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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tsunami Again?

I got an email today:

Sent: Friday, September 19, 2008 12:47 PM
Subject: PLS stay away from the BEACH area ( Oct-Dec 2008 )

Dear All

Pls pass on this msg to your love one's / friends. A tibetan Master divination and predicts that there will be a TSUNAMI again this year in OCT - DEC 2008. ( 3 mths period )

Pls STAY FAR away frm the BEACH area for your own personal safety. I don't know how true it is but TSUNAMI is gonna come again. Pls trigger and alert. Much thanks


Anyone can confirm about this?


  1. well i ws hoping tht it wouldmt be happend faisal
    but then you will not loose if you made safetiness and preparation right?
    have agreat blogging day faisal my God bles you always

  2. Blue - Yes. I should avoid going to such places anyhow. Why take risk when you have choices? :)

    You have great days ahead :)

  3. well, just hope it will not happen..

  4. BCD - Yes I do hope so :(

  5. mintak d jauh kan lah....amin...

  6. Riena - Ya... sama-sama lah kita berdoa. Amin...

  7. I pray that it's not real. What a devastating thing they are.

  8. TSUNAMI is a total disaster.... economically and spiritually ...pray that it will not happen again !

  9. woo.. the prediction.. that's scary.. hopefully no Tsunami again..

  10. Tammy - Yes Tammy. Lets pray that this "monster" will never come again.

    Syukur - Yes doc. I hope it won't happen again. This will scare the foreigner too!

    Zhoe - Yes Zhoe the impact from the old one still remain till today. My mom won't go to the beach anymore!

  11. Let's hope that it is just a spam email you got there, Faisal...but even so, one must be prepared all time!

    thanks for the reminder.

  12. la..time ni lak cuti sekolah kan. n akak nyer depat akan wat family day kat PD..biar betul ni

  13. hrmm... spam mail?
    just be aware of it je la kot if it happens
    cuz if it's true, sure dah havoc sekarang about it, don't u think?

  14. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Horror nye!

  15. Anonymous1:41 PM

    Ye ke?

  16. mintak simpang la bro..

    tapi kalau dah ada berita camni cuba la elakkan jugak..

    kan prevention is always better than cure right??


  17. first of all.. tgk source tu dulu..

    what the hell? tibetan master? cmon la.. as muslim we should not believe to any predictions.

    urgh.. simply goes to syirik k.. hate this..

  18. thanks...faisal...4 ur info...Moga2tak de apa2 yang buruk akan berlaku

  19. thanks...faisal...4 ur info...Moga2tak de apa2 yang buruk akan berlaku

  20. what shld I say?
    welcome back? :)
    hopefully nothing bad happen.

  21. Zara – Yes I hope it’s just spam mail. But if there is any scientific theory about this please let me know. You know… end of the year, relative come over and want to enjoy the breathing beach not to forget the sea itself. I hope it’s not true.

    Mummy – Tak pasti akak. Sebab ni sekadar ramalan sahaja. Kalau ada bukti saintifik lagi bagus kan?

    Adila – Yes, but better to stay silence too to avoid havoc?

    Ted – Ye sangat horror okeh!

    Nurin – Entah, that was why I tanya kat bawah post tuh.

    Axim – Betul tu Axim. Lepas Raya jom main jet ski!

    Myadlan – Like Axim said, prevent is better than cure hehe.

    Zuer – Mari sama-sama berdoa :)

    Ismail – Er, welcome back? Should we make a party… for “him”?

  22. Hola Faisal! I have a very special award for you, congrats!

  23. Maurica - Wow! Love it Maurica... Thanks!

  24. stumbled upon your blog from this one person who left a comment at mine - runwiththewave. i must say that there's too many things happening back at home and the last thing we need is a disaster like the tsunami. i pray its not true.

    i also pray that the situation back at home will get better.

    last but not least, i am trying to find as many information as i can about a cure for cancer. a very close friend of ours, and happens to be our neighbour was diagnosed of having cancer some 3 months back. things are not looking bright for him, as the doctors said he has only a few months to live. i've heard about lemongrass as one of the alternatives, but i've never read about it till i came across your post on it.

    thank you.

    i'm now gonna translate it into dutch for him so that he could understand it better.

    anyway, selamat berpuasa, and selamat hari raya!

    with best wishes,

  25. hope it just remains as that, a prediction and not a reality, insyallah. but then again..these things are beyond our control.

  26. Zaza - I smile and I have watery eyes at the same time.

    I smile because I feel so happy when I know that what I write or paste about is useful and help others.

    I have watery eyes because I know there is another human being suffer of cancer. Honestly I hate it! No one knows when it will attack but what the best we could do is to pray that we are safe from it. We are hardly depend on good foods and the work stress for measurement anymore even though there are evidence regarding it... scientifically or just some assumptions.

    I hope the lemongrass works! Let me know if you got some info and feed me with his updates ok?

    I pray for him!

  27. Bunkerangs - Yes, agree. But I plan to wear my swimming trunk and enjoy the water under the sun! :(

  28. Semoga ianya tidak berlaku lagi..KetentuanNYA juga kan?...

  29. Ad - Betul tu Ad. Segala yang berlaku adalah ketentuan-Nya :)

  30. Betul ke? I haven't heard anything about it yet.

  31. Anonymous10:02 PM

    Come to Sibu. No tsunami here!...But hope it will not happen lah!!! Once is more than enough!!!

  32. Rozella - Got this email and I am not sure whether it's true. Hope that if there's any scientific fact that could support this info will be much appreciated. I better be careful instead of just ignore this info.

    Suituapui - Agree, once is more than enough. If you can get me a good job there I'll move hehe.

  33. Wah !! Kota Kinabalu is located behind the sea !! :(

    But if this is true, why don't warned everyone from media?

    Can save lots of souls.. =)

  34. right faisal i agree with you
    wel just dropping by here again to say have a great blogging day to you

  35. Ann - If there is no scientific evidence, I don't think media will spread anything like this :)

    Blue - Happy blogging to you too Blue. I'm happy that I can rest for 2 days until Sunday :)

  36. well, it's not spam email, is it?

  37. farah - it was sent by a friend of mine. i don't believe it until there's fact or figure that support this article. but still better to stay home aite? :)


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