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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Be patient to those who emailed me about the updates. Hehe. Some even call me lazy for leaving this blog for few days (you do the math).

First of all, thanks to Cik Ixora for the birthday cake!!!

Then, thanks to Suituapui for a special birthday post from him and Ajil my best friend (read previous post if you don't know who is him and why he is in Sarawak).

My birthday was on 9th Feb and I was away from home on 8th. There was no internet connection of course in that area. So I couldn’t update my blog.

I went to Chalet Pakya in Teluk Bayu, Sungai Petani with my family last Sunday. My younger sister and her family suppose to join us but her granny in law passed away on Friday and she got to wait there and help the relative. Left my dad, mom, sister, Dy and I and we went by a car. Yes, my car which is so small and imagine how we bring everything in that small car? Things like charcoal, rice, bait like fish and prawns, canned sardines, veggies, ice cube and so on. Oh yes, we went to Giant near our house to buy some stuff.

As soon as we reach there, mom and the girls started to cook and I helped dad with the fishing rod. Even though I couldn’t help much, but still my help was needed especially to put those little stuff into a small hole.

When we were ready with the rod, we started to fish. There were 4 rods altogether and guess what? We got nothing until we stopped for late lunch. The lunch was delicious especially when you can enjoy the meal by looking at the green scenery around and the smell of the sea simply fresh and give you a peace of mind. I loved it!

We fish till late at night.

Around 12 in the middle of the night, I went for shower. I know some of you might email, sms or call me for the nag… pneumonia ok I got it but I was sticky caused by the sweat :P Ok, ok I know sweating is sexy for you but… er... I did shower.

Dayah and Dy always got the hook stuck everywhere. Lol.

This time I got tricked. After shower, I was in the room and she called me out because the hook stuck again and the rod was moving. I thought it was my rod and went out of the room. Guess what? They sang me the birthday song! And I blushed like hell! Lol. To make the matter worse, the chalet beside us sang along! OMG.

Then they came to me… hugged and kissed me :)

Well, no cake or present but it was so wonderful. At the same time, Nurul my younger sister called me to wish.

Not to forget Inah, who called me earlier than 12 to be the first and because of the time difference, she had to call earlier. Thank you so much… and I really appreciate it. You know, some friends just live in the same country but still not calling! Hehehe no no, I don’t demand but I still appreciate to those who texted me :) better than those who forget me totally right? Hehehehe.

It’s a long list for me to list all names who wish me through sms but that doesn’t mean I can’t list them all hehehehe. Ok here you go… Emelda, JBJ, Cahaya, Achik, Teja, Azlina, Zana, Yim, Nadia, Bob, Ajil, Yusmani, Maklang, Mieja, Dek Na, Eddie, Joseph, Keith, Suituapui, Linda, Ayu, Azali and Nusaibah.

We continued fishing till 4am and slept till 8am and start fishing again haha! Guess what? We got very few fish compared to the last time we caught! (I went there with colleagues like 2 years ago and during that time I blogged in Friendster's blog here.).

Mom and dad, extend till 5pm on 9th which we were suppose to check out at noon. No problem with me and sisters as we still eager to catch more fish!!!

At 5pm, we checked out and we drove to another jetty which is also got few chalets for the same purpose. We wanted to have a look and to compare. There was a small coffee shop and we stop there for a while. After some consideration like parking and environment, we still prefer Pakya then this one. Then we drove home.

Reached home, we took shower and got ready to go out again. Yes, mom wanted to dine at Pizza Hut, to celebrate my birthday of course :)

We went to the nearest one, at Bayan Baru Giant. Parking is comfy and the restaurant is not as crowded as others. I prefer this one of course. I was more than please, when the Chinese waiter was so polite and very helpful! Another surprise… my youngest sis Dayah, told the waiter about my birthday and I didn’t know that we can get special birthday crunchy pancake with ice cream! Hehehehe. Thank you to my family for the celebration even though everybody was so tired and sleepy!

It was fun even though I got sunburn! Lol.

