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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thank you

Yes, I didn't say thank you to YOU in last post. The reason was because I wanted to say it out in a proper way.


My family
Thank you for visiting me, call and SMS me all the time to be sure I was ok in the hospital. Bought me 100 plus, cooked for me spinach and not to forget Aura Water. Thank you so much! Not just when I was in the hospital, but until now because I'm not 100% ok yet and still recovering from the dengue fever. Dizziness is my best friend at the moment.

Keith Lee
For accompany me almost all the time. Bought me buns, 100 plus, guava juice, took me to the clinic, took me to the hospital, helped with the registration and even slept on the couch. Thank you so much! I know it's not enough just to say thank you by words. I owe you a lot!

Makchak & Kaksu
The fruit was lovely and thank you for visiting and standing for so long! I will remember this... yes I will! :)

Thank you for buying me the fresh guava juice, helped me with the book voucher, helped me to pass the hospital letters to the lecturers because I couldn't sit for the exam, bought and cooked for me the clam (mentarang) for me and even bought me the cake for my birthday! Arigato gozaimas! I owe you! I mean it. Not to forget visiting me for twice.

For visiting me 3 times. Bought me 100 plus, apples and guava juice. Kept me posted about things that happen in the office when I was away for exams and in the hospital. Thank you so much Linda. I really appreciate with what you've done.

Thank you for spent the time visiting me from Shah Alam until the nurse asked me to sleep! Haha. Thank you so much my friend!

For visiting me and kept me posted about the exams and notes when I was in the ward. Thank you for helping me brought my bag when I was half and hour only in the class and couldn't stand anymore and needed to see the doctor. Thank you for giving me advise on how to increase the blood count. Thank you Kus!

For the cute 3 slices of cakes and the snickers. Thank you for visiting me twice. Thank you for helping me with the updates and the presentation news. Thank you so much!

Thank you for the cute Doraemon cake! Your joke and laugh really kill the boredom and at least made me forgot about the dengue fever for a while. How is your physiotherapy? 

Thank you for the 100 plus and twice visiting. It has been a while since I played badminton with you last and I can't wait to play again. I want to recover quick so that I can play badminton like before.

Zaidi and Amri
Thank you for visiting me as soon as you knew about it. I was shock for the quick response from you. Your laugh and jokes helped me even though not as remedy. Thank you for the advise on dengue fever too.

Hasrul (Emo)
For taking your own time for lunch to visit me. If you did not! I will be very upset! Haha :)

Thank you for visiting me even though you were not in good condition. I hope everything is ok with you now! Thank you.

Thank you for coming and it was ok because you knew pretty late about it. The thought count :)

Diana, Kim and Jijah
I was shocked that you came after the exam. I was about to sleep but was happy to see visitors! I was so bored. Seriously!

Rosli and Encik Bad
Thank you for visiting me after your lunch! :) I was happy to see you both. We will meet again for the travel and badminton ok?

Nazirah, Ridzualhisham and Siti Arwinsyah
For visiting me after the exam and had great conversation with me. Really appreciate!

Not to forget... those who ask about my dengue fever in Facebook and Twitter. Thank you! Xie xie! Danke!

I will remember... you.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your illness...hope you are getting better...take care

  2. Kniedaz,

    Even though it's slow recovery but I'm getting better. I will write more and no more excuse that I don't have enough time to write.

    Still read a lot of books? :)

    Anyway, thank you.

  3. oh.. glad u're ok now. hehe.

  4. Jard,

    Yes. Thank God :)

  5. welcome :). Have good rest during this weekend and ready for the exam...good luck

  6. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Oh dear! You've been unwell. Hope you're all right now. Take care, Faisal. Health is very important. Keep fit and stay healthy always.

  7. suituapui,

    Yes, thank you STP. Now, I'm afraid of mosquito :)


Thank you for the comment.

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