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Monday, August 25, 2008

By-election: Public holiday for Penang

PENANG: The state government has declared a public holiday on Tuesday “to ensure a full turnout of voters for the critical Permatang Pauh by-election”, Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng said.

He said in a statement that Penang had been mulling over the matter since the Elections Commission fixed the day, a working day, as the polling day “in defiance of public opinion that the move will reduce voter turnout.”

“Clearly reducing the voter turnout will affect the election results as it may be seen as favouring one party over the other,” he said.

He said this sentiment was further reinforced by the announcement by Education Director-General Datuk Alimuddin Mohd Dom that all government schools in Permatang Pauh would be given a special holiday on the day.

“Moreover, this special holiday need not be replaced which means it is an additional free holiday.

He said the latest act by the Federal government clearly showed that the Permatang Pauh by-election was no ordinary by-election but had crucial national significance with wide national implications.

“This is due to the participation of (PKR de facto leader) Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and his attempt to return to Parliament and make a bid for federal power as the alternative Prime Minister,” he said.

(Source: The Star)

P/s: I love Lim Guan Eng! Yay!


  1. "P/s: I love Lim Guan Eng! Yay!"

    harusss ???

    lols. ada kursus kan ? :D :D


  2. dayah - tu pasal ada kursus! lantak lah takmo pi... nak pi qbay beli hadiah puteri! muahaha.

  3. tu dia....sampai kasik cuti tu...punyer lah...hermm...

  4. riena - yay! best wo... idup lim guan eng hehe... adus... btw, blog neh dah masuk dalam! alhamdulillah...

  5. whee ! nak beli hadiah kat puteri gak eh ?

    tuh la, still dlm planning dgn umi ;)

  6. dayah - ya... ingat nak beli barang emas... tp dia kecik lagi plak... nak beli toy... tak membina minda... nak beli apa tah... selasa cuti senang sikit! :)

  7. sure selasa ramai gilak !

    huhu. beli baju then ?

    kat GAP kids ka ? Guess ? ;)

  8. kalu anak penang di perantauan entitled utk cuti ni gak ker?? Jeles nyer aku...

  9. dayah - ramai gila? kenapa plak? kan semua pi permatang pauh

    kamal - hehe keje kl mana dapat le...

  10. Ooo...lucky u!!! What about voters working in other places? Like there are some working in Sungai Petani even! Bagus the whole country cuti aje!...Sometimes you really wonder about these leaders!

  11. AyUmi7:48 AM

    suka nye dia cuti!

  12. bestnya dpt cuti......jeles nie....beli aper ni tukputeri..age?? nak beli brg yg membina minda ker....beli la book ke yg penuh ngan pun..baju pun okay gk...kasut many things la faisal...

  13. we went for a drive at permatang pauh last night to see the scenes and how hot the campaigns are going. it was VERY HOT! and yes- yeay for public holiday on tuesday.

  14. Good for you! Tapi kalau seluruh Msia cuti.. it will be Good For All of Us! Isn't that greatttt....hahhahaa.. (ayat2 jeles) :)

    Hepi cuti, Faisal

  15. I like your new profile picture! You look good!

  16. suituapui: it's BN's tactic to pressure Election Committee to choose a working day as election day. They hope to gain more votes from this tactic. Hence for sure they wouldn't declare a holiday for tomorrow.

  17. Hola Faisal! You’ve been tagged with the Merdeka Meme! Let’s show some support shall we? :)

  18. nasihat utk para pengundi: Undilah dgn bijak. Jgn biarkan diri dipengaruhi oleh org lain.. undilah untuk menegakkan keADILan..

  19. adoi.. best gak dpt cuti. leh dok blogging puas2. tp aku plan nk pegi setel hal bank la selasa ni.. alamat xdpt la duit gaji.. huhu

  20. I don't understand, Joseph. Working day also, people can go out to vote. Employers can't say no...and they always stay out for a looooong time, say long queue!!! And if no public holiday, how does it favour one and go against another? Isn't it the same...both ways? Ah well...I'm not into this politics thing, so I dunno lah...!!! Very blur one!!!

  21. Bes kan cuti? haha. I am actually jumping over the moon when first heard it. I have a test on Wed, so it will gives me more time to prepare myself! hehe..

    Yeah, what all about doing it on working day? I don't think it's same Suituapui. Usually it will be on weekdays so that other people reside out of the district could go back to cast their votes. Yes, the employer could not say no for their workers who want to go out and vote, but if it's in the working day (in this case it's Tuesday), not everyone is willing to go back home for a day just to vote. Especially for those who live far from home..

    sigh.. Sometimes we wonder how politician's thinking!

