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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tao Japanese Cuisine & Happy Anniversary

I didn’t snap any picture when I was at Tao with dear. I was too hungry and we ate so fast which make me have no time to even think about pictures to share :)

So, I google-ing for the pictures just now and found some pictures from 2 famous floggers – Vkeong and PenangTuaPui.

For your information, you can get RM5 discount if you register as a member in their website. Remember to print it out on the day you want to go and different name (means different account) for each person.

I met with my badminton friend Kirsten there! Coincident, I agree. But she sat next to our table! I was shock and same goes to her.

Now it’s time to share the food pictures :)

We started with Wasabi Abalone. But I couldn’t find the picture. Sorry ya.


Sashimi was good :) My first time though.

scallop Scallop was the best!

pregnant fish We called this pregnant fish. Delicious! (Remember to eat only the egg ya :))

mantis prawnMantis Prawn.

squid 3 cup Squid. It was so so.

butter fish Butterfish. Yummy!

peas I called it peas. Relaxing I’d say :P

ice cream

Ice cream for dessert (sorry no picture for fruit – watermelon)


Happy Anniversary dear! A year is like a blink. I want this feeling to last forever. I love you.


  1. sedapnya...yummy2
    sy suka japanese food-->tapi sushi sja la yg biasa dok mkn heheh

  2. The salmon and scallop do look delicious. But the pregnant fish...just took my apetite away! :p

  3. mq - kena try sashimi. sangat sedap!

    tekkaus - haha it's good. you should try!

  4. Mana gambar of "dear"?


    Wasabi Abalone sounds so good! But sadly I am allergic to Abalone T___T.

  5. haha gambar of dear? er... discreet is the best what? :P

    ya it's refreshing seriously... wasabi abalone. i don't like the taste of wasabi at all but since i eat japanese, i must eat wasabi though :P

    scallop was good too! :D we ordered scallop a lot... :D

    also few plates of pregnant fish :P

  6. wow...looks yummy la.. my girl will love to eat this..

  7. you should bring her! :) reasonable price... :D

  8. sedapnya...and happy anniversary :) I love you too :)

  9. hehe memang sedap! thank you. love you too :)

  10. next time, you should snap 1 or 2 pic of dear. hehe. ;)

    the scallop looks tempting!

  11. hehe the place was crowded :P i sat in the middle of the crowd. i didn't want to draw attention :P

    yep... very delicious!

  12. hehehe..bila dh post bru notice salah spelling, tp malas dh nk edit
    belasah saja...

  13. malas? ala senang je tu :P

  14. dah tukar lahhhhhh

  15. sepatutnya nk tulis
    countdown perpindahan..---->faisal admar suruh tukar :p

  16. haha alamak! jangan...

  17. So you finally tried sashimi! No need to go all the way to KL to try! How was it?

    That pregnant fish is shishamo fish. Yummy!

    I like the edamame beans, but relaxing? What do you mean? You feel relaxed eating them?

  18. joe - yes. LOL. you have no idea when we started :P

    foong - hehe it was not bad at all! :)

    yes, so delicious... i don't know what to call and even order 'pregnant fish' haha!

    LOL. yea... the peas make me feel relax :P

  19. tried japanese food once, but my tekak can't accept it, maybe will try again..

  20. hehe. raw or fried ones?

  21. just ate the fried shrimp. i cant eat the raw and even the seaweed rolled rice....the 'inti' tasted strange.

  22. strange? haha. i like the raw japanese foods :)

  23. i will try again japanese food. i wish myself goodluck :B

  24. Ooohhh... Tao looks like an amazing place to eat!! The food looks absolutely delicious!! I love the pregnant fish.. i ngap je skali.. not just the eggs. And looks like i'm still alive also! LOL!

    Hopefully I'll get to eat there one day and try the food that you ordered here!

    Wuah.. dah 1 year anni with your sayang eh?? Congrats both of you.. semoga jodoh korang panjang dan berkekalan.. :)

    Dah tak leh gurau2 dah ngan faisal.. LOL!!

  25. haha boleh je gurau shemah :P don't worry.

    the pregnant fish look awful but the taste was so good! :D


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