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Monday, March 15, 2010

First All England crown for Chong Wei


BIRMINGHAM (March 14, 2010): World No. 1 Datuk Lee Chong Wei secured his first All England Men's singles title tonight with a 21-19 21-19 victory over unseeded Japanese Kenichi Tago.

Chong Wei lost out in last year's final to world and Olympic champion Lin Dan but the Chinese exited this time round in the quarter-finals, easing the way for Chong Wei.

But he had to fight hard against Tago who had earlier beaten top Chinese talent Chen Jin and Bao Chunlai to become the first Japanese to reach the men's singles final since 1966.

Tago led 4-0 in the first set and 15-11 later on before Chong Wei finally nosed ahead at 16-15. Though Tago managed to save three set points he finally yielded at 21-19.

In the second, Chong Wei led 6-1 and 11-7 but the tough Japanese levelled at 14-14.

Chong Wei then stretched out to 20-17 and although Tago saved two match points a final shuttle from Chong Wei landed just in the baseline to secure the triumph.

Malaysia last won the All England singles title through Mohd Hafiz Hashim at the 2003 edition. – Reuters

(Source: TheSun)


P/s: Now, I’m so sleepy as I went to bed at 2am after watching All England.


  1. Next is Thomas Cup
    2012 is Olympic Gold Medal...

    Congrats Chong Wei

  2. deus, hopefully like the malaysian legend who won all england in 1966 and olympic :)

  3. berbaloi bro berjaga smpai lewat kalo menang... =)

  4. congrats to our sportsman! :)

  5. congratz to Lee Chong Wei.. :)

  6. hana, tu lah kan. berbaloi walaupun sekarang ngantuk giler!

  7. mei teng, yep! very proud of him. he is aging, who can replace him? :(

  8. alia, yay! congrats~ :D
    wish i was there!!!

  9. Ya! Congrates to Lee Chong wei for his 1st All England! :)

  10. tekkaus, many people hope final is between lin dan and lcw. i prefer this way... haha. lin dan always bring his title to scare others! lol.

  11. congrats to him!!!

  12. axim, yay! best taw!

  13. felt he was a lil lucky on his championship point. but then again, i am sure he will win it if it goest to rubber.

    tago is one to watch...

  14. Congrats to Lee Chong Wei! But I still think he wouldn't have made it if Lin Dan was there! What happened to Lin Dan this time?!

  15. zewt, i still think tago will win if the game drag to rubber game. tago is very young and his advantage always on rubber game with good stamina. you can watch how he defeated bao :)

  16. foong, lin dan lose to bao chun lai. lcw is 1st seeded anyhow, hard to say lin dan would win against him.

    bao lose to tago. and tago defeated chen jin also from china before met bao. bao is 6th seeded and chen jin is 3rd seeded.

    big applause to lcw.


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