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Saturday, September 22, 2007

a kid murdered

Recently, whole Malaysia was shock with many murder cases. This time it will sound a little different – they killed kids.

I’ve no idea of what happen to the world and even Malaysia itself. As I said before, what’s the meaning of Merdeka [refer Independence] if we still feel unsafe and aware of things like this. As my friend said yesterday at work “Humans these days are back to the old age, we live in a new brand world but sadly we are trapped in the old age; which they are brainless and cruel” as he referred to my another mate who was telling me some irresponsible neighbor threw down a little kitten from the 10th floor of a flat house [can you imagine this?].

Latest, it was about a girl [Nurin Jazlin Jazimin] who had been murdered tragically. She was just 8 years old. Reported missing when she went out to the night market to buy some foods and few days later this sad news was the headlines. Police later found bruise marks on her neck, suggesting strangulation, and a brinjal and a cucumber inserted in her private parts. This is out of our imagination! This is insane!

I do hope that the murderer will be found soon and no more other punishment rather than hang to death.

To read more about this kindly click here.

Wahai Tuhan ku tak layak ke syurga

MuNamun tak pula aku sanggup ke neraka Mu

Ampunkan dosa ku terimalah taubat ku

Sesungguhnya Engkaulah Pengampun dosa-dosa besar

(arabic verse)

Ila hilis tu lilfirdausi ahla

Wala aqwa alnnaril jahim

Fahabblitau batau wafir zunubi

Fainnakarob firul zanbi azim

Dosa-dosaku bagaikan pepasir di pantai

Dengan rahmat Mu ampunkan daku Oh Tuhan ku

Wahai Tuhan selamatkan kami ini

Dari segala kejahatan dan kecelakaan

Kami takut kami harap kepada Mu

Suburkanlah cinta kami kepada Mu

Akulah hamba yang mengharap belas dari Mu


  1. kejam sungguh perbuatan tu.. tak dapat nak bayangkan tergamak org tu perlakukan mcm tu.. rasa mcm nak sembelih saja pembunuh tu..

  2. Ya, memang kejam. Sedih bila fikirkan penderitaan yang ditanggung sebelum dia meninggal :(


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