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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Alice in Wonderland


I guess most of you have watched Alice in Wonderland (Underland lah!). I only got the chance to watch it last night. I prefer to watch on Wednesday because it’s cheap and on weekend because I won’t be tired as on weekdays.

Didn’t plan to watch last night either, because I had badminton friendly match between my company and KASTAM. Stated in the email, the time was 8.30pm. But like others always say “Janji Melayu” (hate it, but it’s true!), we started at 9pm. In fact, later than that! Weird thing was, the hostess was late and we had to wait for them. So, right after badminton, I went home and got ready for movie.

Reached there sharp at 11.35pm and the movie started.

I was a bit confuse why Alice was so big and the engagement? Did I miss something in the book?

I always imagine that the soldiers were the exact poker cards. But they were not.

Where was the king and Humpty Dumpty? Suppose Alice met Humpty Dumpty in the wall right?

Alice suppose to run here and there from one square to another? The train?

Suppose she fell into the well which I suppose down there almost like sewer. But in the movie it was a house?

… and did I miss the 2 monsters in the book?

Alice suppose to be a queen in the end right? No?

Eh, so many questions! Haha.

Ok, overall the movie was great. I like it so much. Very straight forward, good storyline (of course since it is based on Lewis Carroll’s book).

My friend said, the best character would be The Red Queen, but I said Mad Hatter :)

If you haven’t watched the movie, I’d suggest you read the book first. Then, you will know all the characters better and what is the movie about. Ok?


  1. Tim Burton’s vision :)

  2. I have yet to watch it bro. That's why I have no comment. :D

  3. cartoon, oh yeah. how come, i didn't realize that.

  4. tekkaus, whoa! when did you watch movie last?

  5. wanie dah g tgk dah ngn mama,
    oklah citernyer,

    paling suka tyme puteri merah kejenya nak potong kepala saja kan,

    tapi x blh lupa citer AVATAR lah,
    itu yg terbek;)
    huk huk huk

  6. wanie, sama dengan keith.
    tak habis2 avatar haha!

    haha part tu memang lawak.
    baca buku alice pun dah bleh gelak guling2.

  7. hahahahahaha,
    bkn wanie saja,
    mama pun mmg suka tgk avatar ok,
    kalau blh nak tgk utk kali ke 2 tau;)

  8. wanie, donlod je.
    jimat pun jimat.

  9. I watched it already. Was an entertaining movie. I like the way Helena Bonham Carter's character speaks...hehe.

  10. This is Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland lah!. And the dragon yang akhir tu mmg takde dalam buku.

  11. I thought it was good too. Loved the Red Queen!

  12. Hey Faisal! How you doin? :D

    I watched it like 2 weeks ago on 3D. I didn't like it. The only things I like were the spectacular animation, Red and White Queens, nothing more! I have mixed feelings toward this movie, I really don't know what to say. I have little knowledge regarding Alice In Wonderland too, maybe that's why I didn't get it? Haha!

    I see you post a lot of Badminton stuff on Facebook! I'm a lover of that sport too! Don't have a lot of people I can play with, though..

  13. dont judge the book by its movie~ ;)

    but, still.. alice in wonderland is fun to watch =D especially in 3D. u shuld try.

  14. cerita ni graphic gempak..pelakon terbaik mesti lah mad hatter..

    tapi tension sebab jalan ceritanya sangat sangat berbeeza dari versi asal..


  15. i didn't have the free time to watch it yet! huhu..a bit frustrated...T_T

  16. Tim Burton made a lot of changes in the story..
    It happen that Tim Burton create his own Story of Alice in Wonderland showing what happen to Alice 13 years after her adventure in the Wonderland.

    I agree, the Poker Cards are now wearing Armor making their signs less visible.

