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Friday, August 29, 2008

Puteri's Birthday (1 year old)

Warning! This post will be fully loaded with pictures.

Let start from Tuesday. Yes, here in Penang we had a public holiday. Cool isn’t it? It was a public holiday given by our Chief Minister YB Lim Guan Eng because of the Permatang Pauh’s election. I’m smiling now… :)

Peoples headed to Permatang Pauh but my family and I went to QueensBay Mall.

As soon as we reached there, we went straight to search for Puteri’s present. Why I said I love Lim Guan Eng? I didn’t have much time and when he gave us this public holiday, all of us could buy her a present and plan for her party as well!

After few hours with few considerations, these were the presents:

We brought these presents to another floor to wrap them (notice that my present was not from the same shop, so I bought and wrapped it at Borders). We managed to snap a picture while waiting the unfriendly stuff wrapping the presents.


On Wednesday, we made a surprise party for her. Bought some KFC and her favorite whip potatoes. Nurul’s mother in law bought Secret Recipe’s cake (Chocolate Indulgence! My Favorite! Hehe). She was so happy to see many peoples around which it was the first time happens at their new house. She laughed, crawled and smiled all the time. When it was time for her to blow and cut the cake. She was so happy. She laughed and looked at everybody in the house which made me smiled and happy to see she acted that way.

She went ecstasy when it was time to unwrapped the presents.

After few hours stayed there, we went home. I hope she had a good time! :)

Till later...


  1. Wah, happynya Puteri. Dapat banyak present. She's so cute. Send my birthday wish to her ;)

  2. baiknya hati u..bila birthday elle nak dekat nanti elle kasitau u k.he he

  3. heart to heart - hehe ye mmg dia happy sgt. thanks on her behalf :)

    elle - hehe no problem elle. kasitau jek k :)

  4. banyaknya hadiah... memang puteri... :)

  5. zewt - hehe ye... dia happy sgt! :)

  6. hehe.. where's my bestdei gift?? i'm nt choosy.. anything will do!!
    Hepi Bestdei to Putri!!

  7. Anonymous9:01 PM

    Belated birthday greetings to Putri! Ooo...choc indulgence!!! Slurpzzzz!!!!!

  8. kamal - lanje makan je la... haha! thanks on her behalf :)

    suituapui - thanks on her behalf hehe! yes the cake is delicious!

  9. xkan makan ajer?? iPhone pun aku trima.. huargh2x!!

  10. salam. lama x singgah sini. wah, how happy to be her. :)

    Happy Birthday to Putri :)

  11. kamal - haha aku pun belum pakai iPhone le :P

    hajar - salam... hehe thanks on her behalf ye :)

  12. she so happy :$

    she loves the cake too ;) choc - her fav.

    Happy Birthday again Pu3

  13. wah...bestnya puteri dpt manyak hadiah...jelesnyaaaaa

  14. dayah - yeah. she was so happy :)

    think about her next present. hehe i hope she could read soon... easy to buy present haha!

    wahidah - hehe janganlah jeles :P susah nak beli hadiah untuk baby... dari untuk dewasa kan?

  15. yeker...mungkin sng gk la..byk benda leh bg la kalo bg kanak2 nii

  16. wahidah - kalau toy memang senang... tapi kalau nak cari sesuatu yang boleh membina minda kanak² tersebut tak mudah :P

  17. Oh, I love this post the best- I love posts with pictures and this is just that.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear princess, she's so cute and I just love to see her broad smile photo here, with gum showing- so pretty!

    she sure loves her pressies- so many of them! such a cutie pie she is, I am sure all these pressies will keep her busy for a few days at least (until she gets bored of them). My kids get bored of their toys after a while, so, I will have to take out a new toy box, and let them play with toys in there first, before they get bored. then, once they are bored, i will take out the next one. They have at least 10 boxes of toys! semak store room je! LOL

    Puteri is your only neice? what's her full name?

  18. farah - oh my! hehe i thought readers here prefer a mind breaking post rather than pictures all over. glad that you like it farah :)

    thanks on her behalf farah. i always tease her saying that she looks like an old lady with no teeth and she smiles lol.

    hehe i would ask her mom to do so too! great idea :)

    yes she is the only niece i have. her full name is Puteri Balqis Ibtisam :)

  19. Anonymous3:59 PM

    Hey faisal...

    Puteri's so cute!!! Send my 'peluk cium' to her okay?

    **Psst... My birthday on February.. :)

  20. nurin - hey...!

    hehe yes she is so cute, indeed.

    oh... february girl lol... okay okay... i got it :P

  21. Awww, so comel! Happy birthday Puteri!

  22. rozella - hehe thanks on her behalf :)

  23. alalalalala... tomey2nya si puteri nihhh....

    happy belated birthday puteri... :)

  24. To Puteri : Happy 1st year celebration little princess...

    Hidup Lim Guan Eng !!!! He he

  25. ej - hehe tq tq ej bagi pihak dia.

    syukur - thanks on her behalf doc hehe...

    ya! haha hidup lim guan eng...

  26. Puteri Balqis Ibtisam- wow! commercial name, and her name suits her. very pretty.

  27. waa.. comeyyyy nyer cat tuh... lovely...

  28. farah - hehe thanks :)

    zhoe - hehe nak satu ker?


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