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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Oh my God! I have turned purple!

I don’t know how to explain, even to the doctor. I know it sounds weird and ridiculous, some of my friends even claimed it was funny.

It started two days ago when I realized I got purple stain on the tissue paper that I used to wipe my ear after shower. I was a bit shock but I didn’t care much as I was late to work. In fact, very late!

281020094199At work, I usually wash my face and wipe it with tissue few times a day. So, as a routine, I went to the washroom around 10am to wash my face. After rinsed it with water, I used tissue paper to wipe the excess oil off my face. To my great surprise, the purple stain all over the tissue paper. With thousand of questions and curiosity, I showed the tissue paper to my colleagues. What I got was a big laugh from them claimed it was from the stamp pad that I used this morning or the beauty product such as toner or moisturizer. I agreed   with the first one.

In the afternoon before I went out for lunch with my friends, I did the same as earlier. Rinsed face and wiped my face. Not really surprise, the result was still the same.

I went out for lunch at esplanade. It was a very good lunch and good conversation.

I went back to office after lunch and I went straight to the washroom as I hate oily face. Furthermore, my face got pimples lately. I have to really take care of it. It was the same result, purple stain on the tissue paper.

I started to feel panic even though I didn’t show it on my face.

281020094200When I took shower at home, I realized that the purple stain stick on the shower handle. “Damn! This is serious!” that was what I thought. Another thing in my mind was “Am I going to die?” not that I was afraid but to see someone sad really broke my heart into pieces especially when the whisper was soft and tender “I want you forever please don’t leave me…” my whole body became numb. I got watery eyes but lucky the tears were not purple!

The next day I got the same result. Purple, purple and purple! Actually it was not just on my face, but the whole body especially around my knees. My colleagues were really shock and advised me to see doctor as soon as possible or do traditional treatment. One of the colleagues who know a bit about traditional treatment touched me on the shoulder, neck (I was almost choked!) and head. He told me I need to see a stronger shaman who could treat me better because from what he got, someone, a girl did some spell on me. Honestly, even though my aunt got possessed in front of me and the shaman treated her, I still curious about the spell and everything. I never deny that those invisible things exist, just that some of the so called shaman always take advantage. I wonder how some peoples are so obsess with this kind of thing.

Today, I went to see doctor. I brought some tissue papers that I had been using for the past two days and not to forget the pills (flu and phlegm) that been given by my dear. The doc looked at them and without any shock told me it must be from the food or fruit that I ate. I told him that I ate seafood a lot lately. He asked me not to worry so much and gave me cough syrup and antibiotic instead as I have been coughing for 3 weeks.

On my way back from the clinic, mom texted me on cell phone reminded me about the thorny clam that I ate last Sunday. I agreed with her. It must be that thorny clam and lately I ate a lot of seafood! Perhaps, it was iodine?

Now, I have no purple stain anymore on my body and the cough is getting better. So, now I should believe in shaman and the spell? You tell me.


  1. kanesh9:16 PM

    iodine can cause that ? wow , need to be careful with my seafood

  2. kanesh - i'm not sure, even doc couldn't give me the exact answer :)

  3. Ad suka jugak seafood dulu2..tapi selepas penyakit menyerang disebabkan makan seafood Ad kurangkan makan seafood dah..Seafood juga penyebab GOUT seperti yg AD alami skrg..Agaknya seafood ni ada something yang boleh mneyebabkan penyakitkan..hmmm

  4. wow this is rare... wonder wat other colours they have available :P

  5. kalo purple nak panggil pe eik..hijau leh panggil incredible hulk..huhuhu...might be cause of iodine in seafood kot

  6. woaaahh!! that is interesting
    glad to know you're better know, no more purplish thing going on :D

    i'm not sure in shaman and spell.. but then, spell exist, so i dont know~

  7. Woh I panicked for you too. Glad that everything is okay now.

    I learned something new.

  8. Wah! Nasib baik stain je. Kalau betul2 look purple kan susah. Isk isk. You had an amazing experience, I would say.

  9. ad - yep. seafood boleh makan tapi tak boleh dengan kuantiti yang banyak. takut juga kena gout kan?

    chris - one of my friends messaged me in YM, called me Iodine Man. i know it sounds like a super hero. seriously, it scared my shit out!

    balqissy - lol.

    wahidah - haha panggil je Iodine Man :P

    adila - what i tried to point out is some shamans take advantage by saying this and that and take big amount of money. i don't like that.

    ocean - imagine the one who got the purple stain! haha. i thought i was going to die, seriously!

    cahaya - scary i'd say! no one will wish to experience this :)

  10. shaman?- almost of them are nonsense...tu zmn2 ortodok la bro... ni dah mcm incredible hulk version purple...eheh

  11. hanamichi - yep, glad that you don't believe in shaman too. the difference is i'm not a hulk :P

  12. biasa la magic & superstitious...wallah...
    tp kadang2 kebetulan jer sembuh tu
    atau pun the bomoh hmself yg hantar mende2 pelik utk bt org sakit, then tht person p jumpa dia for tretmnt..
    hmm...eventho my father org kpg tp he never go for bomoh...
    and i,m so gladddd for tht

    p/s: i never cares abt my spelling, pls ignore..hehehe

  13. mq - haha :) bomoh is so ancient. nobody believes it anymore.

