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Sunday, April 26, 2009


I got some awards but have no time to put it in a post until today :)
So, here are the awards that I got from beautiful peoples (thank you so much!) and I want to spread these awards to others too.
Don’t hesitate to take it ya :)

I got these from Miss Iva.
I want to give all these awards to:

  1. Nurul
  2. Dayah
  3. Hardiyana
  4. Coolingstar9
  5. HalfCrazy
  6. Axim
  7. Lily
  8. Mike Foster
  9. Bluedreamer
  10. Blue Crystal Dude
  11. Shemah
  12. Rozella
  13. Cahaya
  14. Tupai Karan
  15. Ted
  16. Joseph
  17. Suituapui
  18. Bard
  19. TSS
  20. Adila
  21. Noorjan
  22. Foongpc
I got this award from Coolingstar9 and HalfCrazy.
I want to give this award to:

  1. Miss Iva
  2. Josette
  3. Wan Hidayat
  4. Tepak Sirih
  5. Doc Syukur
  6. Abang Bear
  7. Twinks
  8. Idyani
  9. Kapt Luffy
  10. Green Apple
  11. Elle
  12. Ej
  13. Cik Siti Penguin
  14. Insomniac
  15. ReallyLife

Have a beautiful Sunday! :)

First Commenter: Foongpc


  1. Wow! Congrats to you for getting these nice awards. And congrats to those who are receiving these awards from you! : )

  2. Btw, if you can't travel solo, maybe we should plan a trip together in future? : )

  3. foong - haha congrats! get your awards too :)

  4. foong - who said you didn't get awards? LOL.

    foong - why not! :D

  5. Thanks for the award, Faisal! Will plan our first trip together after my China trip in August, yes? : )

  6. foongpc - my pleasure. ok! :) keep me posted ya.

  7. huwaaaa..... where is my name..... huhuhu....

  8. adlie - haha do you have any blog? :P

  9. So many awards. Congrats to the award receivers xD

    I'd love to go on a trip with you and foongpc but I'm a bit tight on cash now. Then again, I so want to go on a trip with you people!!! Sobs :'(

  10. JL - damn i miss your name. i kinda hate the new blog list style now. i guess its too late to give it now... damn damn. shame on me!

    oh... its after august. maybe we can plan something?

  11. Yay! Awards!!!!!! Thanks dear. :) I love them!

    Btw, I got a tag for you. Hehehehe Don't worry it's a fun one! Can't wait to see your answers!

  12. lol. thanks.
    thought i xde td. haha

  13. rozella - oh ok. i'll get it done soon :) enjoy your award ya...

    penguin - hehe tak lupa punya :)

  14. suituapui7:00 PM

    Thank you, thank you...always nice to be remembered! When are you coming over to Sibu?

  15. wah..dpt awards la..mucha gracias...


  16. aik camne org leh ter-dapat award gak..isk3.. taktau kat sapa nk pass nti sbb blog org polowe 5 org je hak3.. mafiawars pun baru ada 1 mapia ja (it's you)

    nti org amek..wat sementara simpan dulu kat blog faisal ni :)

  17. adlie8:29 PM

    my blog?...... coming soon.... so lazy to get started....

  18. stp - hehe glad that you like it. me to sibu? not sure yet. have to plan first :)

    bard - you're welcome :)

  19. tupai karan - sila ambik cepat sikit. berabuk dah ni :P

    adlie - ah! i just can't wait :)

  20. laa.. x prasan ader gak nama aku!!
    nnti aku buat.

  21. tss - sila buat sekarang :P

  22. tq so much for the award faisal !!!

  23. alamak .. salah pakai id login
    i tu kat atas

    so thanks thanks again !!!!

    gracias bebeh !!~

  24. lily - haha ada berapa id ni! :D glad that you like them

  25. many awards! Congratulation every one! :D

  26. tekkaus - ah ok. miss your name! damn.

  27. joseph - no problem.

  28. Yay! An award, thanks! I didn't know I've been given one until I came to your blog. :D

    I really like the design though. Coffee, a notebook, a couple of pencils and some graffiti thrown in. Great combo.

  29. Anonymous9:32 PM

    thanks for the award my best friend, I appreciate so much, mean while, for a few day cannot be access, will update in my another blog, And be patient, in the next post, will be on English too.
    Once again thank you for the award

  30. Wow...I am so sad...No award for me ar..May be I dun deserve it,rite..Do drop by my page..:)

  31. i dont believe this. i didn't get any~!? seriously mr faisal, its such a turn off. LOL. tahniah kpd semua yg menang award! mari berusaha berblogging utk memenangi lbh byk award di masa depan!!

  32. thx alot for the award...hehe sorry sebab lambat nak post kat blog sendiri..hehehe

  33. josette - thanks to the creator :P i just passing around the beauty :)

    reallylife - you really make an effort for me to read it... as i don't understand indo. thanks pal :)

  34. tommy - human ain't perfect? sorry ya

    max - i thought you don't do awards. next time ok! :P

  35. noorjan - as usual :P


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