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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Is it easy to pay summon?

Talking about summon, how many of you have paid your summon lately? I got great experience today when I went out to pay off my car loan and got my grant together with B-letter (that was what the bank teller told me even though it wasn’t B-letter written on that paper).

The traffic jam was good enough for me to get headache. Instead of go for lunch, I decided to settle everything first then I could enjoy the lunch without hustle. The next thing was paying summon.

Any of you pay your summon lately? How was the process? Smooth?

Well, not with my latest experience even though it was not my first time there at Police Station (Headquarters), Petani Road.

Honestly, the first thing, I didn’t like about that police station was the car park for public. There was no car park for public. Unbelievable? Believe it. The weirdest thing, it was the only station that has no car park for public. Even station at rural places like Bayan Lepas and Penanti, Bukit Mertajam got their own car park and very comfy.

Secondly, after I walked for quite a distance in bright-sunny-day, the police at the entrance was very friendly. I asked him where I should go for paying summon and he told me with a smile that I should go to the end of the building. The bright-sunny-day turned cloudy and cooling even though I was still sweating.

It didn’t last long as the counter woman was not as friendly as I thought. As soon as I reached at the counter, I asked her about the process for paying summon. She asked for my summon ticket which I never get before. Then she pointed me to the counter inside the building to check the summon online which I told her I have checked online and I got one summon unpaid and I got a letter from Bukit Aman saying that I’d be blacklisted if I don’t pay as soon as possible. She just ignored me. So, I walked into the building and asked one of the traffic police there who was in charge at the counter there. He told me that I have to go to the front counter. I went to the same counter and talked to the woman again. She said I need to go to counter 3 and the person in charge was out for lunch and I need to come again at 2pm. Nothing I could do rather than frowning and muttering to myself about how angry I was.

I don’t know if the people in charge are insufficient. Even for my company we take turn for lunch if the persons are stationed at the counter, so that we can satisfy all the tax payers that come all the way to pay their tax instead of telling them “Come again at 2pm as the person in charge is out for lunch”.

I really hope this matter can be solved or improved in the future, so that people like me don’t get frustrated and procrastinate.


  1. Nope. It is not easy to pay summone at all. Ha :D

  2. takyah bayor jer saman tu..abis citer..

  3. tekkaus - lucky i didn't say "wtf" there haha.

    axim - tu pasal. tension gak.

  4. sy pun ada saman mbsa
    bt dunno saja..heheheh

  5. ade gk saman dbkl..manyak lak wat tak tahu je..hahaha

  6. mq - yep. itulah sebaiknya.

    wahidah - saman trafik ada tak?

  7. I think the police motto mesra, cepat dan betul is up to our expectation la bro faisal.

    You see...The first policeman was very mesra with you in showing you where to start with, the lady at the counter was very cepat kicking you out and the third policeman betul-betul trying his best to confuse you by redirectig you back to the lady at the counter :) come you area is always congested whenever there is important appointment to attend to? (just like when we want to meet the other day)

  8. dr sam - try to avoid festivals and school holiday. penang is such a small island but more and more car coming in, not to forget the population is getting bigger.

    do you pay your summon online?

  9. Now you know why people don't bother paying their summonses :D

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