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Saturday, September 06, 2008

I love you

Jane is a typical college girl who enjoys life to the fullest. She loves her boyfriend so much and texts him every now and then.

Mark is Jane's boyfriend who works in a call center in Los Angeles. He's always busy doing so many things. He only manages to reply to Jane's texts when he got off from work.

One time mark receives a message from Jane: "hi baby! How are you? I miss you! Call my house when u gets home. Take care! I love you!"

Mark ignored the message because he always receives the same message whenever it is time for him to go home from work.

"Baby, I miss you. Have you eaten?! Take care when you get home! I’ll be waiting for your call. I love you!"

"Baby, where are you?! It’s unfair that you don’t reply to my texts... well, I’m just going to wait for your call. I love you!"

Mark reaches home and lay on his bed. The last time he knew is that he's reading Jane's text. He was so tired he fall asleep and wasn't able to return Jane’s call. He can still hear his phone beeps but he's too tired to take a glimpse on the message.

When he woke up the next day, he remembers that he needs to call Jane. He ignored the messages and dialed Jane’s... No one's answering in her house. He called up her cell phone and he was surprised that her father answered the call. In his voice you can feel his tears and hear his heart tearing apart.

"Mark, why haven’t you called? Jane was waiting for your call all night!"

"Dad, I’m sorry. I fell asleep being so tired from work... I was calling your house but no one was answering. Where are you? So I can come over."

"Just meet me at Jane’s house." Mark went to Jane's house and much to his surprised he saw a lot of people inside. The house was so lighted but you can see the gloom on every person you'll meet there. He was greeted by Jane's mom on tears. She hugs him tight and cried on his shoulders.

"Jane was waiting for you. She didn’t come with us because she was waiting for your call. She was killed by robbers that broke in our house. She’s gone, Mark. She's gone."

"That’s impossible. She text me a while ago. How could his happen?"

Mark can't look who's inside the coffin. He can't move and it feels like his whole body is stuck on the chair he’s seating on. He wanted to cry but it seems that something is blocking his tears to fall down. He turned to his phone and read the messages of Jane.

"Baby, I’m not coming with my mom and dad...I’m just going to wait for your call...”

"Baby...I’m so scared... it seems like there’s someone downstairs. Please call me now!"

"Babe...someone’s here. They might kill me. Please call me now, where are you? I need you here..."

"Baby.... I love you!"

He wanted to shout and cry so loud. It's true that Jane is waiting for his call. Up to her last breath she only thinks about him.

He stared at Jane inside the coffin. Suddenly tears starts flowing down his cheeks. He can't say anything. The only words he uttered...

"My baby, I’m so sorry! I could have known, I could have fought for you! I’m really sorry! I love you so much!"

(credit to hunter21 for the picture)


  1. ? wat's the msg? love novel writer?

  2. A good one! It teaches us to truly appreciate those around us no matter how 'stubborn' that person is..because we tend to take things for granted and only appreciate them when they are no longer with us.

  3. beautiful story. I remember reading this story somewhere before, but I can't recall where.

  4. best nyer kalu ada awek yg call n sms hari2.. x bersyukur btol la mamat tu..

  5. joseph - people nowadays take things for granted :)

    zara - yes. you got the point. we take things for granted. we don't appreciate when they are around and regret when they are gone :) not only happen to us... average people, but also to malaysian artist. awards will be given to those who already passed away... not to those who are still alive. end up... they will get their award when they are not on earth anymore.

    farah - got it from email. yes it's a nice story... indeed.

    kamal - betul. kita selaluya tidak menghargai... sehinggalah kita kehilangannya.

    ann - jangan sedih k? :)

  6. tammy - hope you like it :)

  7. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Nice story!

    People always appreciate something when they gone... why??

    **Hope I don't take someone for granted... and vice versa

  8. nurin - human nature. same goes with my blog description on the blog header :)

  9. sad... :(

    people always take someone for granted...

  10. riena - yes... usually people do. what we can do for a better life is we start to do otherwise :)

  11. =/ feeling sad and... lonely after reading this... =_=

  12. iranienaz5:16 PM

    Jane.. too bad hav some1 u luv like mark.

    Mark.. very lucky coz have some1 who crazy bout ur luv..

    so.. appreciate n luv some1 who luv us more than we luv them.

  13. sakura - come on! chin up sakura... don't be sad. remember life is too short to be sad :)

    bcd - nak tisu sikit? :P

    - yes... when this kind of thing happen. regret has no use anymore :(

  14. Faisal..i just think you need to come out with a novel or story wrote very simple dsily happening but leaving a deep impact to me as a reader. Great !!
    I am actually touched by this entry. i ll try to reply all SMS in the near future ASAP coz i missed SMS will leave you regretting for your whole life...

  15. syukur - how i wish i could write this good! ha ha!

    yes, i usually take thing for granted including abandon SMS from friends.

    i won't do it anymore! i promise.

  16. Anonymous9:34 PM

    i feel like crying . :((

  17. Don't cry but don't ever take things for granted ok? :)


Thank you for the comment.

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