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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Bali - Bali Hyatt Hotel

I stayed in Bali Hyatt Hotel which was located in Sanur. 

It's a big and unique hotel and the service there is good. Just that you don't have wifi connection in the room. Yes, you must stay away from gadget as much as you can while you are on vacation but I can only text my family at night before sleep and I need internet, of course.

The only way you want to get the internet is go to the lobby and there is an internet cafe for free. 

Overall I love the hotel so much. 

This is the lobby. When you reach at hotel, they will play Balinese song and a hit to the gong. The security is very tight. They will check your bag every time you want to enter the hotel. Oh! I love the drink given by them upon registration.

The entrance of the hotel. There is a security house here and they will check the vehicle including taxi. I mean, really check.

The view from my room.

The map. So, you get the idea how big it is.

The beautiful garden.

The private beach.

The small bridge across the pool.

The sacred flower.

Some self pose, haha!

Push up at the beach?

Ok, about the pool. There are 2 pools which 1 is like normal pool you can get in other hotel and another one is the one I went into it. I liked this pool so much because it was so different and yes, I love nature. The water was so cold and refreshing. Do not worry about the coldness because beside the pool, there is jacuzzi. Heaven! 

Another pool beside the one I swam.

The view at the back of the hotel at night.

I wish I did take more pictures of the hotel. I was busy visiting so many places in Bali and my time in the hotel was very limited. If you want to enjoy the hotel and also the places in Bali, 5 days 4 nights is not enough. Not to mention that I did not go to Lovina to see the dolphin and white water rafting. Next time, I surely go there. I have to stay at Lovina as it's far away from other town like Sanur and Kuta.


  1. The hotel is so big.

    Guess you can spend whole day in the hotel without going anywhere also wont be enough to explore the whole hotel.

    maybe that is the purpose of not having wifi signal in the room. Let people really enjoy their vacation without the gadgets

    1. Yes the hotel is big :) I was amazed when I reached. No wonder even the airport custom officer asked me about it.

      Yes, I did spent a day at the hotel. But still not enough. There is so many bars and restaurant too.

      I still think wifi is important as you don't use internet when you move to places but when you reach the hotel, you just want to keep your family posted about you. To tell them that you're doing alright. That's all :)

      Oh ya, maybe to send some pictures of what you are doing too! :)

  2. ohoooii macam ko sorang je tinggal kat situ bro!

    1. Haha ada la penghuni lain. Situ memang mat salleh dan Jepun saja.

      Kira aku saja truly Malaysia :P

  3. Anonymous4:21 PM nice, the place. Bruce Lee know when he did his flying kick, he would always scream, "Hyyyyyyyyyy.....attttt!!!!!" LOL!!! Silly joke, eh?

    1. Hahaha!

      At first I did not get the joke.

      You should try this hotel STP.

  4. Wow...everything looks so beautiful there. :D

  5. The view from your room is so serene with lush greenery. Aww...can sit there, read books and enjoy being close to nature.

    1. Yes I'd agree. I planned to do so next time, but maybe at different hotel. This year I need to plan properly since I have exam and thesis to be submitted in May, I need more leave to make sure everything is in time.

      Kinda afraid that my leave is not enough for the travel plan this year since I already bought some tickets! :)

  6. Oh no wifi in your hotel room? For me, it's a must even on holidays haha!! Cos I need to tweet and upload photos on Instagram! What to do? Am addicted to Twitter though not so much on Instagram LOL!

    1. I can ignore those social network, but to send message to my family that I'm alright is important :)

  7. Nice hotel! I like! : )


Thank you for the comment.

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