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Friday, April 26, 2013

Picnic at Batu Ferringhi

This post has been pending for so long since I could not wait to post about my travel and share with you. Sharing about the travel experience is something you cannot find in the travel website including the Astro channel -- Travel & Living :P

I mean the website and the tv channel usually get paid promoting the good thing about places where else I'm sharing not only good but bad things that happen there not to scare you but to advise.

So, instead of telling you about my other travel trip I will share with you this picnic which was not planned properly and it was a very last minute plan and preparation. Thanks to Keith, Miza and Fariza for making it happened.

The last time I came here was with Cik Wanie, Mama and another blogger. To my surprise, it was a bit crowded and I hardly find a good place for us to sit and enjoy the food. Oh yes, I did not plan to swim there since I have swam in the clearer water in Thailand and Mabul :P

We just reached and could not wait to eat the Nasi Lemak. Starving! Haha.

The menu! So tempting isn't it? Most of them prepared by Miza except the fruits and chicken helped by Fariza and thanks to my sister for the nasi lemak (coconut rice).

The mayonnaise omelet. Prepared by Miza.

The mixed spices chicken. Finger licking good! Prepared by Miza and Fariza.

Taking picture...

Busy with handphone or busy preparing???

Oh ok, injured my foot when I was busy taking pictures and I didn't see the coconut tree root was hidden underneath the sand and I accidentally hit it and scratched my foot. Look not so serious but it last for weeks. Pretty deep the wound.

The host :)

The yummy sambal bilis and sotong!

I went to the stall nearby for coconut! Not a good one if I compare with the one I had in Bali!

Relaxing my mind by looking at the sea... how serene...

It's cool to just hang out with friends for a picnic like this. Talking, laughing and eating. You just enjoy yourself and it can help to release your stress too.

Life should be this way... it's short and you just need to be happy and enjoy. Appreciate every moment you have and don't be sad. Bad things might be happen to you (like some incidents that happen to me: car got stolen, dengue fever, reschedule exam alone, back pain and cramp, dad admitted in the hospital, sister with some virus attack and admitted to the hospital too and many more) but you must accept it and if it is a problem you just need to solve it one by one, don't run and hide. 

Be happy! :)


  1. Oh! Suddenly Batu Feringghi? I'm still lost in Phuket! Haha!

  2. Wow! yummy food! Makes me hungry now!

    1. I'm hungry too and heading to char koay teow soon haha!

  3. Wow! So many problems you have to deal with! I'm glad you are so positive about it. May you be strong and may all your problems melt away! Be happy always : )

    1. Yes, I hope everything will be ok soon :)

  4. Anonymous4:12 AM

    I envy you. I need a weekend gateaway sometimes.
    Yeah, same with me here. Dealt with so many problems since the beginning of the year. Going to the hospital back and forth, daughter got sick every month. Non-stop! Muhuuu.... I really need a vacation like this. hehe...

    By the way, I'm more attracted to the food. My stomach is rumbling... ;-p

    1. Where are you currently? I'm a bit lucky because I live in Penang and its an island :)
      So picnic at the beach is always an easy thing to do... just that who is the chef count LOL

      The nasi lemak is very delicious, I tell you!

    2. Anonymous3:01 PM

      I'm in Kuching. Although you might say I can get a vacation anytime from my place, still I didn't have chance to go. :'(

      Oh no... Drooolingg... ahaha.

    3. Kuching? Nice. I want to go there on Gawai celebration! :) When is the celebration?

    4. Anonymous6:38 AM

      Gawai festival is on 1st June. If you want to spend your holiday on June, you must book your flight early. Coz, mostly Sarawakians at West Malaysia planning to go back to Sarawak. It's kind a long holiday for us here. :-)

    5. Oh yeah, 2014 I'm coming :)

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Ooooo...your family members can cook so well. Lucky I'm not part of it or I would be soooo fat!!! Oops!!! I'm already soooooo fat!!!! Muahahahahahaha!!!!!

    1. Haha they are friends only the rice cooked by my sister :P

      Fat is happiness maaa! :)

  6. wah lau eh...syoknya picnic kat beach....

    make sure put dettol cream on the wound

    1. Left only scar now :)

      Memang syok picnic. Next is waterfall! :)


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