accident where he rode a motorcycle and hit a car somewhere in Perai on his way back from work (in factory) to his house in Guar Perahu, Bukit Mertajam. He got his salary on that day and called up his family told them not to buy any food for breaking the fast. He wanted to treat them grilled seafood somewhere which he never mention. His family was waiting for him when this incident happened. It was around 6pm on Wednesday. He was in coma for 8 days which 2 days ago he showed a very positive reaction. He moved his hands and legs whenever we asked him to raise them. Everybody was happy. I mean, very happy. But then, it happened fast too and in a blink he passed away. He was 19 years old and his birth date is on 3rd November 1989. I still remember I smiled when I saw his last 4 number in his identification card is same like me – 5199.

It was fourth day of Eid, my sister Nurul called me around 1:50pm told me that Munir’s eldest sister Miza called telling her that Munir was critical. I was at Hussain Nasi Kandar with Zakaria Awang -- my colleague, stuffing ourselves lunch. It was raining when we rode motorcycle to the office. I packed my things and drove to KOMTAR to fetch Nurul. But when I reached KOMTAR, Nurul told me he’s gone.

May he rest in peace.

Let us say a little prayer for him doesn’t matter what religion you believe in.

Note: Munir, 3/11/1989 – 23/9/2009 (died at 2pm at General Hospital, Penang).


  1. suituapui3:09 PM

    So sorry for your loss, Faisal...but be consoled that he is with God in Heaven. May he rest in peace...

  2. mesti abg tulis blog nie abg nangis kan... sedeykan bila kita ingatkan balik kenangan lama... masa dia di dunia nie orang tak mau menghargai dia... tapi bila dia dah tinggalkan dunia nie selamanya baru orang nk menghargai... dah tak guna... simpan la di dalam memori kita kenangan dia bersama kita...

  3. stp - thank you stp. yes, i really hope he is happy up there.

    nurul - sangat sedih. masa tulis ni fikiran tengah melayang. masa di kubur semalam pun terfikir macam-macam. tak rasa bersalah ke orang yang sebelum ni hina dan keji dia? paling sedih dia nak belanja family makan ikan bakar. tapi tak kesampaian.

  4. tue la... org yang penah kata mcm2 masih relax n cool ja tgk.. manusia... otak dan fikiran cek asyik igt arwah...

  5. nurul - sat ja kan dah nak pukul 5pm :) so jangan fikir macam-macam sangat. kita yang hidup perlu teruskan kehidupan.

  6. mgkn bnda nie baru berlaku... masih melekat difikiran...

  7. nurul - jangan pula dah lama nanti lupa terus :) jika difikirkan, ramai lagi arwah yang dilupakan terus kan? :)

  8. admar .. yang da pergi tu biarkan pergi .. tabah n kuat hadapi hdup nie..allah lebih sygkan dia rite? bykan sedekah yassin kepada arwah

    salam takziah

  9. H - terima kasih burry. betul, kehidupan mesti diteruskan. semoga arwah ditempatkan bersama orang-orang mukmin... amin.

  10. kanesh5:23 PM

    sorry faisal , really hope u will hang in there

  11. From Allah we come and to Allah we shall return. May Allah forgives all his sins. And may Allah forgives all our sins.

    I am sorry to hear about your loss and death does shock you but time insyaaAllah will heal you.

  12. I'm so sorry to hear this. This is life. I'm sure God loves him more than anyone else. I'm sure Munir is in good hands right now.

  13. salam takziah...semoga rohnya ditempatkan dsamping orang2 yg soleh...banyak2 doa..semoga kt dpt jumpa ngan dia kat sana....

    sedih gak masa baca posting ni part by part...biasa lah tu lah sifat manusia...bila org kat depan mata x reti nak hargai tp bila dh x ada barulah kita dok cerita psl dia...yg paling sedih bila dia nk blanja family dia utk berbuka...

    redha ngan pemergian dia...kita yg hidup ni kena teruskan hidup...sayang n hargai semua org kat samping kita...k...

  14. Anonymous8:36 PM


  15. Anonymous8:36 PM

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  16. al-Fatihah..hang in there mate

  17. Al Fatihah... dan takziah....

  18. hej! deepest condolences of the passing of your cousin...may he rest in peace...

  19. Oh, so sorry to hear this! He's only 19? Wow, so young and he's gone too early. But I'm sure he is now at a better place, so don't be sad.

  20. Al-Fatihah.
    masih ta percaya pemergiannya.

  21. Allah loves him more than anyone does.. Takziah to you and ur family.. :(

  22. kanesh - i'm ok now :) even though still recovering.

    thanks for the concern ya.

    ocean - yes from Him we come, to Him we return.

    i'm ok now :)

  23. tekkaus - thanks mate. yes, i'm sure he is in heaven now. he is such a good boy and very obedience.

    noorjan - ya. sedih sangat bila dapat tahu cousin sendiri yang kena. selalunya kawan-kawan saja. bertambah sedih bila dapat tahu dia nak belanja family dia even though gaji dia kecil, tapi the thought counts kan? kesian sangat. reply komen ni pun dah berair mata. teringat lagi janji-janji dulu dengan dia. menyesal sangat.

  24. arabella - al fatihah.

    serigala - al fatihah.

  25. inah - al fatihah. thanks inah...

    author - al fatihah. thanks ya.

  26. danial - thanks mate. say a little prayer ya :)

    foong - yes, very young indeed. thanks foong.

  27. dayah - in a blink rite? :( dayah lagi rapat dengan dia kan?

    ann - thanks ann. say a little prayer ya?

  28. Al-fatihah. Moga rohnya tenang di sisi Pencipta. Amin.

    ps: Eid Mubarak, Faisal.

  29. zara - hey babe. where have you been? al fatihah...

    eid mubarak zara!

  30. I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. May he rest in peace.

  31. smoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat :(

  32. May Allah bless his soul. Deepest condolences to you and your family.

  33. terra - r.i.p. say a little prayer ya.

    thank you.

    axim - al fatihah...

  34. adila - amin...

    cahaya - amin... thank you cahaya.

  35. al-fatihah..

    takziah buat faisal n his family..

  36. alfatihah....semoga kita lebih berhati-hati di jalan raya....selamat hari raya aidilfitri 2009

  37. wahidah - amin... terima kasih wahidah.

    - amin... selamat hari raya aidilfitri ijad.

  38. Sorry to hear the sad news FAizal. Alfatihan for arwah Munir. You take care.

  39. drsam - amin... thank you doc.

  40. adlie9:10 PM

    al-fatihah..... salam takziah buat keluarga arwah....

  41. salam
    slmt hari raya, btw

    al fatihah for him
    semoga di tmptkn dgn org2 beriman

  42. nabilah - salam. selamat hari raya :)


  43. Anonymous8:48 AM

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