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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar

Have you ever heard of this chicken rice before? People used to claim it’s the best chicken rice in Penang. In fact, some other places too? I don’t know.

I ate there 4 times including today. It was long time ago since I ate there the 3rd time.

1st time, at night. It was sucks.

2nd time, during lunch. It was good.

3rd time, at night. It was sucks. The chicken was not fresh.

Before I forgot, this one I mention in here is the one in Bayan Baru.

Today, they really piss me off.

Mom was not well, and I took her together with my youngest sister to clinic. She got tonsillitis, cough and fever. After that, I took them there since mom wanted to eat rice and there was no water at home. Sister could not cook then.

So, I took them to this restaurant.

1st thing piss me off, the upper level closed. I wondered why since it was too hot down stair and mom was sick. Fine…

2nd, the place got flies. Can’t they think of something that could put the flies away? Fine…

3rd, it was so so.

4th, when I got the bill, I usually check. I saw the price RM7.30 per plate. I was not sure about the exact price but I remembered I saw RM6.90 in the menu. The girl, walked away from the cashier counter as soon as I got my receipt. Oh ya, mind you, there was no cashier. The waitress was the cashier, too.

We walked into the car together, and as soon as everybody in the car; I asked them whether they saw or knew about Nasi Ayam Dot Com’s price? They, too, were shock about the price.

Ok, I got 10% discount as advertised on the board there -– promotion price (eh, promotion price? after the business has been opened for quite some times).

So, how much is the exact price???

I searched on internet, and this was what I found -–> here.

And, this is my bill:

Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar Price

Big enough for you to read?

I won’t go there anymore. Enough said.

P/s: We planned to buy for my dad as he was on the way home from work, but cancel the plan. Whose loss? :)


  1. You should have asked the waitress and re-check the price of the nasi ayam.

    It's better to check your bills when dining out. I have come across errors made by in charging you for food you didn't order.

  2. wow.. jauh beza dlm menu list dgn receipt.. ada tax kot.. hihi.. =)

  3. mei teng - i was thinking about going there tonight and ask for the price. but after few hours i walked out of that restaurant, sounds ridiculous if i want to go there again just for inquiry.

    but i won't go there anymore for sure.

    it's their loss :)

  4. najiah - kalau tengok kat resit bro tu, tax pun dah terang-terang kan? :)

    confuse betul.

  5. Wow, sounds really bad. I hate it when restaurants are like that. You're like, mad hungry and then you get their shitty service!

    In the Restaurant business, owners should understand that everything should be spic and span, everything should be working fine, and all that. It seems like they totally wanna go bankrupt or something! Maybe the owners don't know what their employees are doing?

  6. halfcrazy - the owner must always come and do check up. not only certain time but randomly. right? :)

    sad thing.

    the customer is running away too!

  7. Totally random! So employers would be surprised when the owners come in at an unexpected time. They're gonna get fired for not doing their job!

    You posted on my blog that you can't see my comment. Looks like you can now! Haha!

    P.S., I do read a lot. Reading is sexy, right? Haha!

  8. halfcrazy - yes. reading is sexy! :) haha i used to use 'reading is sexy' as my blog title :)

    owner should keep those who really want to work, and kick away those who are not! :)

  9. dah naik harga kot u.

  10. cahaya - haha biar apa pun reason, i tetap tak akan pergi dah :)

    baik i makan a&w kan? :)

  11. Sometimes, when a place is quite famous, they like to buat selamba saja.

  12. tokey sebenar nasik ayam periuk besar ni lecturer aku dulu di Uitm..selalu duk promote pasal nasik ayam dia..aku rasa yang asalnya bagus..bila dah franchise macam ni tu yang jadik hampes...

  13. terra - sorry to say, usually Malay business is like that. once they are famous, they start to take it easy like you want to eat here, you follow the rule here; enjoy however the service here.

    they always want to change the price so that they can earn fast and be rich fast.

    one of the best Malay business in Penang is Sany's Char Koay Teow. even though it might not be the best one, but the way they keep the quality and price is good. furthermore, the boss will be the cashier or waiter whenever needed.

    i'm not bias as i am Malay too, but it's pretty frustrated when i face the same problem in so many places.

    when people boycott, they blame people... not themselves.


  14. axim - maybe ko boleh kasi link aku ni dekat dia? so dia boleh pantau, dari menjatuhkan nama nasi ayam dia :)

  15. amboi..nak promote blog lah tu kan..bluwek...hehe

  16. axim - haha tak lah. just nak dia keep the quality macam mula-mula balik :)

  17. No prob bro, i will check it out to see if it sucks on me too,, i guess i know the place, thank,,,,

  18. eugene - hehe i wanna see your review about this place soon! :)

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. tu blog kawan i..huhuh..
    btw kat Kelana Jaya ni pon ada kedai Periuk Besar.kalo tak silap yg pertama la kat Klang Valley. So far service,price & enviroment ok..memang sedap lah..tapi harga nasi ayam tu tak ingat lak baper..
    tapi dah 2-3 bulan tutup ..tak sure naper..maybe sebab tak ramai customer coz kat sini banyak restoran & gerai makan..kawan i sampai ngidam makan nasi ayam dia.