    Humpty Dumpty appears and mentioned in few chapters of the real book of Lewis Caroll but never been emphasized... actually i am also wondering why they didn't include suchj an iconic character like Humpty Dumpty

    Actually there's also one thing that i am so confused regarding about Alice's height.. In the book, Alice grew bigger after drinking the "Drink Me" bottle and shrink after eating the "Bite me" cake... In the real story, in order to get Alice back to her regular height she have to take a bit in "Abdolem the caterpillar" mushroom,,, so confuring right? because in the film, alice have to go to the White Queen castle where the white queen made a potion for her to bring her size back/

    monsters like Jabberwocky, the giant JubDub Bird, and the raging Bandersnatch who help alice in the end, all of them are being mentioned in the book... Jabberwocky was mentioned in the real Alice Adventures in Wonderland while the other twon monster were mentioned in a separate, yet related book from Lewis Caroll entitled Jabberwockky

    I agree with you, thew movie is so great and again it shows a great creativity and imagination of Tim Burton...
    Speaking of Tim Burton, i heard his planning to make a remake of Addams Family.. woohoo so excited about that

  17. yup2, bluedreamer27 - best review so far... tim burton actually created a new adventure for alice by painstakingly read all lewis caroll's writings including poetries...

    i've posted something on my blog too regarding this ;)

  18. Aslkm,salam ziarah,blog yang cun.Ape kate singgah ke blog i utk lihat banyak info2 yg best lagi,klik sini ,ok babai tuan rumah

  19. mei teng - haha. she acted so well for her part. it was exactly like what i'd expected and imagined when i read the book.

  20. cahaya - bandersnatch pula? :)

  21. terra - hmm, so red queen gets the highest vote? :)

  22. half crazy - come to penang to play with me :)

    yeah, for people who only read alice in wonderland, they would get confuse too.

    thanks to insomniac for giving me this book for my birthday.

    seriously, i didn't know that we have through the looking-glass as the second chapter from alice in wonderland. if you only know alice in wonderland, you'll be wondering who they are; red and white queen? :)

    that's why most of the time, i will read the book before watch the movie :)

  23. balqissy - since my little sister told me that 3D spec is annoying, i guess i put that plan on hold for the right movie :P

  24. axim - jangan tension lah :) storylinenya still ok walaupun banyak menyimpang :)

    dah sampai kl ke?

  25. kniedaz - you should bring your kid and husband to the cinema. still showing and have you read the book? ;)

  26. blue - whoa! now i got your 100% attention. it has been so long since you 'really' commenting in here :)


    hmm, i wonder, how come i could forgot about these monsters.

    yes, do you remember there's a woman with big head when alice enter the kitchen where Hay was busy cook something?

    the red queen put her into the jail too, and alice had let her free.

    also, i still remember about the mushroom!

    but again, we always cannot expect a movie will be created exactly like book.

    i've learned about this after few movies didn't turn out like what i've expected.

    oh, i never watch adam's family before. suppose it is a good one then :)

  27. insomniac - i thought you would beat blue in commenting this movie :P

    ok, i will give a visit to your blog now :)

  28. nanami - marketing? lol.

  29. ok, will definitely grab a ticket before the show's over. a must-watch-at-cinema type of movie to appreciate all the special effects.

  30. gus - hmm, to say the special effect is good, i'd say so so. i like the storyline the most :)

  31. Sure, I'll play with you if I get a chance to drop by. Haha, as if! Maybe in like, 10 years!

    I'm with you, I like reading books first before watching the movie version. It just didn't happen with Alice In Wonderland, haha! It's just that I'm not a fan of Fantasy/Sci-Fi books..

  32. halfcrazy - haha. i read almost all books but my favorite still fantasy and sci-fiction :)

  33. I only managed to catch 1/2 of the movie through online streaming. (Very Bad Quality >.<) At first I thought the storyline would be similar to disney's version but I only realize it is 'Alice 2'. Anyway another of Tim Burton's fantasy movies.

  34. ty - i never thought of 'alice 2' term! haha.

    you should finish the movie :) it's worth it.


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