P/s: Next thing I want to share is about the course I attended recently. Stay tune… ;)


  1. bestnya tmpat..bleh memancing...aiyaa...atas air lak

    nak try demand ye..da sms pun cukup baik tau..ahaha..jimat bil sket..kalo call lagi mhl.. ;p

    birthday kita..bila ada org ingat..mesti la happy..n touching kan..tmbah2 kalo ada suprise.. :(

  2. teja - hehe betul2. surprise sangat best! :D ala call setahun sekali je... mahal pun sekali :P

  3. hanya untuk bnda penting2 ja..kikii..

  4. suituapui7:41 AM

    Hey! You did not acknowledge my special post in my blog to convey to you the birthday greetings from me and Ajil (and ur blogger friends can hop over! Hehehehehe!!! Blogwhore lah!)....

  5. ehem..ehem best nye dapat besday present.whoaa syok eak jenjalan dgn family..
    btw aritu sy d adengar lagu duran2 yg faisal cakap tuh..lagu tuh mmg familiar lah..cuma tak taw penyanyi je..huhu

  6. faisal ni amik gambar cam control je..ahaksss..

  7. I enjoy fishing as well . You visited my blog the other day so I thought I would check out yours . Good Blog. Feel free to stop by anytime.

  8. Hey, Faisal, excellent pics, I really enjoyed them. You gonna celebrate your birthday all month? Why not? My wife always does...


  9. selamat hari lahir kpd yang meraikan
    hey faisal, i've made up an entry pasal minum caffeinated drink lead to heart disease..

  10. 1. hepi birthday. yang ke berapa ni?

    2. aku rindukan laut... huhuhu

    3. ko ni hensem orangnya... bertuah awek2 dapat ko ni... hehehe

  11. waaa... bestnyer celebrate birthday dgn family... huhu..

    anyways.. hepi belated besday..

    ps: aku sokong komen si monkey.. hahaha..

  12. Anonymous4:45 PM

    at last.. neu post.. huhu.. bestnya.. lama tol xp mancing.. ajak abg rizal arr nt.. cepat2 skit yer tuk post course tu.. xsabo nk komen byk2.. hihihi...

  13. Happy belated birthday, faisal.. hmmm... your birthday on 9th of Feb but why your zodiac is virgo? juz curious ;p

  14. hepi family n nic besday party...

    hope i can get nice party this feb 19th.... huhuhuhu

  15. wahhh best2!!!! :) kan elok senyum2 gitu.. happy je... :)

  16. teja - sampai hati... terasa diri ku tak penting :(

    suituapui - hehe ok done! :D

  17. arabella - hehe next week punya lagu dah dipilih. maybe 2 minggu lagu baru letak lagu duran duran untuk music monday :) jom le join!

    arabella - hehe candid selalu muka jadi lawak :P

  18. coltfan - you have a great blog pal and i enjoy reading it. i will visit it again for sure! :)

    fishing is good even though sometimes the fish can make you mad! lol.

    mike - haha all month? is that mean i will get present everyday? whoa!

  19. as - aha! at last! :) i will go and read what you got... ;)

    thanks for the wish ya.

    kapten luffy
    - whoa! siap ada numbering hehe.

    1. hepi birthday yang ke 28

    2. laut sangat best... bau laut lagi wangi dari tahi ayam :P

    3. er, kalau hensem dah lama ramai awek kekekeke.

  20. jard - hehe thanks for the wish. ya memang sangat best celebrate dengan family :D

    anonymous - hehe pening gak nak tulis pasal course tu :P tadi hafiz AO yang bijaksana tu pun tanya asal lama tak update. er... berapa orang dah ni dari ofis yang baca? adoi la. patut la che solahudin pun tanya!

    eh hari tu yang kami anjur pertandingan mancing join tak?

  21. nite garden - haha i filled in wrongly for my birth date! the month should be first followed by date hahaha. thanks for reminding me. thanks for the wish :)

    zul - hehe muda2 ok la. semakin tua, semakin malas lak nak celebrate haha!

  22. qaseh - er, selama ni sedih2 ke? hahahaha

  23. waah..there's my name..hope u'll becoming much wiser and more matured man :)

    age is just a number..most important is how you plan your life after this..set the goal high..and i think you can do it :)

  24. inah - i always think that weight and age is just number but when you see wrinkles on your face and other body part it makes you think twice haha!

    thanks for calling inah and you made my day! :)

  25. hehe..dirimu penting kepada keluargamu..ececehh..

    stuju ngn faisal..bila umo mkin ningkat..pastu nmpak kedut2..aha..lepas tu..age is not just a number.. ;p

  26. hahaha..another thing u will realize is fatigue :P..bila dah tua ni cepat letih je rasa :P

    the call- no worries mate!! walaupun suara x sedap :P

  27. and can always go for collagen and vit C :)..lots of skin care products nowadays :P

  28. teja - hehe. yep yep. sesungguhnya diriku amat berharga :P

    inah - hehe siap ada lagu birthday tu! you sang before my fammily keke.

    wrinkles and grey hairs show wisdom? no?

