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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment


I have finished reading Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. I’m still under training for speed reading. I guess I’m doing good now, finish two books in two weeks. You know how thick Meyer’s book can be, right?

Wikipedia is such a great spoiler. When I visited there just to grab picture for the book’s cover, I was astonished that the whole detail about Maximum Ride sequence was there.

Thank you to the book fair in Bayan Baru. I found this book there. I was startled once I saw this book as I remember Max J. Potter is a big fan.

Well, Max, I didn’t know Maximum Ride got sequence! Ah, buying hard cover book at its original price is going to make me broke.

It’s the first book from James Patterson. Different approach and it gives you great heart thumping moment from the beginning until the epilogue.

This book is about a girl name Max who is 14 and lives with the same species Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel. They are special breed. Most of their body parts are human, exactly like us. Just that… er, they have wings.

Max is very protective. Overprotective sometimes. As a leader and eldest in the family she needs to be brave and smart. Spontaneous too.

I’d prefer Fang who is a bit devilish and different from others, black wings. Same like Max, he is very sarcastic. The best thing about him is he’s cool and not talkative most of the time. Sounds like a hero eh?

Each of them has different ability. The unique one would be Angel who can read mind (she reminds me of Edward Cullen, sorry to Twilight haters).

I know that Patterson is a good murder-investigation writer, but it’s hard to believe that he could write something blasphemy like this.

They are sad to know that they are abnormal and they have biological parent. Well, who doesn’t?

The rest of the journey I won’t tell here as I don’t want to be like Wikipedia, spoiler to the book, worse the whole sequence.

What I can tell you my friends, this book is a worth to buy and read. Lucky I still have 17 books to go (exclude Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and exam is just around the corner.

You won’t believe me that I finished all the books in the toilet!


  1. aik???da tukar tajuk blog???!!!;))

  2. haha. ya tadi. sebab panjang sangat :)

  3. Oh wow, sounds like a good book to get...

    Now I am interested :).

    Oh you changed your blog outlook too. hehee. nice :).

  4. you should :) the story is continuous and full of suspense! beyond imagination too! :)

    yea, i want my blog to look simpler than last time :P

  5. hi faisal... it's nice to be here in the other blog of yours... I really don't know why..but i am really not into reading books hahaha i get sleepy when i'm in the half-way of reading hehehe but then i know what the pleasure it could bring as you've finished reading each books!
    have a great day and happy blogging



  6. reading is sexy. believe me, once you like reading, your imagination will be wild and your fantasy is very beautiful. mmm...

  7. well if reading is sexy.... i should start reading now hahaha

  8. haha you should blue ;)

  9. Whoaaa! new layout =) Is it because you don't write a long post anymore/ *wink* And yes, Reading is sexy!!!

  10. doll, er, hard to say that i won't write a long post anymore. just that lately, its hard for me to squeeze time to write. plus, my brain drains out everyday before i can use for blogging haha.

    black is devilish :P

  11. salam's ur raya faisal?

  12. salam aidiladha wahidah :) raya macam tak raya. terkurung dalam bilik study. intensif start isnin ni sekali dengan PB. belum ready!

  13. reading is seksa ? huhuhuhu

    juz kidding

  14. Cewah!!! Hard to squeeze time to write. plus, brain drains out katanyer *wink*

  15. Anonymous7:28 AM

    So far I am only on chapter 23 but what I read so far is freakin awesome this book is hot.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. doll - haha. betul le :P

    anonymous - yes, this book is hot! looking forward to read the 2nd book after my exam :)

  18. kk - why did you delete your comment? i read your comment via email. ok, i have a blogger friend who read 'em all. i mean all the sequence :)

    i suppose Fang is the hottest sequence?


Thank you for the comment.

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