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Saturday, April 04, 2009

can't open your hard disk?

Have you ever encountered this problem before? You click on your hard dick disk (C or D drive usually) and it takes you somewhere else such as My Document folder?

I encountered this problem yesterday when I was at work and asked my friend any good anti virus for micro virus that infected my MS WORDS lately. He gave me ComboFix and after ran that program I just couldn’t open my hard disk anymore.

I was busy yesterday and only have time to find the remedy today. So, here is the solution:

  1. Start
  2. Run
  3. Type this: regsvr32 /i shell32.dll
  4. Click ok

Done. Simple right? :)

First Commenter: Foongpc


  1. Thanks for this helpful hint! I'm always very frustrated when I click on something and another thing opens : )

  2. Nope, never happens to me! At least not yet. You should have Spybot to keep the Spyware away and Avast! AntiVirus for better protection!

  3. wow thanks for the info im gonna take note of this just in case i encountered the same problem in the near future
    have a great day faisal and happy blogging

  4. foongpc - haha congrats for the FC again! er, click on something and something else open? er er... what are you hinting?

    half - i hate micro virus. now, i'm getting fed up of trying anything :D

  5. blue - hehe you can always search it here... no worry :)

  6. I hate it even more if there's something wrong with the PC.

  7. hehe yah youre right
    just dropping here again
    have a great weekened

  8. half - yes me too. i hope my laptop can last long! :)

    blue - thanks for dropping by Blue! :)

  9. Not hinting at anything : )

  10. foong - er... hinting? i rather be straight forward guy than hinting hahaha :P

  11. Hi Faisal, someone with this problem will be very thankful to you. I'm sorry to read about your passed away friend. My prayers are with you that the words in my chosen song really come true for you. Have a great weekend :).

  12. rosidah - its ok. life goes on... and its short. i want to live my life to the fullest :)


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