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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Devil Hair band

Children made into 'devils' at Merdeka do

SOME children as young as two were made into 'junior devils' by their parents and guardians at the Merdeka celebrations in Shah Alam on Sunday, claimed a Malay daily.

Harian Metro said the parents bought the children 'hair clips' in the shape of the Devil's horns, which cost some RM8 apiece.

The daily said many parents seemed happy watching their children wearing these 'hair clips', which came with light ornaments.

Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) director Datuk Khusrin Munawai urged Muslims to stop buying the hair clips or better yet, to destroy them.

"These hair clips are haram (illegal)," he said.


Marina Mahathir said:

How do our JAIS people know what devils look like in the first place? Where does it say that hair clips ( I would call them hair bands) with horns are haram?

And they say in Islam, all that is haram are very big things, not tiny little boobytraps that are constantly being invented to turn us all into little devils. And yes, yes, I know Harian Metro needs to sell itself and it has the highest circulation of all our newspapers. Which just shows the thirst for nonsense that exists in this country of ours.


This is what I say:

Usually I would agree with her points if it is against any of the parties or departments. But this time it’s hard for me to agree. I am not against what she thinks but I got my simple opinion too.

To me, it is obvious that this hair band refer to devil’s horn. Is there anyone out there would call it a bull or ox horn instead? I doubt.

They can make and sell bunny hair band or maybe some other cute creatures if they want to but why devil horn? Yes no one ever see the real devil or some called it Satan but we all know how to draw devil’s picture at least by drawing the horn part too?

Sometimes we have to agree with others too even though we are well educated. It’s ok if she doesn’t agree with me :)

P/s: to debate against religious department with reason like this showing our ignorance

(source: RantingsbyMM)


  1. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Gathering? Ok jew!If axim busy just u and me pun ok!

  2. gossip - ok let me know date and time okay? :)

  3. mcm cekak nak gathering!!!tak ajak pun!!!

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  5. elle - tengah pikir elle... nak buat bulan puasa or lepas puasa hehe. boleh minta tolong ej arrange tak? dia lebih dikenali ramai :)

    - thanks monterines :) i guess i have explained myself well?

  6. there will be time where we have to agree to disagree. i think she was just a tad bit biased towards jais there...

  7. faisal..ej kata suruh u arrange...coz kami nak jadi mem besaq nak duduk ja..boleh ka!!!!e.j yang kata kay!!

  8. zewt - yes zewt. to say our religion department as nonsense is way too much. she can be as liberal as she wants but there is a limit and she just can't go beyond that.

  9. elle - haha elle dengan ej dah macam otai bagi blogger di penang. combine pulak dengan axim... ha! mesti meletup kan? faisal ni sapa pun tak kenai hehe

  10. tapi kan, aku suka tengok orang pakai tanduk setan ni.

    sebab aku boleh panggil 'Hoi, Setan! Pekaba?'

  11. best gak pakai mende ni!! bole nyakat org malam2..

  12. masa kat the curve malam merdeka tu...memang ramai gak la pakai menatang alah nih...

    ramai setan...hohohoho....

  13. green apple - haha boleh plak macam tuh :P

    kamal - pakai dan nyakat tu perkara lain... tapi nak cakap benda JAIS cakap tu ngarut dah melampau. tak gitu?

    - haha! JAIS cakap tu betul cuma terpulang kita nak ikut ke tak... takyah la sampai ada yang cakap JAIS nonsense kan? :)

  14. paham...memasing punya pendirian dan pendapat...tapi dalam bab-bab akidah dan agama nih perlu extra hati-hati...

    personally...cakap JAIS nonsense way too much...ermmm...liberal sangat kot...ntah lah...

  15. riena - betul... tak kisah la liberal ke apa ke... tapi jangan sampai cakap nonsense. tadi dalam tv1 ada cakap... pasal blog. rasanya setiap ahad kot... tv1 akan tayang pasal blog dan panggil blogger untuk ditemuramah. maybe lepas ni boleh panggil MM untuk jelaskan kenapa beliau cakap nonsense.

  16. yup 100% setuju!! rasa nyer org yg bercakap x paham apa yg dier cakap..

