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Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentine's gathering

Thanks to Joseph for the brilliant idea -- Valentine’s Gathering. It’s so cool when some of us feel unhappy for not having a date, partner or spouse to celebrate this celebration. It’s already so hard to get through everyday life alone and this day would make you hate chocolate and roses more!

So last night, even though I didn’t want to go at first, I chose to go at last since Nadia, Sean and Wilbur wanted to go and it won’t be nice if I cancel the plan at last minute. So at 6.30pm I drove out to fetch Joseph in Bayan Lepas and drove him to Jemputree as he had make a reservation and he wanted to be sure that everything is fine.

Then I drove to Pulau Tikus to fetch Nadia but the traffic was bad. I mean really bad! When Nadia came in, she gave to me a small gift box with a card. It was my birthday gift! I was speechless and big smile on my face. Thanks Nadia!

We reached at Jemputree at 8.20pm and everybody was there. Great! I’m such a shy guy and I hate being late when everybody will look at you. After shook hand and introduce my name, I went to the washroom for peeing. Good excuse. I had a good inhale and exhale to calm myself and went out of the washroom.

I sat beside Lukas and Nadia just sat beside me. In front of us were Sean and Wilbur. We ordered some foods and here come the heart pumping moment -- ice breaking session. I felt like I was in a course but it was good as I didn’t know them and to most of us, it was our first time meeting with each other. Started from Joseph as he was the organizer (stop pointing at me as the leader :P) and till my turn. I simply told my name, where do I live and where do I work but because Joseph and Mart were busy snapping pictures, I had to repeat my introduction again. Great! I’m a shy guy remember? Trust me.

The food was so so and the ambience was good. So, the food taste won’t be a spoil for the night as the real purpose was not that. After a while, we decided to go somewhere to continue the conversation and to know everyone of us better.

After few considerations, we decided to go to Sean’s apartment at Mutiara Perdana.

We had a great time with cit chatting, playing UNO, Monopoly, some drinks and crackers and a lot of jokes by Nadia and Sean. I was shy but I managed to get involved into the conversation. Maybe there was a reason for me to be so shy! We were there until 4am and then I drove home as Lukas wanted to take Nadia home. So that I don’t need to drive to town and drive back home. Thanks to Lukas!

When reached home, I washed my face, brushed my teeth and gargling my cool mint Listerine. I got few text messages telling me that the gathering was fun and hope to meet again next month. I think this group will become bigger and another good thing is I have been invited to join them for badminton every Saturday from 2pm – 5pm. Great! I love sport so much!

Thanks to Joseph, Nadia, Sean, Wilbur, Lukas, Ryan, Logan, Mart and Jonathan for making this gathering a successful one.

I am not sure about next month date but for sure I will be joining.
Blessed are they who have the gift of making friends, for it is one of God's best gifts. It involves many things, but above all, the power of going out of one's self, and appreciating whatever is noble and loving in another –Thomas Hughes-


  1. qaseh - i think i will be happy started from last night. haha!

  2. suituapui7:16 PM

    Ooi!....No foto kah?...Ini reka punya ke? Fiksyen!!! I wanna see fotos - see Nadia, ehem! Ehem! LOL!!! Happy starting from last nite, eh? Penuh misteri!!! LOL!!!

  3. suituapui7:18 PM

    Tak ada link pun? Tsk!!! Tsk!!!

  4. stp - hehe cerita betul la :P keji stp hehe.

    i'm waiting joseph to mms or upload pictures in his blog. so slow lah him! :P

    stp - link? cannot... nanti you rampas my sweetheart haha!

  5. So much more fun to be with a group of friends for valentine's :)

  6. some photo please :P

  7. savante - yes i agree. so much fun and at the same time can exchange idea and thought :)

    - sorry hon, maybe later :)

  8. SHY GUY!!!!!1
    cam susah jer nak cayer?????

  9. haha dia memang pemalu but only for the 1st time meet jer. after a few more u'll see how daring he is muahaha~

  10. Hi there, shy guy...

    Firstly, thanks again for organising. Secondly, your birthday too??? So sorry we did not know.. but then, really.. we are too new to you.

    You guys did not play monopoly... You guys were so lazy even to start.. and what with you monopolizing the sofa mini-cushion.. :p

    Errr... I think Logan is not comfortable with his photo to be in public. I think. I may be wrong.

    But really, it was nice to know you.. although we did not talk much.. how could we? You kept sticking to Nadia.. :D

  11. badminton sat afternoon 2-5.... wow... where where where? :)

  12. Wow. Seems like you really had a good V-day night out... and in. Haha.

    I used to hate ice breaking session. But after I start, it's very hard to make me stop. haha.

    Now I feel like I really want to know you. Haha. Number 9 huh?

  13. Good to have a gathering during Valentine's for those without dates. For me, sick and in bed, how sad! : (

  14. eyyyhhh u had fun!!

    my sis friend invited me for a bit of "single" valentine sort of thing during the afternoon haha
    but, i didn't go since i cant feel my leg cuz i went out taking pictures for way too long in the morning xD xde mood nak kluar lol

  15. yeahh... bakal makan nasik kenduri did penang... coming soon.... her her her... hg pemalu ka?? MOHONG!!#_#

  16. To be frank, I'm still thinking of what's the next gathering theme and activities.. It's in March anyway.. May RO live forever, err.. I mean, GLBT, hehe..

  17. Anonymous7:23 PM

    shy2 ke? huhu.. cam kelakor je.. shy2 cat kot... then turn it to tiger woarrrrrrr.....huhuh...

  18. a'a la..setuju ngan inah...upload la photo nanti erk...hehe

  19. shumierain - susah nak percaya? percayalah, kata dato siti :)

    sakura - hehe! i'm shy to stranger :P

  20. jon - hey gorgeous. yea my birthday was on 9th.

    hehe i wanted to play but sean said better cit chatting than play monopoly. so i just agreed. me monopolizing the sofa? haha! not me alone. in fact the sofa was so comfy :P why didn't you join me cit chatting on the sofa? ;)

    i wanted to join you guys for UNO but no idea how the game should be played :) maybe next time...

    so, what's the plan for next gathering?

    p/s: don't worry no picture will be uploaded :D

    zewt - its not in KL. its in Penang :)

  21. cahaya - omg! can't stop in your ice breaking session? that is cool. i can't do that :P

    yes number 9 is cool :P

    foong - guess now i have a date? i don't know. i ask you to guess haha!

  22. adila - i was almost cancel the plan to go you know :P but then i didn't want to upset my friends. luckily i went :P

    zerock - pakcik aku memang pemalu lah :P

  23. joseph - i leave it to you and jon :) you guys are creative and got brilliant ideas! can't wait to see you guys again :)

    anonymous - shy shy cat? hahahaha! how do you know that i can roaring? lol.

  24. hussaini - atas permintaan gambar tidak boleh diupload hehe!

  25. mummy - hehe atas sebab tertentu. pic tidak dapat dimasukkan :P


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