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Sunday, September 23, 2007

best friend

I'm kind of forgotten what best friend is. I need a friend yes. I love a friend yes. I know he is in love but many times I felt neglected – totally ignored. Sweet old days are always good. Indeed.

Deep in my mind, I still remember the things we had done together since we were little kid. Thing was different when he moved. I miss the old him; who he really was. But I guess time does change. Maybe it’s just me the only one stuck in the past. I still can remember we were always got free movie tickets on newspapers (watching Sleeping Hollow and the best part was watching Spice World in wet – it rained and we rode a bike!), went window shopping with a lot of laugh, karaoke at my house (not to forget who could go to for the highest pitch; would be the winner :) ), went to tuition together (with Ronnie’s clown act), bought our favorite noodle (if he still remember Jalil’s Mee Goreng, badminton, played “Who can eat more” in Mc Donalds, went for birthday celebration (this isn’t happen anymore :( ) and shopping for Hari Raya (which I miss the most).

I know I have to understand he must choose what is his priority; best friend or lover. Obviously he has made his decision solid – lover for 3 years is more precious than friendship for 18 years (I never neglect him when I was in love, never).

Perhaps, I should leave him alone with his love one and find friends that have similar interest with me. Not to say that I will ignore him, but I need to move on. There’s no use looking back and wondering though.

I have my dreams to chase and others who still care for me. My wish for him – may your relationship last forever and I'm always here if you need me.


  1. who left u?? dont worry u still have me.. i can be a best fren too

  2. The other way round. Life is a roller coaster..

    Ha’aa I got my old blog:

  3. Thanks for the support :)
    I will read your blog now.

  4. u are welcome :p


Thank you for the comment.

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