  22. Bestnya cuti..alaaa sapa nak cuti ambik jer cuti tahunan.kan banyak lagi...Ad cuti this coming thursday plus weekend 3 hari plak...yeyy yeyy bestnyee ke KL beberapa hari..hehe..MERDEKA!MERDEKA!MERDEKA!

  23. Suituapui – The public holiday is only for the beautiful island called Penang. So, whoever works here get the benefit… hehe!

    Ayumi – Sangat best! Hehe kursus ditunda ke hari Rabu dan habis kursus hari Jumaat. Isnin cuti sebab Merdeka jatuh hari Ahad. Sangat best kan? Masuk kerja hari Selasa!

    Wahidah – Hehe ye sangat best. Bukan senang nak cuti! Tu la tengah pikir… esok nak beli apa. Buku dia koyak aje tau sekarang ni… baru nak masuk 1 tahun. Rasanye nak beli baju kot… 3 pasang ke. Esok kalau bangun awal boleh lepak di Old Town Café :) Lepas tu gi shopping di QueensBay Mall.

    Farah – Are you going again tomorrow? I want to go… but afraid stuck in the traffic jam. So I guess I better forget about the plan going there.

    Zara – Hehe I thought you like to go to work? Come on Zara… working isn’t that bad? :P

    Tammy – You make me blush! Thanks Tammy.

    Joseph – Since Najib said that we are not entitled for the holiday in the news last night, the whole Penang start to hate BN even more! Good job Najib!

    Mariuca – Haha okay Mariuca but the tag’s blog is on the other side. Thanks and I will do it as soon as possible since its public holiday today :)

    Kamal – Lain jek bunyi tuh. Nak kena sembur air lagik ke? Hehe!

    Myadlan – Setel hal bank? Hehe masyuk ke keluar? Kalau masyuk best ape! Esok nak jalan2 cari makan dan shopping hadiah untuk niece :)

    Suituapui – If there is no holiday, the crowd will be lesser and some peoples who go to work won’t be able to take time off for voting. Remember not all company is so flexible. By the way, I love Lim Guan Eng for this decision… public holiday! Yay! :)

    BCD – Yes agree with you BCD. I almost forgot about those who suppose to vote and work far away! See suituapui… I told you hehe :)

    BCD lets drink coffee and read! Good luck in your exam :)

    Ad – Oh Ad sambut Merdeka di KL ke? Hehe lebih baik sambut di Permatang Pauh… lebih hot! :)

    Tak sabar pembentangan bajet pada 29hb nih! Kasi gegar parlimen!

  24. very classic gesture... very political... take your chance to vote. vote the right one!!!

  25. Up to u bro, sapa you mahu support but you probably be happy bçoz of the public holiday ha ha. Cuma the business community in Penang will surely tak syok dengar the news kan? & this will probably back fire Pakatan Rakyat. Enjoy u r holiday plus selamat mengundi (if u mengundi today).

  26. suituapui: not all factories observe voters' rights to go for voting. Some will not let their employees go out too long and hence they choose not to go at all. Besides, some voters who are working who are a bit lazy will not go as well. Hence declaring a public holiday make them to allocate their time more flexibly so as to go for the polls.

  27. hari ni penang cuti kan..

    entah lah apa nak jadi ngan politik negara kita ni..

    yang penting..hopefully ada bonus erkk tahun ni faisal

  28. oh cuit ko ye hari ni.
    tak pasal je cuti kan.

    tima kasih gitu okkk..

  29. Regarding about your comment in mine,

    what do you mean by 'editing comment'? I did check suituapui's blog (nice blog anyway :), and saw that his comment system seems like mine too.. care to explain further? heh

    (This comment is the same as posted in my reply - except this part of course. hehe)

  30. Hidney – Hehe I am not involved le. I don’t live in that area but I enjoy the holiday of course! :) Heart thumping to know who wins (even though I know who will lol)

    Ismail – To my opinion they will love this holiday as they love the new government. So I guess closing for a day is not a problem at all :) Hehe yes, I enjoy the holiday… really!

    Joseph – Agree with that point!

    Mummy – Ye akak! Hehe yang penting cuti dapat bonus jalan hehe! (tapi kami tak dapat bonus lagi cuma perlarasan jek :( )

    Green apple – Sangat best okeh cuti! Hehe… eh mcm mana dengan projek sendiri? Kan dah quit keje?

    BCD – Blogspot doesn’t allow comment editing like Wordpress. I have tried to search and googling around but didn’t find any solution. Please help… (There is only delete button but no edit button)

  31. wish im in penang! haha.

  32. quachee - hehe transferring money to your account now... i hope i can get many information inside it :)

  33. best laa dapat one day off..
    nak lagik..??

    nak bagi..

  34. nikli - berbaur jeles jek neh... takmo dah cuti sebab kursus sampai jumaat! yay~ masuk opis selasa... jeles tak? eh dah nak posa... nak buat post apa le plak...


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