  17. kamal - ya... kadang kita kena juga dengar apa yang orang lain cakap sebab kita bukan perfect dan tahu dalam semua bidang.

  18. we accept the fact that the symbol reflects something JAIS action is definitely right ... if symbol is not taken into consideration...will Marina goes to men toilet rather than women toilet...sebab simbol ajer kan kat pintu tu... mmmmmmmm

  19. syukur - i like your comment doc! yes... will MM goes to men toilet if she just look at everything based on symbol?

  20. Yeah.. I saw lots of kids wearing that during the Merdeka celebration here too.. I was wondering why on earth were there so many devils running around. It wasn't appropriate, in my opinion..

  21. shemah - yes, if this is how we celebrate our lovely country anniversary... i feel weird why government keeps wondering about teens or kids nowadays behave like one :)

  22. apsal la ada things liek this kan...yg best tu ade org beli..isk3...pelik tul laaa

  23. Anonymous8:52 AM

    it's devil's horn... obviously it refers to DEVIL! and let's say if it's a halo... obviously it will refers to ANGEL...

    **we don't deny or question the obvious...btw, hellboy also red and have horns too...

  24. headband tu akak ada pakai la..hihihi...

  25. me sokong faisal... hehehe.. ntah laa, bnyk lagi yg boleh dibuat kat cekak tu, letak jer karektor2 kartun yg budak2 suka... lagi comel2kann.. nape lak mesti letak tanduk tu then kasi anak2 pakai... bukan anak2 aje, makpak budak2 pun sama gak dok pakai... pelik arr..

  26. Yes, I agree with you fren. Unless, we graduated from Al-Azhar, then it is best to leave the matter to JAIS to decide. And you also right to say that the hair band refer to devil’s horn. With due respect Marina, stick to your expertise.

  27. salam Faisal,

    I pity MM actually, for being & talking nonsense especially when it concerns issues related to Islam. I wonder if her kids wear that devil's hair band too. If they do, again, she's acting more nonsense. *sigh* Sometimes, she just blabbing. Nonsense rantings. I dare to say that, coz if she's not, she wouldn't come up with such a nonsense opinion.
    -enuff abt her-

    In my opinion, hair band as such should be prohibited the moment it is out in the market. Who should monitor? The muslims. I thought that we have the toll-free to report any complaints, no? When we just let this 'toy' passed without question, we cant blame the one who selling it. I would say, we have to detect who are the supplier and who manufacture it. Once that is done, confiscate and revoke the licence and give a stiffer penalties. Easier said than done huh? Yea. It is. Because a lot are not honest when doing their work which then leads to bribery and the list goes on..

  28. wahidah - ya. patut tidak dijual at the first place... banyak lagi character lain untuk dibuatkan. pasal ada orang yang beli... malas sikit nak komen. tapi pasal nak cakap perkara ni nonsense is another case.

    nurin - sometimes in order to debate or argue with people... they choose to be ignorance rather than swallow the fact. that's what happen in our politic nowadays :)

    mummy - ops! no hard feeling akak. apa yang saya nak tekankan di sini ialah tentang MM cakap JAIS nonsense. itu jek. pasal beli tu saya taknak sentuh... sebab itu hak masing² kan. sorry akak.

    ej - tu la... kalau buat bunny hairband pun cute kan? :)

    ismail - yes. she should stick to her expertise rather than downgrade JAIS. i remember last time liberal was something his dad fought for too right?

    zara - yes, pity as the opinion came from a muslim too :)

    hmm pretty weird isn't it... when people put upside down the flag they will be considered as rude but when they say this to JAIS it's liberal? all things in the world have limit, i bet liberal too?

  29. cute, lol ! :P

    but, it'll be much cuter if devil change to bunny or maybe kitty. how cute !!

    devil ganaz sangat ! :))

    about nonsense tuh, MM have no rights to say people nonsense unless someone tuh memang nonsense. but, this part. she's totally wrong ! as we already know devil is syaitan, and syaitan si devil. plus, devil hairband tuh kan budaya asing. why should we follow ? harus ke ada benda tu dalam Malaysia ?
    one more thing, MM tak patot cakap nonsense to JAIS because everyone pon dah tau yang devil ni syaitan. I think, kids 1 year old pon mesti tau DEVIL = SYAITAN = JAHAT !

    tak gitew ?


