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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Permatang Pauh Election [Part 1]

Penang is still with the election fever. Tsunami came once to Penang but politic tsunami came twice including this time.

You can refer to Joseph and Farah’s blog for more information about this election. I didn’t go there and don’t want to go there today too as I don’t want to get stuck in the heavy traffic. In case you don’t know, traffic jam is number one in my dislike list :)

I don’t go, so I don’t have any photo regarding the election. About 2pm it rained here but stopped 15 minutes later. I hope the rain won’t stop the voter from going out and be responsible. Even one vote count! :)

Two days ago I was shock when the Live Traffic Feed showed so many peoples from came in. I browsed the website and found out this:

I smiled. At least I could share some information even though the source wasn’t from me.

Yesterday, when I was in hurry driving from KOMTAR to my office I saw a bus full of policemen. I wonder where they were going. My wild guess was to the election place as I never see a police bus around in Penang. It was my first time.

It has been so long since our PM talked about politic matter and now I didn’t hear much about this election from him too. Hopefully the will meet soon… August 29 in parliament :)

Till later.

P/s: Going out to buy present for my niece!


  1. satu mesia la bace blog ni.

  2. cemut - mane de... hehe kalau 1 malaysia famous la faisal ;)

  3. Faisal, oh, how nice of your to put up my link in this entry. We actually went there (despite the horrible traffic jam) to witness the scenes before election. I know this is going to be a huge one, so, since everyone was up with the idea, we went to check out the place.

    oh yeah, I noticed a lot of people coming to my blog from malaysiakini too, but by the time I realised, my link in malaysiakini is no more to be seen. I suspected they must have added my blog link there for a short while. awesome! :)

    so very anxious to know the results, however, i heard 50% didn't go out for voting as the rain was really bad and heavy. gosh, that's scary. i hope the ones who didn't go out are the ones voting for 'dark blue' LOL

    so, went to buy present for your neice? birthday coming soon? if you are thinking of getting anything educational, go to Borders, they have great books for kids (and a lot of discounts too) :) **hints** hahahahahha

  4. farah - haha you have gut to drive in the heavy traffic chaos! i hope you snapped a lot of pictures and put them on your blog :)

    haha yeah... i was shock when i saw readers in here were 21 peoples. thanks god!

    50% omg! where did you get the figure farah? the rain wasn't that bad i suppose? or just a lame excuse? i hope light blue win too! because i just can't wait to see a better government!

    er, she is 1 year old tomorrow any book suit for her? i hope she won't tear the book apart hehe!

  5. hari2 sangkut jam kt sini.. ader brita terbaru ker??

  6. Anonymous6:53 PM

    Just one year old, buy toys and nice baju or cartoon dvds lah!!! So small...already forced to read books!!! Kesian!!!

  7. You follow the local political scene pretty closely huh? Good lah. I can't seem to understand a single thing! Hehehe Asalkan about politics cannot masuk otak. :P

    What did you end up getting for your niece? Hope she will love it!

  8. well, whatever the results are, hope it's the best for penang eh :)

  9. Uhuhu.... Anwar dah menang pon..
    So how? glad or sad?.. heheh

  10. traffic jammed...???? hate it..penat seh kalo traffic jam dh la kete manual..aduhaii

  11. kamal - hehe nak kena post pasal kemenangan plak neh... tp ni baru je balik dari shopping... letih le plak :) hehe esok le kot update. penang pun selalu jam dah... tak beza sangat dengan kl dah :(

    suituapui - hehe as a teacher i thought you would say the same that book is good :P

    i bought her story book together with a magnetic drawing board hehe! hope she will like it :)

    rozella - hehe a magnetic drawing board come together with a nice story book about dora :) she could learn writing alphabet on the board...

    bunkerang - yes hopefully :) 29th pembentangan bajet!

    zaza - hehe penangites are so happy now! wonder why... :P

    - sama la kita... manual. nak beli auto tak mampu lah :(

  12. bestnya jadi ur niece.. dapat hadiah lagi dr awak. huu.. jeles.. jeles!! hahahha

  13. ixora - hehe... ala hadiah simple jek... lagi pun nanti dia besar sure tak ingat. ye la... baru nak masuk 1 tahun hehe :)

  14. aik lewat gk tido...time to sleep la faisal..esok nk bgn pg..:P

  15. wahidah - hehe esok kursus! :P leganya... takleh nak lelap lak... letih sgt kot membeli dan membelah hehe

  16. owh,baru nak masuk 1 thn? kecik lg tu.. tapi takpe la.. at least dia mmg sgt bertuah ada uncle yg baik hati =)

  17. ixora - hehe sgt kecik... mcm ibu dan ayahnya haha.. tq tq... :D

  18. lor patutla....penat sgt mmg kdg2 jd tk boel lelap...kursus eik..brp hr kursus tu??

  19. wahidah - sampai jumaat... isnin lak cuti merdeka kan? kira selasa baru masuk opis hehe!

  20. pergh lamanya kursus...kursus kt penang gk ker

  21. wahidah - ye... lim guan eng tak benarkan kursus luar dan hotel di penang dah... semua buat di dewan sri pinang hehe... cuma lhdn leh le jugak buat di bangi... sebab ada akademi percukaian di sana... sedih kan? janji bonus kena ada la tahun ni... kalau takda sedih lagi la!

  22. my colleague who live at Sg Tiram also facing flood problem...

  23. joo - maybe because the structure of the drain is not well built. hard to believe sometimes... flood just happen within minutes.


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