  29. :)

    tau xpe.. admar.sila ke url bwh ye..ada hutang yg perlu dibayar... ;p

  30. teja - takde nama, malas nak buat hahahaha!

  31. grrr..nk kena ni..ahah..sjak bila jdi m***s ni??

  32. teja - sejak kepala berpusing fikir nak karang pasal kursus baru ni :P

  33. haha..msti la kpla berpusing ni rmai org terjah..

    so, kna buat ayat yg lek lok la ye.. ;p

    teringat lak zaman buat karangan.. :)

  34. Anonymous10:04 PM

    wahh smp ke cik din pun bc bagus rr.. hafiz ao? xkenai pun.. tgkt brapa?

    knp pening nk tulih psl kursus tu?
    biasa ja.. sama gak dgn benda lain.. hmm..

    bila ms anjur? xtau pun.. org xmasuk lg kot. klau tau, mesti dh menyemak skali huhuhu...

  35. Bestnyee memancing...Ad kecik dolu2suka memancing guna buluh kecik dan tali tasi dan mata kail...buat sendiri then memancing dalam lubuk ikan..hehe..
    Skrg lubuk dah takde ikan..ikan dah pupus dek keracunan..huhu..
    Hmmm sapa laa nak celebrate besday Ad esok dgn memancing?..Pasti takde..haha..

  36. nice trip! len kali bawakla skali :P

  37. Wah, chalet atas air. bestnya. I imagine it wrongly. :)

    Again, happy birthday, may you have a great year. And lotsa money. :)

  38. the sun burn is worth because u have a great time there

  39. OMG!
    that looks so so so so soooo fun!!

    nak pegi jugaakkk!!! hihihi

  40. Hi.....
    How awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  41. Faisal!!! Happy Valentine's Day!! I know, I know, you wanna kick everyone whose celebrating BUT...

    I've got a Valentine's Love tag for you.. Don't be bitter.. have fun with the rest of us who aren't spending Valentine's with their loved ones. Like me!!

  42. Oh and your birthday celebration looked like soooooooooooo much fun!!! I wanna do something big like that for my party too!! maybe I should go down to Penang for my birthday and meet you and Farah?? :P

    Or just have a celebration here in kl with the rest of the bloggers??


  43. teja - ramai? haha kalau ramai dah jadi yasmin ahmad or marina mahathir le :P

    anonymous - hehe ye che din cakap jangan tulis banyak sangat pasal company :P

    content kursus tu kan mendalam maknanya. jadi kena susun ayat dan penyampaian betul-betul.

    eh, tapi iklan untuk pertandingan memancing tu diemail ke Bukit Mertajam sekali. orang yang email tu Faisal le. siap ada gambar dan video lagi :) pertandingan memancing di tanjung asam...

  44. ad - hehe. masa pakai kayu dan tali tansi tu faisal pun pernah. memancing ikan air tawar je masa tu. sekarang ni, yang all out, ayah faisal. dia memang minat pancing. faisal ni sekadar menghilangkan tension dan boring :)

    so apa plan malam ni? :)

    sakura - hehe tapi sakura di KL. how?

  45. cahaya - er? how did you imagine? hehe yes thanks for the wish... come to me money... come to me... any special mantra? haha.

    nabil - yeah. but tonight i got gathering and its not good when you meeting others for the first time and you got peeling skin! hahaha.

  46. adila - hehe eh i thought you live in kedah? suppose you have been there? :D

    susan - yes, it was great! you should try someday :)

  47. shemah - haha who said i don't celebrate shemah? i will date about 19 peoples tonight! is that too much? Lol!! oh tag? i will take a look. most of your tag are fun to do! :D

    p/s: psst, got flower from hubby? ;)

    shemah - you should come down here to meet me and farah. in fact, i haven't met farah too! Lol... the only blogger that i've met is Ej... you know... i'm such a shy guy :P

  48. heppy belated birthday dude.. wish ur dream come tru.. heheh

  49. muhafis - thanks pal :)

  50. haha...faisal admar pon leh jd cam dorg la..haha..