  30. I think you guys are too obsessed with outside appearance. What matters most is the inside. If one wear decently and yet always have devilsh thought, is he/she a better person compared to a person who wear horns but always do good and very kind in his/her heart?

    Think about it. That's why God gave us brain to think rather than following instructions.

  31. dayah - yes. why devil instead of some other characters? :)

    joseph - why devil horn? why not bunny hairband? do you wear devil horn to holy place? if not, why?

    we are not talking about inner beauty but we refer to devil horn on independent celebration. was it necessary? again... why devil horn and not others? :)

    i am not judgmental but look from other perspective as well instead of "inner beauty" :)

  32. I notice u ada red devil jersey la kat side-bar. Man Utd Supporter ke? I Man Utd supporter jugak. Tapi sorrylah nak pakai hairband mcm tu. Ha ha.

  33. I beg to differ to Joseph’s opinion (comment) on this. Allow me to spill my counter-opinion, Faisal. Thanks.

    Every second, ppl are getting more creative that they somehow forgot the ‘rules and regulations’. They create things that resemble the devil, and the symbol of the devil has been made known since ages. So the question put up by our MM on how the devil looks like, is for me, a “stoofyd” question coming out from a daughter of a respected leader. It is that creative minds of those before us (and her) had created ‘horn’ to symbolize the devil, hence, it is widely acknowledged and noticed as ‘devil’. For me, she’s talking nonsense. So, forget about her.

    As for Joseph’s opinion on being ‘obsessed’ and ‘follow instruction’, well, there are a lot of things that need to iron out, but simply put, one does not wear devil’s look-alike to feel and act angelic and vice versa. A crook by the look on first impression is enough to give you an indication on what he’s up to. Same goes to this. No doubt that one may wear it just for fun, but that does not mean that he/she is angelic because if he/she is angelic, wearing one is a big no-no. At some point, I do agree with you, God give us brain to think and not just follow instruction, but then again, we have to think harder, on why we don’t follow the instruction. Every game has its rules (but often ppl loves to break the rules). Think harder on why you opt to wear that devil’s hair band. Or whatever thing that associates with the devil. Don’t just follow the trend (all year Devil’s Season, if there is any) without thinking hard, and smart.

    True, that it’s hard to determine who’s good and bad from the outside appearance, but what’s outside of you portrays what’s inside of you. You know it too well of the saying ‘beauty comes from within’. A devil’s hair band on the outside means you are good inside? Not a good combination, Sir.

    As many said, why devil? Why not bunny hair band or other characters. It’s much more fun too rather than that red horn thingy. Ouch!!

  34. Well said, Zara. Your arguments are valid to certain extent I would say. No doubt appearance is important but I don't think we should spend much time to just focus on outside look only, as you said, beauty comes from within, not the other way round.

    My point is, what that hairband looks like depends on each individual perception. If you think it's devil's horns, it's devil's horns; if you think it's a red riding hood's cute muff, it's. Shall I say our thoughts determine our appearance in this case?

    That's why God gave us brains of individuality and creativity as humans; not think collectively as in robots or machines. Again, no doubt humans can think in wrong and 'creative' ways as you said, but that's how humans learn. Besides, who's there to monitor the view points of institutions if they make mistakes? I don't think God will descend from heaven to correct them, don't you think so?

    Last but not least, I don't think children will get deviant simply because they wear that thing. Perhaps it never appears in their mind that it's devil's horns. It's adults who instil them with such thought. Don't you think so?

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. ismail - haha! orang akan cakap tu jersey man utd... bukan jersey setan. tapi orang akan cakap tu tanduk setan dan bukannya tanduk man utd :P

    p/s: seronok tengok debate :)

  37. And can anyone tell me what is it has to do with Merdeka celebration? Haihhh...

  38. Is there a compulsory format or protocol for merdeka celebration? Why must one wear on merdeka? wrap ourselves in jalur gemilang?

