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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Car service

Yesterday, I have no plan. Yes no plan at all. No wedding, no outing. So I took my car to the workshop for service. Car service is not a waste of money since it involves with your life. Imagine driving at 80km/h and all in sudden you can’t stop your car at the traffic light? Hey! Don’t laugh as it happen to my dad’s friend months ago!

Since then, I always drive carefully imagine that something might happen. Maybe the tyre gets flat while I drive. Brake not functioning in sudden. Clutch not working and so on… running in my mind when I start to press fuel paddle to increase the speed. We never know…

I am very particular with my car even though I know it’s an old car. 8 years old. Yes bought it in 2000. It is a small sporty car that has so many memories between us. Love it anyway… even though it grows older same like me. I won’t sell it even though someday I might get a new car. To those who keep asking me about selling this car… I am so sorry that I can’t afford to do so. Some even offered me higher price than a car retailer could offers. Sorry guys… you can offer your price again in case I’m gone. Not with my corpse of course, but with my family.

Back to the topic, yes I took my car to the workshop. My lovely foreman named Ah Guan always gives me a good price and good service. He is very old but the work equal to a young man. In fact his work is way better than the young ones!

The workshop named Ah Beng Workshop and the location is hidden from other workshops around. Even my colleague was satisfied with his work and the cheap price. Poor colleague, he bought a new brand car… Wira Aeroback to be exact and the quality is rubbish! Within few months problems occurred. The dashboard locker fell and couldn’t lock it up, the seat at the back just pulled out by itself, he lower the window and couldn’t close it anymore and so many other problems happen and the recent one was oil licking. He went to EON who supposes to know what is happening since their company were the one responsible for the problems (didn’t they have quality check (QC) first?) but they couldn’t handle it. They said everything was fine but it happens again. He took the car for the second time, nothing changed. Lastly, he took the car to this workshop and problem solved. See?

Here where Ah Guan’s workshop located:

For some treatments and repairs yesterday, he charged me RM190.00. I was shock about the price as I heard so many noises on my car. But then I was upset as there were some major repair needs to be done. Changing my absorber and timing belt which will cost me about RM600! Damn. Some peoples say “Don’t drive a car if you can’t afford”. So, I bear the consequences. See Ah Guan again next Saturday…

Till later.

9:51pm -- Just get back from wedding… tired.


  1. Nice car.. nice reg no!! 8 tahun?? sayang betol hg kat dia yer..

  2. wah....siap google earth kan kedai beloved ah guan tu....ehhehehe...tired...get some rest.. :D

  3. kamal - hehe banyak makna wor dengan reg number tuh... hehe kalau pandai cuba teka :P

    riena - hehe yep... dah ade software tuh... pakai je la hehe. ok... esok keje... monday blues la pula :(

  4. baru tinggal jap dah 3 komen.. mcm nk kena bom scud jer kedai tu..

  5. kamal - keke.. tu pasal... eh bom? pasal permatang pauh ke? aku tak tengok berita td... tol ke selasa penang cuti? alamak selasa aku start kursus! rugi la... eh teka la number tu pasal apa... hehe

  6. i know, i know about the reg num !

    gaga xD !

    baby GTi... *pats* :D

  7. dayah - haha sis! don't reveal the answer la... :P

  8. emm.. apa yer?? Hidayah 'sayang' tlg bagitau la.. email kt kite yer!!

  9. kamal - hehe secret :P

  10. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Ooo...cantiknya kereta!!! Btw, from the last line, it sounds as if you got married! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  11. 8 years...lama tu...i pun nak pi service kete gk....lama gielr tk service...heheehe

  12. aha! let me see if I could spot your car somewhere now. :) i am very particular about my car too, even my husband is. i think it's a great habit, why wait till everything gets broken first right?

  13. Allow me to guess abt the reg no..

    9th February 1981. Your birthdate. Eh? Some ppl relate their birthdate with their car plate no. Some the combination of the spouse birthdate, some the marriage date...but still I guess yours a birthdate. :)

  14. I'm lucky when it comes to car repairs. My sisters boyfriend of 5 years is my mechanic. He always give me a good deal.

  15. amboi...complete ngan map sekali!
    salam faisal..have a great week ahead.

  16. no umah or no i/c..

  17. You live in Jelutong heh? Isn't it in island? hehe.. I sometimes get confious

    I drove my mum's car one day at a very early in the morning. Just a few kilometers I noticed that my front tyre just went flat. Considering that it was not too far from my home, I drove slowly back and drive my father's instead. As the result, my dad have to pay almost RM 1000 for the flat tyre (not only flat, it burst out already while I drove it back home) hehe

    Nasib baik my mum and dad tak marah. Huhhh

  18. Suituapui – Haha I’m single and available! :P

    Wahidah – Memang sangat lama… sekali repair nangis! Hehe.

    Farah – Haha yes… my friend from KL kept nagging about this “ngek-ngok” sounds from outside of my car. Now I know why… the absorber! Sob. Honk me if you see me :P

    Zara – Alamak! You are right again… are you a witch or something? Lol.

    Tammy – Man…! That is so good! How I wish my sister has a good boyfriend like that hehe.

    Makcik – Hehe ye… mana la tahu ada orang Penang nak cari workshop yang bagus… boleh gak membantu :)

    Esok cuti… jom jalan2!

    Kamal – Salah! Haha!

    BCD – OMG! Rm1k just for the flat tyre? *fainted*. I live in Bayan Lepas… not far from the airport *wink*

  19. ni bini pertama ke bini kedua? hihihihihi..cantik no erkk

  20. mummy - hehe... bini pertama la... dah bini betul tak ada lagik hehe... nombor tu patut 6666 atau 9999 tapi ayah nak gak kasi nombor neh... mcm nombor hp... tapi apek tu biol.... no hp dapat 8281 lak! haha

  21. hehe.. nombor je ke ade makne? PER tu ape lak??

  22. zaza - nombor jek... hehe per tu perisa kot haha! :P adeh... kantoi... malas lak nak edit pic.. dah semua tahu dah... biar je lah hehe.

  23. Aiiikkk... betul? Hmmm...tade hadiah ke nak kasi sebab dah betul tekaan tuu... hehehe

    la la la laa...

    ps: mcflurry cornetto kedua dalam masa 3 hari :)

  24. zara - hehe nak hadiah kena datang penang :P


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