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Monday, September 24, 2007

saturday & sunday

I went to my sister’s house on Saturday (yes I’ll stay till Sunday). This is like a routine for weekends. Yes, I’d be tired during the weekdays and fasting is and addition for my tiredness (you’re right, works in the office sucks all my energy :( ). Puteri is getting bigger now. Very cute. We had great time there.

Around 10.20pm I drove to TNB (at the factories area) for fishing. It was the 5th time I joined fishing with my office mates. Last night was the worst. Unbelievable I catch no fish :P It was a boring one – started at 10.30pm and stopped at 3am. Urgh, very tired. As soon as I reached home, I slept.

This was the scenery at my fishing place :)

Mom awoke me up at 5am for breakfast, yes fasting month. I ate and ran to the bed room and slept again. 100% tired.

I woke up around 10am and went to the laundry – took the whole family clothes. Came home and feed my cats. Rest a little while, and fetched parent heading to the pet shop at Air Itam.

Just woke up :P

The laundry

I went to pet shop to buy waste sand, food and also a new necklace-bell for my two little cutie cats. It was fun to see all the animals there such as canaries, parrots, pythons, cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbis, iguanas and tortoise. I went there with mom and dad. The owner was so happy to see my parent since they didn’t meet for so long (they knew each other since 6 years ago though).


Persian cat


Back from the pet shop, I went for a haircut. I asked her to cut really short (hehe supposed to look cute on me :P ). Yeah, the same hair salon I always go but I missed the one I used to go since I was 18 years old – Lubis Hair Salon.

My new haircut (ignore the facial soap :P )

Around 10pm we packed and went back. She was so happy that we spent time with her and family.

Not to forget, Man Utd vs Chelsea game. The game started at 10.55pm and ended at 1am. Mikel did a hard tackle on Evra and had been sent out. The first goal was from Carlos Teves, it was a good goal – great pass and fast headed from Teves. Louis Saha scored a penalty after he had been tackled roughly. The full-time result went Man Utd 2 – Chelsea 0. Glory Man Utd…!

Yes baby!


  1. the game started at 10.55pm laaa.. hehehe.. MU won again!!

  2. Eh did I wrote it wrong.. Hehe. Yes yay! MU won.


Thank you for the comment.

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