  51. teja - who knows kan? in different version hehe.

  52. hi faisal! Happy belated birthday! :)

  53. jean - hehe thanks jean!

  54. start comment_
    u need to work out la..
    end of comment_

  55. Anonymous6:29 PM

    xsporting arr che din ni.. ala bro, ni kan personal blog.. xde kaitan pun ngan company.. tulih je.. lagi besh.. huhuhu

    =) so nyesal x pegi kursus tu?
    beriya nk tukar.. tu ler ader hikmahnya... hihihi

    utk pengetahuan en.faisal, sambilan bm xde mail.. so yg tetap xde pun nk kecoh2.. its ok.. buat trip sendiri lagi havoc.. hehehe...

  56. ngeh3..patut ler sunburn..
    tidur kt umah atas air cm ni, mcm d buai2 kan...?

  57. hello my son,

    Sorry dah terlewat bagi comment. Umi harap faisal happy atas program yang diatur oleh abah, umi dan adik. Walaupun tak de cake tapi penting tapi suasana di chalet tu buat kita berkumpul sekeluarga dalam suasana yang aman, damai dan tenang. Yang penting kita dapat berkumpul, Mestilah kali ni di suasana lain pula. Memang terasa nurul, shahro n Pu3 tak de sama tapi nak buat macam mana dah ada kematian org yang disayangi perlulah berkorban. Umi nak faisal happy. Tak bermakna hanya ada cake akan mengembirakan kita tapi kasih syg dapat ditunjukkan dalam berbagai-bagai bentuk. Masa birthday kitalah dapat kita menilai kawan-kawan kita yang mengingati tarikh birthday kita adalah kawan yang benar-benar pandai menilai erti ingatan dan yang paling penting hanya org yang pandai mengharga detik birthday saja akan berebut mengucapkan pada kita kerana 9 Februari 2009 tak akan berulang kerana yang akan datang 9 februari 2010 dan yang terlepas adalah 9 februari 2008. Hanya pada 9 februari,2009 adalah pada hari dia ucapkan pada faisal. Bagi umi tarikh birthday hanya org yang mempunyai jiwa yang lembut dan romantik saja akan menghargai tarikh-tarikh keramat bagi seseorang insan.Kalau tarikh begitu pun tak tau nak hargai bermakna orang-orang sedemikian terlalu tidak tahu menilai erti sentimental value.

    Yang penting umi nak faisal tahu i love u so much.Semenjak lahir hingga akhir hayat.

  58. Hey, Happy Birthday to you! I'm sorry I didn't wish earlier, I only just visited your blog. :/

    Nice pancake too. Hope it tasted good.

  59. abir - work out? hehe can't you see my six packs?

    - tu le. memang ignore je pun :)

    hmm kursus tu memang best. tak sempat lagi nak tulis pasal kursus. busy sikit weekend ni. hehe!

  60. ixora - ye. tapi mula-mula sure macam mabuk laut hehe!

    umi - terima kasih umi atas komen yang panjang lebar :)

    betul, tak semua akan ingat birthday atas alasan its just number, its just date. tapi bagi sesetengah orang, ia sangat penting :) individual perspective :)

    terima kasih atas plan yang dibuat for me. i love you so much too... for the rest of my life.

  61. josette - hehe its ok. the thought counts. the pancake was good! :) crunchy...

  62. happy Belated Birthday bro!!!! All the best to u...dunia n akhirat...

    P/s: better late than never kaaannn? :D

  63. okok..
    nnt sy cari kanta pembesar..
    br nmpak abg punye six packs tu kot

  64. tepak - hehe abang tepak, thanks for the wish. betul2... better late than never! :D

    abir - amboi :P obvious lah :P

  65. i want eskrem..!! eskrem..!! eskrem..!!my favourite..!! hahaha...
    someone used to buy me lotsa ice cream when i'm down.. but now, kena beli sendiri.. huwaaa...

  66. honey - hehe weekend ni nak makan ice cream dengan si dia :D best!


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