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Sunday, April 12, 2009


My head is spinning now caused by the heat when I was outside for the carwash with mom. Luckily she wanted to accompany me.

Before went to carwash, wee went to Makbul Nasi Kandar at Bayan Baru for brunch and bought some for sister and dad.

Washed the car, vacuumed inside the car and washed engine. Cost me RM20. Usually, if wash outside and vacuum inside will cost me RM10 only. So the engine cleaning is RM10. Noted.

What made me unhappy was the result after the cleaning.

  • The stuff you use to clean your windscreen (I don’t know what you call that thing) which usually you use water and soap, broken on the left side.
  • The boot screw pulled out.
  • The aircond part (the plastic in the car that you use to move right or left) broken.

I went straight to the accessory shop right after done with the carwash to fix the first problem. The thing cost me RM11 and RM5 for the service. I asked about the aircond and he told me that I have to change the whole thing because the thing is broken and it will cost me about RM60. Both in the middle broken now, which means RM120! Damn it. I feel like slapping those workers at the carwash. I managed to repair the boot screw by myself. So, maybe next month I will repair the aircond. I must calculate my budget again! (After changed 4 tyres, repaired aircond and changed absorber ring for RM1390).

I have promised myself that I won’t go to the same carwash anymore. Especially, after I have changed the aircond part. No way!

Want to know which carwash Penangites? It is located in Relau. Opposite Shell petrol station!

P/s: It was not the first time I wash there; it was fine before but still no more.

First Commenter: Terra Shield


  1. Car maintenance can burn holes in your pockets... Not very cool of the carwash guys to cause such damage to your car.

  2. wah..byk betul duit abes ni..memang susah pakai kereta..

  3. Anonymous7:07 PM

    i've almost same experienced like u before...but not so critical like u said...sometimes they dont clean n wash our car as we paid...not compatible..gettin so mad..then if the workers is Bangla...some more new extra fragrance in my car...hahaha...they dont understand when we complain...n not clean when they wat they do?..we paid aunty's car broke de wall when the worker moves de car..dat one more terrible..but got aggrement in the receipt..if broken..they should pay...u dun complain meh?

  4. terra - yes. mom said that i should let the workers know but to me there is no point. it is not like they can pay me the damage when i don't have any idea how much those would cost. the best thing is i spread this news to friend and others so that they can be careful and i won't go there anymore. btw, congrats for be the 1st commenter here :)

    bard - ya. lagi buruk, lagi malang! haha.

  5. ary - i didn't and the worse thing there is no receipt. its a heartache to think about it. so i better think about something else... something that can make me happy... what yea?

  6. kalo pakai kete ne mmg kena standby je duit..mcm2 prob leh melandaaa...hehehe

  7. wahidah - kalau kena repair lain le. ni sebab carwash bengong tu :(

  8. suituapui7:26 PM

    I will always stay there and keep an eye when they wash my car...even though it is an old and lousy car!!!

  9. stp - well, i was there but i cannot stay too close because they were using a strong bubble splash :(

  10. Anonymous7:56 PM

    something can make u happy? if me..if i'm so stress..with something which didn't come n cause from me..i'm always think..maybe today..if i'm not went to wash de car...maybe something bad n worst happened to with that incident with cause loss of money..i let it to super duper things will be happen..or maybe u can think like dis...dis is only little tiny things happened in my life..n there is more crucial things that i should think will come..i me this is de best antidote for my stress..hahaha..what is done cant be undone

  11. Anonymous8:40 PM

    laen kali nek basikal je, xbyk abis duet :P

  12. ary - haha i like your points and remedy! :)

    well, its ok for me to lose money rather than lose the love one.

    is this good too? :P

    - how i wish! save money and save environment! :D

  13. wah so much money spent on one day. bet you didn't think this would happen.

  14. penguin - i was pissed off :(

  15. Now I think no one wants to go there anymore to wash their cars LOL. I think they're just looking for more money. Glad you didn't let them have it.

  16. oh thats a bad experience for a car wash
    Happy Easter!!! faisal

  17. faisal, kesimpulannya rajin2 la basuh keta sendiri yer..sure u akan basuh dgn selembut yg mungkin..satu calar pun xkan ada..yg penting, puas hati.. =)

    n baik untuk kesihatan juga..hehe...

  18. Faisal...

    kadang-kadang hal-hal macam ni akan berlaku...
    sebab itu, dalam sebulan kita kena savings RM200 untuk hal-hal kecemasan sebegini...

    btw, ini satu cabaran...
    go on je...
    dah namanya hidupkan...

  19. adlie1:02 AM

    hehehe.... tu la lain kali tgk la kedai n tools yg depa gune....
    bg aku kalu syg kete elanja ebih skit pun x pe... aku selalu basuk kete kat car wash gak tp x pernah basuh injin... ni part yg paling penting... nak aku explain nanti panjang plak.. aku ader 4 biji kete .... so aku pakai 'car international' member ship... ni pro punyer car wash.... full service charge u about rm300.... but mesti puas ati nyer.... tp ni utk org yg byk kete je.... kalu ader sebuah je.... baik basuh sendiri... my 2 cents..

  20. dah dah dah len kali basuh sendirik jer keter tuh..haha

  21. ha'a basuh kat sungai pon besh gak. hehe

  22. ah faisal. isk isk samala kita bulan ni bulan malang >< baru repair kereta tetiba something else buat dia rosak balik then repair lagi. aih just our situation different but still in the same context ><

  23. Nice post, Faisal.
    And thanks for the information from the previous post, too. Very helpful.
    Happy Easter! :)

  24. half - sadly it was ok before... i don't know what happen :( i will try other car wash after this.

    blue - yeah... nightmare! happy easter to you too blue.

  25. bard - mula tu memang nak basuh sendiri, tapi sebab nak basuh enjin... jadi tak berani basuh sendiri. plus susah nak keluarkan kotoran kat enjin tu :( tu yang perggi gak ke car wash.

    hussaini - kalau boleh saving rm200 setiap bulan tu nak pakai melancong :(

  26. adlie - hmm. ayah aku pun leter aku semalam sebab basuh enjin. dia cakap rosak box dalam tu yang computerize tu habis la rm6k. adoi! hopefully ok la :(

    axim - lepas ni nak basuh sendiri lah :( beli vacum kereta satu.

  27. el - basuh kat sungai? sungai mana tu?

    masni - saman? er... buang duit le pulak.

  28. syaz - ya buang duit ke kereta kan? haha. liability... isk!

    grace - hey grace! thanks for visiting. glad that you like what i wrote :)

  29. hmm... basic.. nak cuci injin nak kne tutup distributer, fuse box n air filter... pakai plastic bag ke.... atau pe2 yg sesuai.. kalu depa x ttp tu maknanya depa x tau depa buat pe....:p

  30. rugi... sungguh rugi... saman itu cuci kereta ;p

  31. adlie - dorang pakai pancut air yang kuat tu :(

    luffy - tu pasal. haiz :(

  32. Faisal Admar,
    If the car repair shop charged reasonable or discounted price, then customers will come back again.
    Because of this, nobody will like to recommend it to others.
    The end result is losing customers and has the bad name.
    My buddy, an award waiting for you, thanks.

  33. coolingstar - yes cooling. you got the point right. i told my friends about it and they are not going there for sure in the future!

    thanks for the award :)

  34. Why u didnt complain to the car wash boss? hish! I think u can get some "pampasan" or what.. U know, the "hak pengguna" hahah.

  35. ann - haha pampasan? this one is a lousy one... i didn't even know who was the taukeh.


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