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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Phuket - Fantasea

At first I did not plan to go to Fantasea because we had decided not to go after a discussion in the Travel Kakis group. But when in the van, suggested by the tourist guide I wanted to go. Since I already in Phuket and don't know when I'm going to go there again, yes I was sure to go.

I did check about it before I came to Phuket. Not many pictures I could see because taking picture in there is prohibited. 

I changed my mind when I watch the show in the van. Then, I decided why not I just give myself a try. Just forget about the price. At least, I can tell and share the experience with others :)

You can see the big rock at the entrance.

This is the entrance.

A lot of fish in the pool at the entrance. I wonder how is it feel if I fall into that pool!

Some stalls that you can see when you enter at the entrance.

Nice isn't it?

The buffet.

You can ride the elephant.

The entrance to see the show. You have to keep the gadgets here including camera and mobile phone. Too bad I could not take any picture inside. The show was a fantastic. It was worth of money and I suggest you to watch it if you are in Phuket. You must watch this! I enjoyed the show so much and I was amazed with the idea and creativity that the Thai could offer. Great job!

I really enjoyed the show. If you have doubt about going or not going, I suggest you to go. You must watch the show!


  1. wah jalan2 pakai kain batik jer akak tu..malaysian truely asian tau..

  2. Wow...those are beautiful kois. So what happens if you fall into the pond? I guess they might eat you. LOL :D

    1. LOL not eat, but erk, I'm not sure!

  3. nice wearing sarongs walking about...all day long?

  4. the photos you snapped are amazing.

    I think its good that they bann photography during the show or else everyine would be snapping photos and disturbing the performance.

    Was in Subang Parade during CNY and there was lion dance. People were taking photo and one man was using flash. It nearly cause the dancer to fall from the pole.


    1. Yes, I'd agree with you. The flash can be annoying and you remind me about it. I watched Barong Dance and people kept standing and record video and taking pictures. It spoiled the whole performance!

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