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Friday, November 20, 2009

New Moon, I’m ready!



Oh Meyer! I’m joining the pack!

Twilight was a bit boring but New Moon was hot. At first when I read New Moon, I was going to think it is just another boring Twilight but I was totally wrong. But when I’ve finished reading it, I became anxious and excited about what is going to happen next.

Twilight was basically about which one were the vampires, the vampire’s diet, why Cullens were not dangerous compared to others, detail about Cullens’ history and the attack of bad vampires on Bella.

New Moon was much better than that. It was more about the treaty between werewolf and vampire. More about Jacob Black rather than Edward Cullen. Bella got crazier than before with gut to do everything that could distract her from thinking about Edward. She did things like jumped off the cliff, rode big bike and even went into the deep forest.

I like the part she met Laurent and met with the werewolf for the first time. How I wish to see those things with my own eyes! I knew it was such a fantasy to read and imagined, but reading this made my brain creative.

I won’t write about the book in detail because it will spill out the suspense before you watch the movie, to those who won’t read the book or prefer to watch rather than smell the nice-odd-smell of the book.

Jacob said he could kill vampire. Edward said he could kill werewolf. It’s making me nervous. Based on Van Helsing, werewolf was way too sturdy.

I’m ready to watch the movie now! I’m as anxious as before, like read Potter, Golden Compass, Lord of The Ring then watch the movie. What else could be cooler than this?


  1. Ho ho! Another New Moon Craze!

    Somehow base on what you mentioned, you got me all excited now! I can't wait to watch the whole fighting other the whole lovey dovey scenes throughout twilight :P.


  2. ladyviral - haha. i have to read eclipse to know who will win the fight between edward and jacob :)

    have you read?

  3. wahahaha New Moon fever... count me in

  4. Hmmm... maybe some other time. I'd like to read the sequel to Dracula, though... gotta look for that

  5. blue - ah! of course :) have you read the book or watched the trailer? *anxious*

    terra - you should :) i'm on eclipse now and maximum ride, but at the same time finishing my assignments and read books for exam. damn, why all in sudden i feel busy? exhausted too! gambatte to me!

  6. Paling malas membca..kalo bacapun sure tak habis..huhu...

  7. Crazy over New Moon? Guess what? Miley Cyrus hates vampire flicks! : )

  8. Let's see if this is better than the first one. :D

  9. ad - haha! baca itu sexy :)

    foong - try vampire vs werewolf. have you watched van helsing?

    tekkaus - what do you think of the first one? :)

  10. panjang juga ya mas !!!

  11. can't wait. i'm still drooling over cullen even I've watched Twilight for the 13th times.

  12. haha i think jacob black is much better! :P

  13. kanesh11:10 AM

    havent read the book , but the twilight movies seem so popular , wonder why?

  14. kanesh, you should at least watch twilight before you watch new moon to understand what is the movie about. trust me, it's cool. cooler if you read the book first :)

  15. orang yang tak baca Novel akan rasa Boring bila tengok movie nih..

    bila aku dah baca Twilight dan tengok balik movie tuh baru rasa seronok tengok..

    sebelum aku baca novel tuh rasa macam lembap sangat jalan citernya..

    this twilight saga -COOL!! tu jer yang pop up into my mind..


  16. axim - ko dah baca new moon?


Thank you for the comment.

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