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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Bali - Kecak Dance

This is another Bali Dance instead of Barong that I blogged about it before. Kecak Dance is not like Barong which the show can be chosen as the performance are at a few different places. Kecak Dance only performed at Uluwatu. That is the only place where you can see the dance in Bali.

Kecak Dance is also known as Ramayana Monkey Chant. 

I did not miss the chance of course since I was at Uluwatu. 

When I reached at the show place. It was pretty empty. So, I guess I would have a very comfortable seat and I could move around taking some pictures. But I was wrong. The place was getting crowded in no time. If you are going to watch this, please do not sit at the back. You must sit as in front as you could, especially those who love photography.

The performance began with a man in white clothes lighted up fire.

Then came a man in black who spoke many languages including Japanese. He explained about the story to give us understanding and clue about the show. They did pass us some pamphlet about the plot but seriously, when you watch them all coming with different type of clothes and character, you will get confused.

There, the Kecak Dancer came in with chanting "Cak" non stop. Somehow I felt funny with the "Cak" as it was the same as the local show in Malaysia hosted by Azwan Haji Ali. But I did not laugh. 

The sun was about to say goodbye.

The spiritual performance continued. As for Kecak Dance, chorus of about 50 male of the strip to the waistis is highlight.

Prince Rama and Princess Shinta.

The king of demon - Alengka Pura.

The bird Garuda, king of all birds, was appeared to help.

The abduction of Princess Shinta which led to a war called Bharata Yudha between Prince Rama assisted by the fleet of monkeys soldiers and the demon fleet of Rahwana of Alengka Pura. 

White monkey Hanoman, a good friend of Prince Rama. He jumped up the wall which made people shocked.

Laksamana as the legal heirs of the throne. Prince Rama's brother.

People enjoyed Hanuman's performance so much!

Until I did not realize he was in front of me and I accidentally snap with a shout "Oh my God!". I was shock!

Hanuman was helping Princess Shinta

The bad guys.

... and Hanuman got caught.

Hanoman's fire dance was very compelling!

The bad guy was joking with the audience.

The climax. Alengka Pura got killed. Hanuman with his acrobatic performance again, jumped high to the top!

My favorite character in Kecak Dance.

This is to teach people that everything of big or small conflict can be started by a woman that a man overprotects even to leave the throne and pampering life, and for a woman this is a learning that loyalty will win in whatever condition. 

The theme of the epic which was presented with Balinese spirit is very suitable for any age of Balinese, that is why actually Kecak dance has been reaching so much popularity compared to any dances that Bali has so far.

If you go to Bali, please... I beg. Watch this! :)


  1. Anonymous10:48 AM

    Did you dance too?

  2. I so wanna watch this! It's relieving the whole event again. :D

    1. That is cool. When are you going there again?

  3. Honestly~I love this story a lot. :D


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