    I think patriotic comes from withtin first. One can put 1,000 flags around his/her house and yet to be a traitor. As within, so without. Inside value portraits outside acts and appearance, this is always true.

  39. why would any smart parents want to turn their children into devils? how stupid are they? That's the effect of following the crowd without thinking. I would never do that, despite the haram factor- it's more of a mentality issue.

  40. menarik tuk komen box ni sampai aku lak yang speechless tak taw nak cakap apa..

    ok here we go..

    bagi aku kenyataan marina mahathir tu tak ubah menjerut leher sendirik..macam orang tak sekolah pun bukan masalah nampak ke tak nampak setan tu macam mana,masalahnya kalau mender tu dah di referkan sebagai tanduk setan so yang hampa sumer duk sibuk beli ngan duk pakai apa motifnya....

    mender tu dah jadik macam adat-bila bertanduk di kategorikan sebagai setan,same goes kalau bersayap kat belakang then nampak suci jer mesti kita kata malaikat...tang malaikat tu bleh plak kata tu malaikat-pernah ker orang nampak malaikat??

    aku pun tak paham apa yang aku duk meraban nih...tengah bosan ngan kerja yang tak sudah tu yang melepak kat page ko kejap..haha

    *furthermore,mender ni takder apa pun,awatla depa duk bergaduh memperbesarkan isu yang tah hape hape ni...concentrate nak bantu rakyat malaysia kan baguih..:)

  41. Betoi cakap axim. Sepatutnya masalah rakyat yg kena ditumpukan perhatian dulu.

    Tuhan restui kite sumer.

  42. hm.. benda ni jadi trend jugak.. kwn2 aku pegi clubbing bawak balik benda ni.. adakah kamu pun ada simpan satu kt umah?

  43. BCD - That is our definition of Independence :)

    Joseph – You are fighting over this hair band as it is “good” to be adapted. Even though I agree that the outside appearance isn’t something to boast about, but it is still count to show who you are.

    Will you wear something untidy to a function? I bet no. You even comb your hair nicely, gel it, and wear good pants and shirt. Why don’t you just wear your skin? Yes I bet everyone would understand you have a good heart with or without cloth on.

    We don’t need Jalur Gemilang to wrap ourselves but do we need devil hair band (eh you called it inner beauty hair band right?) for Independence celebration?

    P/s: I hope you buy one someday and wear it to your office since it is not wrong and appropriate. Remember outside appearance is nothing? :)

    Farah – Agree with you Farah. To buy something silly like this is just a waste of money. What good would it brings to our kids?

    Axim – Isu ni kecil betul. Tapi jadi besar bila orang yang bukan expert dalam keagamaan masuk campur. Betul, banyak lagi kepentingan rakyat yang perlu difokus. Seperti masukkan RPK dan Teressa ke dalam ISA kah?

    Myadlan – Saya tak beli benda yang tak berguna macam tu :) Lebih baik saya beli buku-buku untuk niece saya.

  44. I said we don't be too obsessed with outside appearance. Don't change my words.

  45. Joseph - Scroll up and look who talked about wrap in Jalur Gemilang? :)

    Also "...My point is, what that hairband looks like depends on each individual perception. If you think it's devil's horns, it's devil's horns; if you think it's a red riding hood's cute muff, it's. Shall I say our thoughts determine our appearance in this case?"

    Come on... even a kiddo could answer what kind of horn is that :)

    Same question pop up in my mind: There are so many other characters or cute fluffy pets to be used as the hair band but why this one? Necessary?

    P/s: We blame parliament for having craps discussion and what is the different here? There is a border in religion which you just can't push beyond. Same goes we won't say nonsense about Christianity (which MM called the article nonsense and the article touched about religion issue). That is what we called respect. Click on MM's link given in the post and see the title... :)

  46. Hhhhmmmm... I do have one. Perhaps we might want to consider of the intention buying it. Either to become one, or just to have one as a matter of collection...

    Cheers! :)

  47. Ryhmee - As I mentioned in the earlier comment, this is individual perspective which I totally respect. What I dislike is saying nonsense to the religion fact. That is rude.


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