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Friday, March 06, 2009


It’s 2am and only I remember I’ve promised you guys that I’ll blog everyday. Since I’m pretty tired, all in sudden I got writer blockage. LOL.

Yes I know I’ve a lot to share with you guys but right at this moment I just prefer not to blog about something heavy.

What I did today instead of staring at my office computer 24/7 for the whole day, I played badminton.

It was not easy to fight the bad wolf inside of me for not going. But I managed to push myself hard and I drove there about 9:30pm. Why I went there so late? Well, this group of people plays late. Don’t ask me why. Simply don’t know. LOL. Since my colleague (only 2 peoples I know who are also my colleagues) reached there at 9:30pm, so I just went there at the same time.

At first I was a bit upset as the players weren’t as good as I thought (LOL I’m not good either, it’s my right to exaggerate story :P) but when I was almost done playing, 2 peoples came and they were quite good. Managed to play with them 1 set and I was exhausted. I mean very exhausted. I don’t know how many set I played but it should be more than your fingers on your hand ;)

It has been so long since I played last with my colleague before our contract cancelled by Sport Complex. It was a damn thing to think about. I like the place a lot.

Next week, Thursday we have selection for my company player who will play against Bukit Mertajam branch again and also will be listed in badminton team for Finance Games. I don’t feel like going. I don’t know. From my past experience the selection was bias. We shall see how thing goes.

… and I shower at night again. I know someone might nag but I can’t sleep with smelly body :P

You know I’m very hygienic. Eh you know right? LOL.

I got a call from someone and that someone will be going to China for 10 days. Duh! That is long!

I hope K enjoy the time with family ;)

I’ll treat you your birthday meal and you can choose what you want when you return. Please not fried noodle or Roti John ya LOL.

Now my body is aching everywhere.

Gotta go gargle and enjoy my eye mask from Body Shop.

Nitey nite all!

Congratulation Shemah for being the First Commenter!


  1. Shemah - Alamak! I asked you to see whether I do it right in Foods haha.

    Congrats anyhow!! :D

  2. Yay.. I'm your FC for this post! ;) ;) hahahaa.. Okay lah fine.. I will exercise more and get back to my slim size.. then you can't call me fat anymore. Hmph!


    Btw, I'm jealous.. i need an eye mask too.

  3. hahahaha.. mestilah.. meneguk air sambil menyelam.. or whatever the peribahasa goes like! LOL!

    But yeah.. that's perfect!! :)

  4. Shemah - You want the eye mask? Come to Penang and claim. Actually it's my mom's... sis bought for her! LOL.

    Btw, congrats Shemah. I'm still blur with this FC haha!

    Shemah - But very simple unlike you guys fancy logo some more!!!

  5. tau2 jer ko sapa first ek...

    aku lama x main... dah keras dah bahu aku ni...

  6. Awhh. I need an eye mask too.

    p/s: not feeling well. :(

  7. Tiru macam saya. Write lots of posts when free...and then just publish one per day... Hehehehehehe!!!! Ooo...use eye mask? Mascara ada? Pinjam sekejap! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  8. waa.. udah lama tak pakai mask.. hmm..

    hujung minggu ni la...

  9. jd first commenter bleh claim rewards tak????

    *_* eheheh

  10. Good sport bro. Similarly with you, I will have a hard time trying to sleep if I don't take my bath that evening. Feel like ticklish all over my body :) Eeeee....

  11. lama tak belasah main badminton ni

  12. ..badminton.. i suck in it haha
    everytime i main wif my bro, he will be like.. TUKAR ORG PLS!! hahaha!

    damn that sounds so bad =.=

  13. i used to ply, dulu lah. now no more. my extreme sport is reading. i think that says enough about me and outdoor activities, haha.

  14. badminton? sakit nyer tangan..dah lama tak main..sebab tak de geng yg boleh di ajak main..
    but my niece selalu ajak main..tapi taknak la main dgn bdk2..hehe..

  15. Sometimes, when all else fails, you just gotta play badminton.

    Social Networking Blues

  16. oits.. anda ditag.. sila jawab tag yer! hehehe..

  17. Anonymous12:44 PM

    ala bro, xkan la bru skali kena dh serik.. janganla mengalah.. dis time i'wll b pom pom gurl 4 ur team.. heheh.. tp make sure menang.. huhuh...bila ek? takut clash lak nt..

  18. Luffy - Lama tak main? Berapa tahun? Haha kalau ko di Penang boleh join ;)

    - Not feeling well? Have you seen the doc? I guess everybody is getting sick now and my family has no exception. Take your medicine accordingly.

    Er, eye mask? I'm using Body Shop eye mask hehe.

  19. STP - Alamak! You wear mascara? *run* Eye mask is good and it's the same like cucumber ;) I plan to write and save but I think it's not fresh!

    Jard - 2 weeks ago kot someone letak mask dekat saya! Keras macam batu haha.

  20. Masni - Tak tapi percentage untuk orang click ke blog anda tinggi ;)

    - Worse when your love one keep a distance with you! Hahaha.

  21. Mummy - Lai lai kasi akak 10 point free :P

    Adila - To make you feel better, can I replace you and take revenge? ;)

  22. Potter - Nani sport is good for your health ;) You should do some outdoor games instead of reading. I'm not saying reading is bad but sweating is very good for your health instead of satisfaction. It helps you release your stress too :)

    Bard - Jom main badminton dua orang! ;) Bully time... hahaha.

  23. Mike - Not necessary, badminton is fun and you use brain a lot to defeat your opponent instead of using all your man power itself. Hehe.

    Jard - Alamak kena tag ke? Hahaha okeh!

  24. Anonymous - Ala Nad bukan pernah tengok bro main pun haha! :P

  25. Penguin - Hehe ada di Body Shop :D

  26. owh xnak2....for sure kalah teruk..hehe..

  27. Bard - Hehe. Ala keluarkan peluh je. Tu pun kalau live in Penang le :P

  28. oh yes! revenge me pls!! haha

  29. Hehehe when you coming back? Will do!


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