  14. terra - i thought the purple stain has gone. but i was wrong :(

    am i going to die?

  15. and here I thoght the tissue papers looked like flower designs! Can frame it for remembrance :P.

    spells it does happen to be those sometimes, who knows.. that or seafood is no longer safe to be consumed for the chemicals will give our body weird reactions?

  16. I thing it should be iodine too? But gosh! I have never had such an experience before. :(

  17. This is weird! I never heard of excess iodine from too much seafood before. I will definitely feel panic if I have the same experience as you.

  18. hahahha....

  19. i now that iodine will turn purple, i learned it from one of my highschool experiment, we used iodized salt to prove the reaction but i don't know that it can also happeb to human... thats very interesting faisal
    good to know that the mystery behind the tissue purple stain was solved^^

  20. i never heard about this case before..excess of iodine will give you purple stain..err..i dont think its because of iodine mate!!!

    perhaps, there's another reason for this..

  21. Dear, I kena rasa bersalah pasal Siput Duri tu ke? *muka bersalah*

    By the way, out Penang trip da update! Some pix I upload dalam FB ya? Will pass you all the copy when I'm going back there in December, Insya-Allah =)

  22. This is scary! Anyway, not a good idea to eat too much seafood.

  23. But could also be kena jampi? I guess this will end up in the unsolved files like the X-files? : )

  24. eh tak tahu la pulak sampai u bagaitau.....takut la...memang kena jaga pemakanan sekarang ni...

  25. ladyviral - there are so many tissue papers to be framed then :)

    i don't believe in spell too. to say the thorny clam got chemical in it, hardly. we were 4 but only me got this weird result. but maybe only me as it happens to my friends, they ate the same foods at the stall and only one admitted to the hospital because of food poisoning.

    at the moment, i'm blessed by God coz still alive :)

    tekkaus - haha do you wish to experience this? can you believe one of my colleagues asked me which clam that gave me this purple stain, because he thought it's cool!

    jam - yeah jam. at first i thought it was kinda funny. but after 4 days, it was not funny anymore :)

    nazr - which part is funny? :)

    blue - it's not proven that iodine was the cause. anyhow, i don't care much about the chemical reaction or illness as long as it faded away :)

    inah - what do you suggest? i think you might ask me to try the traditional treatment? :)

    doll - haha, not your fault dear :) it was such a great experience tau :P

    dah update? yay! at last. jap nak tengok!

    foong - i don't think it caused by seafood too. the problem is i don't believe in jampi :) but doc cannot solve it too. haha, i guess the doc is too lazy :P

    elle - haha hati-hati tahu! :)

  26. wah. and i thought his was fiction!!

    man, i really hope you're getting better, pal. sheesh. to think that something like this could have happened to just anyone. i'd freak out if i were you!

    btw, a new chapter's up my blog. come by!

  27. nani, fang suppose to be purple? LOL.

    well, i'm getting better nani. don't worry.

    will go and read yours now! :)

  28. purple? that's like my fave color of all time! yeay!!!
    wish everyone cud turn purple like u ;) then the world can definitely be a better place - well, for me at least! ahaks ;)
    but yeah, your condixn is rare for sure, but so are you, rare & hard to find :) lol!
    owh, get well soon, mr.admar ;) mwah!

  29. haha your words make me smile :)

    my skin didn't turn purple just it left purple stain on the tissue paper.

    very rare, but the doc was not surprise at all which made me very shock!

    but now i'm ok. thanks ya :)

  30. okay... out of curiosity, if your skin left some kinda purple stain what abt your other 'bodily fluids' :D hahaha!
    (pervy imelda) ;p LOL!
    but yeah, i'm really2 curious la ;)

  31. haha. urine and cum remain the same color :P

  32. no, fang has very dark wings with purple tints when the sunlight hits them. he's not purple.

    oh i've replied to your comment. man, you excite me~!

  33. then i'm another Fang :P but still purple color involved.

    hmm i'm thinking of writing about 2 chars me (Fang) and Max. but worry people will misunderstand its the love between 2 guys :)

  34. now i know why they still have a RPGT dept... :P

    working coming up for you! :)

  35. zewt - to all property investor, watch out! LOL.

    nabilah - omg, too :)

  36. heard they are going to do a flip flop on that :P

  37. zewt, careful mate. i'm going to dig out your detail! LOL.

  38. hahaha... nice post.. purplle...

  39. tya - yeah i was so worry!


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