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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Flash Flood in Penang

Actually, in fasting month I feel a bit lazy to update blog everyday. The best I could do is to keep the pictures on my wallpaper (desktop… I’m afraid you get confuse this desktop with the real pc) so that it would push me to update the blog because I hate to see so many things on my wallpaper! It works!

I posted something about “I Love You” as you can see below. So I usually give people time to read it and comment instead of keep posting entry by entry. This time I skip that one. It’s about flash flood in Penang. Even though I posted something similar recently but this time it was worse!

I got invitation for breaking fast at my sister’s house. It rained for the whole day yesterday and around 6pm my mom called me to see our backyard! I whispered to myself “Not again!” Yes the army as usual drained out the water from their tank again. I have no idea why they always do so every time it rains heavily. The water flowed in. Sigh.

The backyard


In front...

Joseph told me about flash flood was everywhere. He was on the way to cyber café to play his Ragnarok. He sent me a MMS to show his bike.

Joseph's bike...

Around 7pm when the rain was not so heavy, we went out. We went to my dad’s friend to get the murtabak that we ordered earlier to bring to her house. The village had been sunken by water! I drove slowly as I didn’t want to be stuck in the water and couldn’t even drove back home. We managed to pass few junctions that were flooded badly. Reached at the murtabak stall, there was flood again. So, we changed the plan to use other road instead of Relau. We used Bayan Baru’s road. Sadly, flood was there too… in front of Pantai Mutiara Hospital. We turned to the left to use Sunshine Square’s road but it was flooded. Turned to Seri Malaysia Hotel’s road and I got the same result! Argh! Ok there was just one road left. Sungai Tiram! Which I could use the airport highway on the hill. No flood of course. Again we stuck at Sungai Tiram! Flood in front of the factories! I was pissed off. The traffic jam was bad.

Sungai Tiram...

End up we reached at my sister’s house around 9pm. Break fasting was at 7.30pm but we ate our dinner at 9pm. Luckily she cooked some delicious foods… and my favorite prawn tempura was in the menu! I smiled.

Around 10pm Joseph text me about the flood had gone. Thank God!

P/s: You might want to read some news about it. You can read at TheStar and NST.


  1. Heyya faisal admar...

    I'm so sorry about the flood... how about today?? Getting better??

    I love prawn tempura too...

    **Orang selalu drive slow kat air... Kalau drive slow... air boleh masuk engine... jadi, jgn drive slow kalau langgar air... :) winkwink

  2. nurin - the flood had gone last night at 10pm. thank God!

    langgar air? the water will splash into the engine... no?

  3. Alor... bila langgar air kan air tu kuak kat tepi... so drive le laju sket... kalau stuck dalam traffic lagi susah... boleh terus rosak engine... :)

  4. nurin - make sense. same advise here. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. nurin - different advise here. alamak! which one?

  6. waahh...sian nyer redah flood sampai waktu makan pun jadi kul 9 lebey....

    tapi seb baik ader fav food kan... ;)

  7. riena - nasib! hehe... dalam kereta bedal murtabak! hehe...

  8. You, I've read both of the advises... and here's what I can conclude...

    Don't drive during flood! Aha!

    **But, if you still need to do so... If you're tailgating... please allow some distance between you and the 1st car to avoid unnecessary stop along the way... If not, just drive at normal speed... :) winkwink

  9. My campus also flooded by water.. We are using some kind river system here. Not actually a river, but a watering system that doesn't use a proper drainage system. They just dig a shallow kinda drain and put rocks in it. It should have work if there is not so many rain here. hehe

  10. perh..banjir eik..penat tau kalo banjir nie...isk3....sabar kay

  11. emmm sedap nyer!! nasi kandar & roti caai kuah banjir.. fav aku kalu balik penang...

  12. nurin - hehe good conclusion!

    bcd - i hate flood. hehe too much of works to get done and too much of energy used!

    wahidah - memang penat sangat! :(

    kamal - tak suka banjir hehe. kalau makan roti canai pun cicah jek kuah tu sebab tak makan pedas hehe. eh kat kl takkan takda?

  13. wahhhhhh teruk gak tuu faisal... huhuuu... nasib baik kat gelugor nih ok jerkk...

  14. ej - tu la pasal... ala lagi pun ej kan duduk tinggi melangit! ha ha nak kisah apa kan banjir :P

  15. Wow you guys really got hit hard!

  16. tammy - yea, i hate the hard work after the flood! :(

  17. haha.. ni mesti sebab ujan ari sabtu tu..
    kecewa je aku xdpt keluar umah langsung ari tu..
    tapi mujur pegi la jugak solat terawih walau ujan sket2..

  18. myadlan - ya peristiwa sabtu tuh... adoi!

  19. aiseh~ banjir >.<

    kat kaw sy air naik sket
    tapi tak masuk umah la

    skrg amcam?
    dah ok?

  20. adila - sekarang dah okay. tapi hujan masih tak henti-henti. hujan tak kisah, tapi jangan banjir je :)

  21. oh, that's really bad. I remember the last one and here's another? it's not easy to clean up the mess after a flash flood. Balik Pulau was affected too, but not my area. So far, my area alhamdulillah. tapi bukit jalan baru was closed and we had to use jalan nukit teluk kumbar to go to town, which is horrible because of the narror road and massive jam.

  22. Farah – Yes saw the road in the news on TV. I hate to use that old road…

    Yes, it was a headache to clean the mess :(


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