  21. I thought you said you finished 4 plates! Look at the bottom of the receipt - the motto. memang jadi sebutan lepas ni.

  22. arabella - oh ye ka :) blog dia pun makan di bayan baru tu :)

    hmm kalau kualiti ada tapi tutup, agak sayang rasanya kan.

    yang di bayan baru ni lain pula ceritanya :)

  23. drsam - haha! betul doc. memang jadi sebutan lah! di FB pun dah riuh pasal benda ni.

  24. memang lain macam je style dia taruk harga.

    'kelainan jadi sebutan' indeed.

    Tapi yang kena teruk bukan orang lain, mereka dan keluarga mereka juga. Bayangkan dah heboh, bukan setakat blog, FB lagi tu..

    Ayam pun nampak kecik semacam je..

  25. gus - haha tu la. tu pun boleh pula buat franchise kan? nak franchise kena la jaga kualiti macam old town tu kan :)

  26. besa la.. perasan nak jadi restaurant orang puteh la katakan.. harga pun kena orang puteh juga la.. hehe.. boh dalam TO AVOID list. Kekadang kita lupa kita pernah get annoyed ngan satu kedai tu that kita ter-pi lagi next time.

  27. tupai - memang tak akan pergi dah. tidak dapat dimaafkan sebab bukan sekali, nak kasi chance, pi 4 kali!

  28. the blog is written in a different language though i found the price in the photo is it the RM5+
    oh my such a huge difference...
    i would not dare to go in that store too knowing that they are pricing too much and the service and the facility they have is so disappointing.

  29. blue - so, if it happens you come to penang, do not go to this shop :)

    i can bring you to better ones! :)

  30. woah!
    if biasa2 je.. it's way too expensive :|

    geh i feel like eating nasi ayam now alamak!

  31. adila - haha. pulak!

    kena balik malaysia le kalau macam ni :) sebab masak di sana rasa tak sama, kan kan? :)

  32. uish,
    mahal jugak kan,
    x pr mcm nie,
    nanti i suruh gang u masakkan utk u,
    aci x mcm tue???

  33. wanie - bila cik wanie yang nak masak? :P

  34. i???
    u nak i masak apa???
    spagethi blh?

  35. takmo.
    nak ketam masak lemak cili padi.

  36. apa???
    masak ketam lemak cili padi???

    apa kata kita rasa masakan mama,
    lagi umpppphhhh tau;)

  37. bkn i x tau,
    i tau,
    tapi lebih afdal,
    kalau mama yg masak,
    lagi best kan...


  38. ooo mcm tu pula :)
    ok la bila mama nak masak?

  39. hahahaha,

    bila mama nak masak,
    kenalah tunggu korang sampai sini,
    br leh masak,
    kalau korang x sampai sini,
    mcm mana nak masakkan utk korang,

  40. isk2. banyak nye plan. sampai sana nak rasa masakan mama or kuala kedah?

  41. masa korang dtg 1 mei tue,
    kita mkn kat luar lah,
    sekali lagi dtg br makan kat umah ok,

    1 mei tue mmg x sempat,
    sbb byk tempat nak pegi kan;)

  42. hihihihi:)
    suka yer,
    kalau i yg masak sendiri,
    u x abis kan,
    siap lah:P:P:P

  43. haha. ramai leh tolong abiskan.
    azim... keith...

  44. Anonymous11:07 AM

    i just happened to drop by and triggered to leave a comment. I personally think Nasir Nasi Ayam at Sunshine or even Misai Nasi Ayam at the Bayan Baru foodcourt far much more delicious. The first time I tried Nasi Ayam Periuk Besar was at Kelana Jaya when it just opened and I wasn't at all impressed. It was tasteless. And presentation on the plate didn't help me enjoy it at all. The price definitely doesn't tally to its taste. Not worth your money. Since then, I said to myself, i won't be coming here again.

  45. anonymous - me too. i won't be going there anymore. it's their loss.

    nasir used to be the best in penang. but since they moved from komtar, they didn't maintain the quality. now, it's just a normal one. nothing to be proud of.

    misai, the original one was at bukit gedung. they started selling in their low cost house. i still remember when i was 16yo, i used to buy there right after finished school. now, since they have branch and selling everywhere, the quality not the same anymore. in fact, they hire indonesia women to cook and prepare the dish.

    you should try ros nasi ayam. they used to sell at komtar bus station. now, no more. the chicken was very crispy and the rice was tasty. miss it!

  46. Anonymous5:22 AM

    Ini adalah artikel bagus untuk dibaca, terima kasih untuk berbagi.

  47. i don't want to say anything... but i just want to recomended you to go to the original one (induk), at kulim kedah... it might be far... but i think u'll be satisfied... for nasi dot.mai i think it's around rm4.50 per plate, madu and panggang just only rm4.00..... n guess what.. no service & gov tax... :)

    *info: nasi ayam periuk besar Monrods.. they just buy the name and the recipes.. but they dont have the skill

  48. amir,

    haha big surprise!

    this shop at d'piazza had been closed!

    i knew it won't last long with the lazy staff and bad management.

    i heard the original one is good. my family have tried it and maybe i'll try it someday :)


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