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Monday, November 30, 2009



ah, who said its a lousy movie? over my dead body :P

i mean, its not a bad movie after all. you should wonder why the tickets always sold out and you could only get front seats after a long queue to buy your precious tix. ah…

so, i managed to watch this so called lousy-movie last wed with keith. we both agree that the escaping part is a bit overdo like you’re playing super mario. but for the disasters part, it was so cool. i mean, who can expect malaysia could been attacked by beautiful, white tsunami?

instead of the disasters, there is a message in the movie.

people tend to be selfish when disaster happen.

politicians can use their power to safe their ass instead of helping us civilian, like piece of shit. ah! c’mon, don’t tell me you think they won’t abandon you like the movie. some of ‘em even got their own jet. you? haha perhaps we should practice the super mario escaping part?

only useful people should be saved. er? i think i’m part of it. lol.

overall, i think its an okay movie. nothing to be bragged about, but its not a piece of shit of course. i give thumb up for the effect.

new moon anyone? lalalala…


  1. New Moon is lovely~ But I prefer Twilight. Anyway, personally, a-not-really-Twilighter like me, I still enjoy the movie. Because I read the saga~ Hahaha~

    Edward = My lovely Cedric Diggory from Harry Potter. Yup, I'm a Pottermaniac. LOL!

  2. ah, another potter maniac :) well, he wasn't that famous in potter but twilight really help him a lot. thanks to meyer especially.

    if i'm not struggling with my exam now, i'd finish eclipse in a blink. then can continue breaking dawn, which has been claimed as the best one.

  3. Hahaha~
    Yup, maybe he wasn't that famous in HP. Well, who need Cedric when we have Harry? Oh, Cho Chang maybe. LOL!

    Anyway, thanks for dropped by in my blog. Maybe I will not private it for time being. Enjoy reading and of course, good luck for your assignment!


  4. i did watch this movie. but i think i had too much high hopes.

  5. my friend dun want to watch this
    reason: takut laaaa....

  6. I am not going to read your review on 2012... I haven't watch it yet T_____T.

    New moon too... But heard new moon is more action packed compared to twilight.

  7. haha.. I'd watched it on the released date... huhu, the GSC at Dataran Pahlawan is crowded at that day.. and on yesterday, I looked at the cinema's board... 2012 is still selling fast... wahaha... big story for a mankind...

    But, the ship and the flood thing like copy from Noah (PBUH) story...

  8. zara - er, when i look at your name, you remind me of dark lord :P

    thanks. i'm still struggling with bunch of them!

    qc - i heard bad comment regarding it, so i didn't put much hope. when i watched it, it was unexpected :)

    mq - omg. takut? its not horror la dear.

    terra - fully booked?

    lv - ya. new moon where jake transform into wolf :P

    zam - indirectly, its like noah. when i watched it, instantly noah came to my mind :)

  9. quite a nice movie. Nobody expect that tsunami would reach the Himalaya. Malaysia, I am sure will be a the bottom of the sea.

  10. can you do some research about the possibility too doc? :P

  11. jom new moon! haha
    i baru lyn twilight hari tu

    not really that i like the cerita..
    ntah hape2 to be exact :P
    but.. cuci mata can? HAHAHAHA!!

  12. dila, you know why? coz you didn't read the book. most of my friends who didn't, also said the same thing :)

  13. It is not a lousy movie bro but just not a great one. :p

  14. tekkaus, like i said, is ok-movie :)

  15. Anonymous5:50 PM


  16. The movie is OK if you don't expect too much. The storyline is pretty predictable, but the special effects are cool. I give it 3 out of 5 stars : )

  17. yea foong. just that the escaping part is too much. if they edit that part, maybe it is acceptable :)

    maybe they want to win special effect for the movie? like titanic? :)


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