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Sunday, December 02, 2007

what a sunday [1 dec 2007]

Since I couldn't go anywhere yesterday, so I got my own agenda today ;)
Guess what? Outing with Nadia my old mate. Kinda forgotten when was the last met... yeah too busy with works and business. Friend does help to release tension too.

We started with out for lunch -- Sushi King [I talked about Sushi last time, this should be the 2nd episode eh? Hehe]. Fetched her around 1pm and we went to Sushi King in Prangin Mall. Man... it was so delicious! No wasabi please... haha! Joseph joined us a bit later since he went to church for some activities [Ah! He didn't eat anything at Sushi and in fact he really could not stand the smell at the restaurant... I did not smell anything at all hehe]. We laughed a lot while enjoying the lunch.

After lunch, we went to cinema planned to watch movie [it was spontanious plan anyway ;)] but then no good movies. So, we just walked around for cds and cell phone. Then, we plan to go home.

On the way taking her home, we stopped at Gurney [near Chill Out club, is this landmark ring a bell?] for Coffee Beans. Me with Ice Blended Mocha and Nadia with Ice Blended Caramel. We had chit-chat with the drinks. It was full of laugh and fun. So long I did not have this fun... I need it for a break sometimes haha!

Took her home and drove back. Bad traffic as usual but still a smile on my face. I was so happy.

Good day!

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